Education is the Absolute Cure for Poverty Love this woman and her attitude, go and take a look😀


Education is the table on which the rich dine with the poor.

– Juliet Urevbu

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A Dangerous Walk, a Fitbit and 26,000 Steps

Goathland near Whitby on the North Yorkshire moors is probably best known for an old T.V. series called Heartbeat as the series was filmed there. I know it best for walks and as I hiked in the footsteps of my ancestors I thought I heard them calling through the ages of time. Then I realised it was the ‘Princess’ telling me that it wasn’t a route march and to slow down, well it wasn’t a Lama 🙂


During our intrepid journey we had already diced with death as Sheep appeared to hurl themselves at the car and my angel suggested I shouldn’t be taking pictures of the M.O.D missile warning station, I mean really, it’s hardly concealed, but I did keep an eye out for Navy Seals or even the SAS just in case 🙂


There used to be eighty foot Golf Balls here but they were replaced by an Aztec Temple which has something to do with missiles and nothing to do with sacrificing virgins which was a great relief to the local population. Anyway I digress, having survived the journey and slowed my pace we settled into a rhythm and followed the river Esk along with the steam railway through Beck Hole and passing the church into Grosmont.


On our way back there were a lot of plants and someone suggested they may be wild garlic, never one to miss the chance of food I scrunched some up had a smell and a lick, it smelled like Garlic, but didn’t taste so good. Then someone googled it and said,  ‘it’s poisonous.’ I didn’t take much notice as I heard a train coming.


I survived nature’s attempt at ending my days and as we had already covered about 15 kilometres I was glad to know we were on the final leg. The bridge over the river reminded me of the Rickety Bridge Song from Tingha and Tucker (sadly I could only find the classic ‘Boomerang Song’).


Ahhh! I forgot the Fitbit (this is why no one will employ me as a content writer). One of us has a Fitbit and apparently we did 26,000 steps, 11.6 miles and climbed 66 flights. I said that was truly amazing and was then told that I was sarcastic, me? 🙂 So I survived, the sheep, the MOD and the poisonous plants not to mention the bridge. If you ever visit the North Yorkshire Moors the walk is worth the effort, seriously (for once 😘)

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Am I Under Attack from Mr Putin?

I know your all shocked! After all I only post once a week, but I wondered if anyone else is witnessing a cyber attack (thought I’d join in the Media hysteria) There are certain people and my research points to Russian websites, who keep liking comments I’ve made. These are on other peoples websites not my own. Now, as I love the Russian people, I presume its my old mate Vladimir bored with wrestling and winding up the rest of the world he’s decided to tease me.

But, Vladdy, baby, they are all ‘sexy’ which is a tidgy bit wasted on me (just in case you’re reading this) I don’t surf or work on this thing with my trousers around my ankles (huge sigh of relief from all my female followers) I’m rather fond of having intimate moments with live humans, so if you are reading this little hacker boy, go away, I’m too old to get hot and bothered over the word ‘sexy.’ I’m not thirteen anymore. Anyone else getting these? By the way I see sexy rebosso has come up as a link please don’t click on it 🙂

http://www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху –

Oh! far be it from me to advise techno criminals, but the ‘ru’ at the end gives it away just a little 🙂

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Jersey (Back Again)

It was April 14th 1976 when I first landed in Jersey, Channel Islands and if you’ve read my previous post ‘So I left Home’ and ‘So, I left Home (2)‘ you’ll know where that ended up. You may have realised that I am now a little older, I only say ‘may’ because some of my students have led me to believe that the human brain doesn’t do Maths on Mondays.

I have returned a few times to the ‘Rock’ but this time there were a few old memories stirred, particularly ocean going ones. I did spend rather a long time in it 🙂

The fact that I stayed in the Savoy Hotel was another contributing factor as the Master and I could often be found on Paul Gay’s boat and as the owner of said hotel many years ago, he was happy to buy all our Scallops from us at 50p each. We would take it in turns to strap on a bottle and swim up and down the seabed dropping Scallops into old net shopping bags and then tying them off to a float to be collected later when back on board the boat. The floats were old 5 litre plastic pop containers. We never bought anything we didn’t have to 🙂

But this wasn’t just a visit to see the family it was Dave ‘The Legends’                                  retirement party attended by a former Mrs Countryboy. It didn’t feel strange chatting away to a former Mrs CCB, in fact we got on well. Obviously we didn’t carry on where we had left off 30 odd years ago as there was a cover charge for breakages at the venue. Anyway the party went off well and I got to see a bit more of an Island that had 9 years of my youth. Of course they suffered when they were cut off for so many years under Nazi rule and there is a lovely memorial in Liberation Square opposite the marina.

Next week we’re going D.J. ing Hmmm 🙂

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Make an Easter Tree; Adorn with Chicks and Bunnies

Sorry if you were expecting Chicks and Bunnies pole dancing in a tree, but this isn’t Playboy and I’m no Hugh Hefner 🙂 When we left Hampshire last year the Princess asked me to take a decent cutting from the Twisted Hazel. As a bloke I tend not to ask questions, just follow orders (it’s easier that way 🙂 ) So imagine my surprise (as I had forgotten all about it) when I came home to see aforementioned cutting spayed white. It was then that I also realised why she wanted a pallet foot with a 25mm hole drilled into it.

