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Stupid me and the Nanny State

When I was younger I was obviously a little stupid. Of course I use the word ‘I’ as an euphemism for ‘us’. Why else were all those safeguards put in place. Zebra crossings became commonplace because I could not be … Continue reading

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What did the Arabs do to deserve us?

With a new war in the Middle East brewing I thought this was rather poignant. During August northeastern tribes caused a major revolt against the British. They held Baquba and other towns to the north of the Diyala River for … Continue reading

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Fuel, Crude, Pumps and Them. Are we really that Dumb?

All this palaver over the fuel price, as my dear American cousins would say.  “OMG!” At least ten people in the last three days have said how great it is that fuel has come down at last. 10p a litre … Continue reading

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Change, Change, Change Hmmm?

I received my ballot papers recently from the Labour Party and they enclosed a pamphlet from Ed. This information crammed document informs me that ‘Britain needs real change now more than ever’. I started thinking; how much difference is there … Continue reading

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