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Change, Evolve, but Make it Better.

Since my last post on the subject of education there have been many changes not only for me but, as you will all be aware, FE itself. We accept that FE is an ever changing beast, personally I think we … Continue reading

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The Consigliere

Originally posted on Teaching Reno:
Been a while since my last post and there have been many ch-ch-changes.  The main one is that I have a new job!  Having worked at my current college for over 8 years I began…

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Paris, Moulin Rouge and Hot Chocolate

Back in Paris, I love Paris and it seemed the perfect place to take my wife for her birthday. It’s been a while, but nothing has changed. Parisian’s do not build towering office blocks around Notre Dame or place skyscrapers … Continue reading

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Why Good Teaching is Good for You

According to Ofsted Observation’s there are four types of teacher – Outstanding – Good – Hmmmm? and Ugh! According to my students there are three. Alright – Dunno and Crap. Since I started teaching eighteen months ago I’ve been judged ‘good’ … Continue reading

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  I’m not sure if I am doing the right thing here, but this is the first draft of the the first part of a possible book I have been considering for a long, long time. Curious to see the … Continue reading

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Has Teaching Changed?

No, goodbye. OK I can expand. When I was a kid at school there were good teachers who were intent on expanding my mind, challenging me and generally making my educational experience a great one. Well to be honest there … Continue reading

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The Stray Black Dog

Originally posted on Pandora and the Phoenix:
It’s been seven years. Seven years but the pain is still as fresh and raw as if it happened yesterday. A black dog walks in my shadow. I like dogs but I can…

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