A Trip to London and a Bucket of Atheletes

A pack of dogs and a gaggle of geese, not sure if it’s a bucket of athletes, but you know sometimes I just get fed up of Googling everything and go with my gut. So here we are in the smoke as they say, although the smoke, along with Queen Victoria has long gone. The first thing I noticed was how majestic the stadium looked but after all it is in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, remember 2012? I think I lost my voice on Super Saturday 😂Three Golds in 45 minutes!

So this was it, all the passion, sweat and tears were about to unfold before my very eyes. If you haven’t got it yet I am passionately in love with athletics, the Princess is always amazed how I can sit and cry over a young woman or man (but mainly woman) winning a race! But heyho we’re all different 😀 I won’t go into great detail of who was there and who won what, because if you’re not into athletics it could be tedious. But I have to mention three people because I love them, I know I never quite managed to get out of teenage mode 😘 Richard Kilty who had a rough time last year with injury ran like a god in the 4×100 Relay. That’s him shouting, “Hand!” 😀

Then of course there was our Scottish heroine Lynsey Sharp who just ran and ran to win the 800m💐

Now here’s where tears really flow Dina Asher-Smith. The sport’s ‘darling’ as a little girl she was a bag carrier at the 2012 Olympics. Now she is one of the fastest women in the world and just so lovely, but I’ll let you make up your own mind 😀 Dina being Dina

2015 London Diamond League

Photo: Andrew McClanahan@PhotoRun Victah1111@aol.com 631-291-3409 http://www.photorun.NET



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Ordinary Days Can Be Special

We live in a time where phenomenon and greatness is all around. Last weekend I had the honour of attending the Anniversary Games at the London Olympic Stadium. But before then we visited friends. That was always going to be a nice couple of days, but you know what? It was very special. On the Friday it was their daughters 18th birthday. OMG! She was nearly one year-old when the Princess and I got wed 😂 Then on the Saturday we went to Leigh-on-Sea. Okay, never heard of it, but I was happy to tag along. What a great place, it’s not Monaco or Las Vegas, Harold didn’t lose an eye there and I don’t think there were any sermons on the mount.

You know me I’m a sucker for stories 🤪 And there was a very simple story in Leigh, a boat called Endeavour. Just a tiny little boat that was requisitioned by the admiralty to sail to Dunkirk and pick up stranded soldiers, they say great things come in small packages 😘

You know I’m a crap reviewer, so I’ll not bore you by going on too much, but Leigh does have great restaurants and lots of fresh seafood, yummy 😋 Oh! and a museum.

But spending a lovely weekend with lovely people (no I didn’t forget them 😘) was just fabulous. Next week I really need to bend your ears about the Anniversary Games 🤪

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The Love of Ballet

What is it about Ballet? Someone once said, ‘men of a certain age love Ballet.’ Is that a little dark I wonder? Does Ballet have a dark side, apart from the eating disorders that it can cause, the loss of childhood for the dedicated, the sex discrimination in pay and of course the physical damage to their bodies –  it’s possible there is dark and light in everything, but is it erotic, sexy – dare we say that? I think so because – isn’t it supposed to be – in fact isn’t all dance? Surely that’s the point, take the Tango for instance.



But there is pure side to Ballet- apart from the beauty, the elegance and the sheer technique as I learned when I saw the Nutcracker in recently. Now, there’s not a lot of erotiscm in The Nutcracker – heartwarming fun would be a better description. The Northern Ballet were spectacular in their production and it’s definitely one you should take the kids to see, it’s a Christmas fantasy, it’s sparkly, funny and enchanting.


I’m not a reviewer, you’ve read my travel blog, the death threats from Barcelona continue to arrive at an alarming rate 🙂 So, if you want to know the story follow the link, but surprisingly there weren’t a lot of children there – surprisingly for a matinee and  thankfully there was a noted absence of men of a certain age’ in raincoats. 🙂


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Wimbledon Final 2019 and Mrs Federer

“For God’s sake Roger! Poldark starts at nine o’clock and I haven’t set the VCR!!”😂😉😘

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Passion, Tenacity and a Park Run

Sometimes this is what is required to complete a task. Eighteen months ago the idea of a Park Run on Beverley Pastures was conceived by Kay, Nick, Louise and Andy. They were flummoxed as to where, the Racecourse said no! Nick states that Andy began running up and down disused railway lines, Kay searched through the Doomsday Book and the Old Testament looking for ancient rights of way, but all the indicators pointed to Beverley Pastures.

They worked extensively with the Pasture Masters, Council, Park Run HQ and after all their hard work, today was the first official event. The Park Run is a community event and will now be run every Saturday at 09:00 and no one is safe 😉 Not even the children, so we anointed Andy as Race Director and the people began to arrive all 419 of them!

Even the Princess has got the bug 😉  we helped set up, marshal and pack down but volunteering for this event is actually a privilege when you read the reviews and praise we received.

So, a great start to an event that I believe will endure for years to come. The cows didn’t seem to mind and after the pack down the tranquility of the Westwood Pastures returned once more.


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Beverley Braves

I stared up at the ridge, awaiting the hordes, I felt a nervous anticipation and my ‘Marshall’ partner said, “It’s a bit scary waiting for them all to come charging at us.” She is only 15!


