And Still We Run

Sorry, another post about bloody running. I hear you cry. Well, “Tis the season” 😂 The Tokyo Olympics are due to start, with no spectators, huh! Athletics is the only thing I’ll watch on TV these days, I’m too old to sit around staring at a box. There’s too much I’ve yet to achieve. I’ll miss the first week as we’re heading off on this Scottish road trip, but hey ho…

The Paris Olympic Games will be in 2024. One hundred years since Mr Abrahams beat Charlie Paddock in the 100m sprint. You’d need to be a fan of the film, Chariots of Fire to appreciate this. Or a Sport Historian or me haha. Trust me, you really wouldn’t want to be me! I’m going to Paris in 2024. It’s my favourite city on the planet, it’s where THEY all went. If you have any literary or arty fancies you know what I mean. And of course it’s the Olympics.

Anyway back to me, the Princess once said, “It’s always about you.” I was confused? “It always has been,” I replied. I can’t understand how your life could be about someone else, surely that would make you a stalker. 😂

So, last Sunday was the Grimsby 10k race. You’re wondering if Grimsby looks like it sounds? Yes, but to be fair it’s no grimmer (ooo, that is a word, no red line) than most other northern towns. Anyaways (that, apparently isn’t a word) race days are funny things. It was 31 degrees and I like it hot. So all good. But it was my slowest 10k for ages. Ankle hurt, hips hurt and knees hurt. But the day after, I ran the fastest 6k I have run in ages with no pain, well apart from ankle, but we know that’s knackered 😂 Funny how things work out.

When you read this I shall be volunteering at the parkrun, the first one in over a year and then straight off to Bonny Scotland, have a wonderful weekend my friends 😉

About charliecountryboy

Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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26 Responses to And Still We Run

  1. Gibberish says:

    So commendable….your passion for running really shines through…keep going 👍🏻🏃‍♂️

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  2. Wow, that’s commendable. You always inspire.👏👏👏

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  3. Johnny Jones says:

    Where about in Scotland are you running?

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  4. Charlene says:

    It’s crazy but I’ve always wanted to try a 5k run myself. I chicken out everytime and now my knees would hate me for it.

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  5. Let’s face facts, you’re more likely to record your slowest 10K these days than your fastest. But at least you’re still running despite all your injuries, so even slow is good.

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  6. Carolyn Page says:

    Loved Chariots of Fire, and want to return to Paris someday. Well, not really Paris; though that would be OK. I’d really like to go wandering ‘outside’ Paris… in the country!
    I can see you running in slow motion to the Chariots soundtrack! That’s in my mind, Charlie. Hopefully, you are not running quite that slowly.

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  7. The Hinoeuma says:

    You are in fine condition, to be in the condition you are in. 😉

    Run for me.

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  8. Invisibly Me says:

    A Scottish road trip? Sounds like a good little getaway, Charlie. Where’s my invite?

    Congrats on the Grimsby 10k, especially given the heat & the pain! Good to hear the pain was a temporary glitch in the system just to test your resilience 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful wee time in Scotland with your friends – enjoy every minute!

    Caz x

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    • Awww, there was only room for 2 suitcases, Caz otherwise could have sneaked you aboard x.

      Thank you 😁😁Yeah, the aches come and go, but keep doing the physio and Yoga, and fighting them off 😉

      I’m sure it’ll be fun, if it isn’t I’ll make it so 😂 Take care x

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  9. cbholganza says:

    love your humor, love Paris, hate running now. well, at least that’s 2 out of 3! cheers, my friend!

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