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Change, Evolve, but Make it Better.

Since my last post on the subject of education there have been many changes not only for me but, as you will all be aware, FE itself. We accept that FE is an ever changing beast, personally I think we … Continue reading

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Time and Age, Where Does It Go?

Everyone says time passes a lot faster as you get older, but does it? I can’t remember how quickly time passed when I was a kid. If it passed slower back then, was it because I was less busy? I … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Obama? (Tongue in Cheek)

I suppose I had better point out that I am English and not American. But, as we are all related and as a munchkin I watched every Western series and film ever made I feel a kind of kinship. You … Continue reading

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No Wonder They Don’t Vote

Dear Government Why is this government so childish? This is not the Common Room at Eton, nor, is it a Banana Republic. This is Great Britain, the clue is in the name. Start treating its people with respect. When David … Continue reading

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Religion and Politics Hmmmm

Why is it that people say, “No politics and no religion”. The most interesting, controversial topics in the universe and they don’t want to talk about them. This comment is usually followed by, “They’re boring.” I used to find golf … Continue reading

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Me, Life and the Universe

I like to keep my blogs short so this is going to be fun. It was three thirty am and so, of course you lie there thinking about life and the universe and I thought what a fitting way to end … Continue reading

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Me, the Left and Them

One of my chief concerns today is why so many people choose not to vote or have any interest in politics. In June I decided to experiment. I limited making politically biased comments on FB and Twitter and I changed … Continue reading

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