Thankfully this wasn’t a Barbarian attack, but the Beverley Braves Rugby kids charity 5k Run, all 200 of them! It was so hot yesterday I think the Barbarians would have cancelled slaughter and pillage, but these kids were tough. Yes, at long last and after a lot of hard work there is going to be a Park Run in Beverley (We’ve been told not to tell anyone or put it on social media, until it is definite, but you guys can keep a secret 😂) This was also an excellent chance to test the course before the real thing in a few weeks whilst giving the kids a good testing route for their event. In the past they used the Golf Club, but the club has never been overly enthusiastic, so two members of the community have been helped and we haven’t even started yet 😉

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Period Drama

When I first heard that term I thought it was about ‘ladies problems.’ No, really, you have to remember my English report stated, “Although Charles lacks intelligence and a certain amount of work ethic, he can be very cute.” I checked the dictionary for work ethic and it said someone who finds work immoral, my spelling wasn’t the best back then and after looking up ‘immoral’ it appeared I was going to be famous and remembered forever, so not a bad report overall. Anyway back to the plot. Last week we went to Castle Howard.

The Oxford Shakespeare Company (who were fabulous) were performing Wuthering Heights,  this was a small affair maybe 150 people in the Walled Garden what could be better on summers evening? If your not familiar with the tale basically a geezer called Heathcliffe falls in love with a girl called Cathy, she snuffs it and he sulks for about 20 years. Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that and in truth it’s a great Bronte tale and Kate Bush song, but as you know I don’t do reviews which in itself is a Godsend to the world of Art and culture. 😉

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Just Do It 😜

Your God wasn’t a runner, I know this for a fact because if he had been he would have designed eyes so that sweat did not seep into them, blinding you for the majority of a race. But anyway, you know what? I’ve just had a fab weekend, nothing funny happened, well my running partner’s daughter had a spray tan for her Prom and I happened to say to Charlie’s Angels that I thought she’d purchased a Pakistan child. As the tumbleweed slowly rolled by I wondered if that was a tidgy widgy inappropriate, but then realised it was fine as I am on the Equality and Diversity committee at work. So yesterday I got yet another dance picture, as you know I love dance pictures and with help from the Princess (her idea) we rearranged the wall.

Then today it was Half Marathon training and I cleared another 9 mins off the time this was the second attempt after years in the injury doldrums, so I thought. “Actually Charlie boy, you can do anything you want’ and that goes for anyone. I know there are multiple techniques and advice pages, training centres and motivational speakers out there. But you know what the real secret is? You need to want it, really you do. If you don’t really want it then it ain’t never going to happen.

I’m also jealous, yes I know it’s hard to believe, but all these sexy little minxes post all those sexy little poses and I truly feel left behind, so laid in my freezing cold bath after my run today I thought, ‘Ooo er missus, go on ave a go!’

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Hope I didn’t spoil your Sunday lunch 😘😘

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Yay, I did it again

I don’t do this very often, but yes I’m taking the bragging rights on this because I’ve trained hard for it and I’ll use the excuse that maybe it will motivate some people. Yeah I like that, feel better already. The Pontefract 10k was today. Pontefract is in West Yorkshire and was a big coal mining town, that was, either before the coal ran out or before Mrs Thatcher shit on the miners. There are two opposing views 😉. So 10k (6 miles) in 47:34 now that’s not very fast but it’s 29 seconds faster than the Beverley 10k last month which means the hard work, works. Have a tremendous week everyone 😘.

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We Have to Say Goodbye For The Summer

I felt the fear rising, it was okay, I had learned to control that years ago. But the anger was straining for release today and like mist from a stagnant pond in a summer inferno, I felt them drawing the life force from my body. I had to get control; after all these were only Level 1 Carpentry students.

I was considering the merits of fetus gene-editing when Jack decided that it would be cool to set fire to Alex’s hair. Three minutes later Jack departed the classroom informing me that I was in fact a ‘fucking idiot,’  I smiled, ‘opinions vary,’ I said.

These are the days of summer, days of sweat, ill temper, boy/man frustrations and goals that are so close but not yet achieved, so I give them some leeway. Jeannie enters the classroom forty five minutes late. a walking fashion show, makeup that would put Kim Kardashian to shame and a smile that is actually genuine, ‘Morning,’ she says, sits down and starts work

A hand shoots up, I am optimistically cautious. ‘Yes, Dean?’

‘Ow come, like, she’s always late and you nefer say owt and i’ve got one of them warning things?’

‘Because she is a girl, Dean,’ I couldn’t think of anything else.

‘That’s not fair.’ he says.

‘Life’s not fair, Dean, get used to it,’ to my surprise he accepts this and carries on with his work. We have reached an understanding, they have had their forty five minutes of boundary challenging, they have expressed their disdain of being cast into this cell with me, they have attempted to change the subject of roof truss installation to who is going to shag who on Love Island (although I was a little curious, I can save that for Tutorial) they have attempted to text, poke or show me some young nubile girl they met on Tinder and they have failed  None of us are beaten though, we are, like the money in Father Teds‘s bank account, resting. We’ll do it all again next week, but safe in the knowledge that it’s nearly over then we go our separate ways. We will meet again in September but unlike Brian Hyland I doubt I will be writing to them 😉

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