Last year I was looking forward to Endure 24. You know? When you’ve got your sights set on a goal? There was a plan. Of course, the ankle put paid to that. Then COVID really crushed it. Anyaways, it was postponed to this year (last weekend) And I thought well, instead of a hundred miles I’ll go for fifty miles. That’s probably achievable with a knackered ankle 😂. So we arrived Friday evening and set up camp.

The idea is to run from 12 noon Saturday until 12 noon Sunday. Obviously not all the time, some of us needed a wee! Your head tries to stop you when you run a long distance. But, I was lucky for the first ten miles. A chap I had never met before ran along side and said. ‘You seem to be running at my pace, sorry.’ I was a little confused, he was chatty, easy to talk to, but then we passed some people he knew. ‘Hey, Paul, see you have a new friend.’ They shouted. Apparently my new friend liked to chat… to anyone. As it turned out it was a really good idea. My natural pace is 5.5 mins per kilometre and so it’s easy to have a conversation.

The first ten miles flew by. I grabbed a little food and by six o’clock managed to get 30 miles in. Tea time… or as you posh people say dinner. We set off again later in the evening and after about one mile the rain came, complete with rolls of thunder. Within two miles we were in a full blown storm. The thunder and the lightening crashing simultaneously, lighting up the fields. There was some screaming, I remembered the old adage that it’s easier to get struck by lightening than win the lottery… it wasn’t a helpful recollection. I passed the halfway mark and then saw the buggies with flashing lights speeding in the opposite direction. I found out later they were heading towards the halfway point to pick up runners as the course had been closed. Dodging puddles kinda fell by the wayside and I just ran through the tiny rivers lol.

Somebody had a waterproof phone

When I got back the course was closed until further notice. Clothes off (in my tent, if you were wondering) dried and in sleeping bag by 12:30. I awoke at 6am and set off again. The ankle decided it didn’t want to play. I’m sure my body is in some kind of Union because the bloody knee and one thigh came out in sympathy. So, it was 40 miles and not 50. But it was a good craic with terrific friends and I can’t wait for the next one. Have to go now. I have the Walkington 10k race tonight haha. Love you guys, take care.

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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28 Responses to Endurance

  1. Anne says:

    Sooooo impressive Charlie! I loved reading about the storm and rivulets you ran thru, the friend, all of that sounds like delicious running time.

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  2. You did amazing. ! haven’t been able to do boxing, literally or anything with my left shoulder since Len died 😪

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  3. The Hinoeuma says:

    You go, dog! I can’t even run a mile. Hell, I can’t run, unless in fear of my life.

    So, tea time translates to suppertime?

    What is “craic?”

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    • Thank you 😉 Suppertime? 🤔 if that’s your main meal of the day, we have supper before we go to bed. So:
      Breakfast, dinner, tea, supper.
      Then there’s the protein shakes, the creatine, the dates, walnuts, peanuts, bit of dark chocolate and if I get peckish a bowl of Cornflakes 😂

      Craic is an Irish term for a bit of fun, a laugh, a good time (appropriate ‘good time’ of course) 😂


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Ah. Yes. Suppertime is the last “meal” before bed. It is also considered the same thing as Dinner. We have Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner/Supper. In the “South”, sweet tea is sipped all day long (though I don’t…I’m more of a herbal/green tea with honey type). Snacks are for…whenever.

        I partake in the dark chocolate, myself. I’m not much on cereal.

        I must “appropriate craic” at some future time in conversation, now. 😊😉😎


      • Ah, nutritionist told me to keep meals light and graze, kinda like that😉
        Love that term ‘in the south’ reminds me of the old black and white westerns…
        Yes the craic (crack) is a wonderful term 😁


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Good advice. I remember one naturopath telling me “A meal is the size of your fist.”

        Also, after sippin’ on sweet tea all day, beer is cracked open in the evening. After a couple, you’ll hear dudes telling each other, in the backyard “Hey! Hold muh beer. Watch this!” 😆

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      • Aha, just love those backyard conversations. Our fence backs onto the path into the cul de sac. If I’m out there late when people are coming home, it can be very enlightening 😂😂


  4. Carolyn Page says:

    Well done, Charlie…. Though, I am wondering if congratulating you is counter productive for your health… if you get my drift…
    It must have been great, though, t be with like minds. There really isn’t anything better.. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Carolyn, not at all, I’ve got the bit between my teeth again. Started swimming too and looking at Triathlons. Realised I’m running out of time 😂😂
      Yes, it is great being in the crowd and to not to have try and change the subject TO running 😂 Hope you’re all well xx

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Well I must say – you are looking very fit in the image. Unfortunately, I could see the video; it wasn’t available in my country – or so it said.
        I really do admire your get up and go! Loved your running pun!
        For me it’s been a little light free weights, moving on the stepper, ballet plies and Pilates. Don’t laugh, but this evening I will be off to take a look at a Pole Dancing class. I can hear you laughing!!! 😂😂
        The daughter has been to three classes and loves it. I don’t want to hurt my hands!!!!! haha

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      • Well done you, not laughing, well not too much 😉 The pole dancing must be really good for upper body strength… phew managed an appropriate comment, kept Sooty out of the conversation 😂😂

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Hahaha… Arrived home from my first lesson, Charlie… I feel on top of the world..
        Woops, better come back to Earth; I’ve got dinner to cook… 😂😂

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      • Well done, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and had some fun 🤩

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  5. Well done – 40 miles is about 39.8 miles longer than I could do. Though we do seem to have a similar meal plan. 🙂

    Apart from the creatine.

    For some reason I kept having a mental picture of runners being given foil blankets at the end of the run. That and lightning would have livened things up. . . .

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