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It Could Happen Saturday Night

If you’re thinking ‘Date Night,’ you’re going to be disappointed. It’s a kind of follow on from the age thing. I am going to a 60th Birthday party. The issue being, it’s my nephew and I remember the night he … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Feel Your Age

Billy Connolly once said, “One day you bend over and you groan, you never did it before, but you always do it from that moment on.’ It’s funny how age creeps up on you. But I believe you can think … Continue reading

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Never Give Up

That’s one of those things that are easier to say than do, sometimes. But my favourite quote is: “You only fail when you quit.” Again you have to take it in perspective. If you break a leg climbing Mount Everest, … Continue reading

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I need your help. Please share far and wide.

I know how amazing you all are and now I’d love it if you could help a friend of mine. The story will be told in Nigel’s own voice and I won’t edit a… I need your help. Please share … Continue reading

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Swim Like a Brick? So Let’s do a Triathlon

I figured sooner or later you might get bored listening to me rattling on about running. So I thought I’d start training for a triathlon. The slight hiccup in the plan is that I don’t really swim. I know… I … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

I wonder how many times this has been used as a title for a post? 😂 The NC500 is well and truly over and I could say, ‘Huh, it’s back to work on Monday,’ but as my work is so … Continue reading

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NC 500 The End of the Road

It was time for the final part of our journey and so we aimed for Culloden to see the place where the Scottish, well the Jacobites to be specific, stood against the English for the last time. You can’t really … Continue reading

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NC 500 Day 6+7 The Road to Gairloch

The road to Gairloch can be fraught with danger. Especially if you don’t keep to the path. We decided to visit the Corrieshalloch Gorge. “The thundering River Dorma plunges 100ft down through the most impressive slot-gorge in Britain.” Run by … Continue reading

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NC500 Day 5 Out of the Mist

“It’s not rain,” I said. “Rain falls from a cloud, we’re driving through a cloud, so it’s not rain. We’re part of the rain, part of the cloud, we’re at one with nature.” I was feeling philosophical. “Bollocks,” the Princess … Continue reading

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NC500 Day 4 and Tongue

Dear Lord, Sid James would have a field day here 😂 The sciatica is loving the long car journeys and thriving upon them. The ankle just adores being idle and then walking around, 😂 so, need some serious Yoga and … Continue reading

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