I had been informed earlier that the Princess needed to get some Chicks and Bunnies for Easter. Okayyy I have to admit the testosterone bit of my mind kinda went down the 1970’s Playboy route, but these were the fluffy type. It was explained to me that we were to have an Easter Tree, so I put the leopard skin thong back into the draw and dutifully retrieved the Blue Tack and the preparation began. The Twisted Hazel gets pushed into the pallet foot, the pallet foot is placed into a flower pot and wedged with newspaper. Finally you take some Reindeer Moss  (collecting this can very dangerous if they are ‘rutting’) and place it all around the base of the ‘tree’.

Once your ‘tree’ is perfectly balanced you take the Blue Tack in this case Bostik but other brands are available (that’s what they say on the BBC) 🙂 Now you are ready to decorate, this is the bit where the chicks and bunnies (Morrisons Supermarket) come in. Oh! and you can hang eggs on it too.

The decorating also includes lights (Amazon) Of course everyone will have their own idea of decoration.

And finally the finished Easter Tree, I managed to get my log burner in too. Have fun and Happy Easter. 🙂


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Why Women Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote

First of all they have fathers, husbands and brothers, so why do they need to vote? We men can look after the complicated stuff. If they got the vote, what next? They’ll want to be politicians, lawyers, could you imagine that? Then of course there is the argument that if women became involved in politics, they would stop marrying, having children, and the human race would die out. You also have the the fact that there are no women bankers or merchants so what have they contributed to society? Babies and that’s it, they can keep a house clean, but some of them show a very poor performance with that simple task.

There you have some arguments from 100 years ago. Yup, just 100 years ago that was the general consensus of the male population and although we think times have changed, believe it or not, that is still the consensus of some males even more so in some third world countries. But some women learned to fight back.                                                                          edith-garrud-suffragettes-700

Love that photo, I believe it is Edith Garrud. But, it is getting better, I think? Who would you choose after 100 years of women being allowed to vote? Hmmm? Me? I’d go for Michelle everytime:-)

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Bloggity, Blog, Blog

I really couldn’t think of a title. I was wondering about blogs and this thing called niche, I don’t have a niche, something comes into my head and I research it and I write it. The problem is there is too much in my head. When I was little:

Me and TeddyThere was me and Teddy and not a lot in my head. Rin Tin Tin, The Flower Pot Men, Andy Pandy, that was probably it. Now it’s full of stuff, so to have a niche would mean I concentrate on one thing. Impossible (ask my teachers). Last night a young lady at asked me why I thought Michelle Obama would make a good president?


If you visit the post you’ll see what I said. This mornings post was going to be about my blog post process, but I got bored with it so it stands to reason so would you 🙂 Did I tell you that I once danced with the Masai in Kenya? Now there is a tenuous link President Obama lived there, hmmm. See how my head works?
img_1311Then I considered writing about the weather, yeah I know. Anyway getting back to Michelle for a while, she made me think about what a strange world we live in. There was as much stuff written about Black History Month by white people than Black people and as much written by men on Women’s day than women. Is that guilt? or is it a case of look what I wrote, I can’t possibly be racist or sexist? Never trust a man who says, ‘trust me.’ 🙂 So I don’t I don’t have a niche, I just write stuff. Oh, and don’t trust me 🙂 I’m busy looking for something 🙂 img_1313

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Not the Oscars, but an Award is an Award

So on Wednesday it was the College Awards and although Construction is often overlooked they decided that the Carpentry team was the best team in College.

OK, I was surprised, but actually quite ‘chuffed’ as we say in Yorkshire. The big plus factor was my Level 1 Student receiving Most Improved and my Apprentice receiving Best Apprentice of the year. So, all in all an excellent night. Next week it’ll be back to the usual dribble 😜

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Women’s day…? Really…?

Now here are some thought provoking comments on Women’s Day. Check out the full story 😀

That middle class girl

Year after year, I keep asking the same question to myself and to my friends, but never have received a satisfactory answer, ever. Why do we need women’s day? Why a day is devoted to us? Why has it been so much commercialized and media making a big deal out of it? Why do we need a day to remind everyone that we are equal or that we women are strong and powerful? there a day for men? Like a Men’s day or something? Or is it that every day is Man’s day but we women need a day to celebrate our being.

Ages have gone by, but till today, in this modern world, we women are asking for permissions, we are confirming our equality by giving ourselves a special day, we need a confirmation to feel special, we need a confirmation to feel strong. We need our men…

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world arthritis day

Ever thought dance could help you? If you read what Anna has to say you may be surprised 🙂

Streets On Pointe


Due to world arthritis day in couple of days I would like to say some things about dance and how dancing could relieve the pain of arthritis

Having a waltz around the room or enjoying a yoga class can work wonders for millions of people suffering from arthritis, say researchers.

A study found hospital-based exercise programs such as Pilates, yoga or dance fitness can relieve the pain of the disease.

American scientists studied at the effectiveness of exercise programmes run by the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

They found the weekly programmes significantly improved enjoyment of life and balance, and decreased pain and the severity and frequency of falls.

Sandra Goldsmith, director of the Public and Patient Education Department at HSS said: ‘When participants were asked to report their level of pain severity, there were statistically significant reductions in pain from pre- to post-test.

‘Pain is a…

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