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A Strange Mood Has Come Over Me

Don’t worry, I haven’t joined a cult and it’s not the weather for laying in an orchard, cloud gazing, sadly. It’s called romance. As my dear fellow blogger, Quercus, said, ‘If you want to write you have to read.’ So, … Continue reading

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Last year I was looking forward to Endure 24. You know? When you’ve got your sights set on a goal? There was a plan. Of course, the ankle put paid to that. Then COVID really crushed it. Anyaways, it was … Continue reading

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Out and About (A Bit)

“Do you think it’ll ever get back to normal?” This is a question I hear quite a lot. Thinking back to the society of February 2020, what I’d like to say is. ‘I chuffing hope not.’ But you can’t can … Continue reading

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Dear Lord, He’s Back!

Everything was going swell (do you like that? A little word thrown in there for my american cousins) Anyaways, life was great. I rejoined the gym last Thursday and I’ve been doing cross-country in the dark on Wednesday evenings with … Continue reading

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