Out and About (A Bit)

“Do you think it’ll ever get back to normal?”

This is a question I hear quite a lot. Thinking back to the society of February 2020, what I’d like to say is. ‘I chuffing hope not.’

But you can’t can you? I mean, bless them, they’re a bit fed up. Anyaways… We’ve had guests and games at home recently, no naked Twister, but it was fun. I’ve also managed some trips to the coast. They weren’t pleasure trips, unlike my dear friend Quercus Although his trip wasn’t without it’s traumas… “white legged, Yorkshiremen,” are not as attractive as they sound.

I did try to get a photo of the sea but, geez its a long walk from the Wildlife Centre, So I sent an old one.

What else is new? I wrote my novel synopsis (4 times) after deciding it was complete rubbish I sent it to Esther Chilton who has worked hard on editing Mr Khan. Apparently the synopsis was okay and just needed tweaking lol.

Been a lazy week though, no runs and one bike ride. Next weekend is Endure 24. So we have 24 hours to run as many 5 mile circuits as we can. With the ankle injury I’m just going for 50 miles, but I have a nice tent and lovely friends to run along with… so, we’ll see? Happy trails, folks 😍😍

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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36 Responses to Out and About (A Bit)

  1. Hello Charlie. Things are normalizing decently in my area. (I live near Philadelphia.) The vaccines have made this possible.

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  2. Pretty much everything is back to normal in Florida, apart from International travel

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  3. Steady, 50 miles is still a lot for a man with a syndrome in his ankle and, I would hope, a small orange bear on his hand. Good luck with the writing.

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  4. The Hinoeuma says:

    It’s good to hear that you are still running…from something (that’s the only reason I would run).

    And, what have you done with the bear?

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    • Thank you, I could be running from something,I guess a therapist would probably work it out… there again another birthday dragged by recently so there’s probably not enough time 😂 Hope your keeping well.

      Well the bear had his final fling, but there are some who say he should say goodbye as he heads home on the 19th July 🤔🤔


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Happy belated birthday.

        I”m still upright and breathing, so…there’s that.

        The bear has a home somewhere other than your home? What is the significance of July 19?

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      • Thank you, I don’t get too excited by them these days, just another year older lol.

        Good, the knees are holding up then? 😀

        Yes, Sooty got caught here in lockdown 😂 All restrictions should be lifted on July 19th so he’ll be heading back home to…. the BBC building… I guess 😂


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Yeah. The “shiny” of the birthdays wore off some time ago. I still love cake, tho…

        The knees haven’t landed me on my ass, yet. As long as I brace them and continue to walk up steps…plus yoga…I live to fight another day.

        Ah. July 19th. So…no extensions due to “Delta?”

        So, Sooty the BBC bear has retired. Will miss him…

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      • Yup, gotta say the cake is still attractive, I get a Tiramisu cake made once a year for the occasion lol

        Good, I’m glad, I have a knee that doesn’t like steps, but kinda ignore it

        No extensions so far, I think they’ll have to go with this one, country will be bankrupt soon

        Sooty may do a second finale 🤔 It’s under investigation 😂


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Ooooooo 🙂😛😁 Tiramisu! Yum!

        Heard about the London protests…

        Sooty is a trip!

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      • Gotta say, Tiramisu is my favourite, maybe that’s why I get it on my birthday 🤔😂

        I recall some numpties chanting in London, to be honest I’ve ignored the media since last April, I don’t think there is news anymore, just sensationalism, lies, distortion and gossip.

        😂 I think he could do well in adult comedy, maybe I should pitch the BBC 😂

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  5. Carolyn Page says:

    We are suffering from our good fortune, Charlie!
    Our PM shut our borders last year in Feb (I think). Anyway, we were, because of this, instantly isolated. We’ve had very few deaths and, up to now, fairly free of virus. However, our vaccination rates have been low. Astra Zeneca has been demoted to only those over 60, or those under 60 who choose it (not many). Then there’s Pfizer who have regarded our success as low on their list of priorities. As such, their vaccine has only now started to arrive. This week sees the first of greater amounts being delivered that should see more Aussies able to be vaccinated. Most are now crying out to be vaccinated, particularly because they want to ‘travel’.
    Keith and I have had our first dose of Astra Zeneca. The second next month, August. Sydney is currently in ‘lockdown’ because of a few cases. In comparison to most countries we are still the lucky country. But, like all peoples of the world we are looking forward to a freer life.
    However, Charlie, you are doing so well. How can you run on an injury? And I too am enjoying nights with family entertained by board games and such. I’m also now learning the piano – woo!

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    • It reminds me of that book, The Beach? Where there’s been a nuclear Holocaust and They’re waiting for it to arrive in Australia. I think we’ve vaccinated everyone over 20ish now, apart from the conspiracy theorists 😂
      Running with the ankle means lots of exercises and physio, which is a pain but better than not running. I did Endure 24 this weekend… managed 40 miles, so it must be working 😂
      Congratulations on the piano, music is so therapeutic xx

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        We are only at 8 million vaccinated with only 2 million fully vaccinated. The major vaccines won’t be arriving until Sept. Until then it will be a trickle, but more than we’ve had. Guess we’ll be late travelers… 😂
        It’s great to hear re your novel. Well done to you, Charlie. That takes sincere hard work!
        As for the running… Hat off to you. Hope it all goes well.
        Yes, the music is great. I always knew I’d have a piano in the later years. My new piano arrives on Thursday. Can’t wait….

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Just a little add-on, Charlie.
        Our PM has arranged with Pfizer to bring forward our vaccines, thankfully! From next week they will deliver 1 million doses per week instead of from September on. Currently they have been delivering only three hundred thousand.
        Astra Zeneca, of which we have plenty, is still only for the over 60s and those younger who choose to have it. They have also brought forward the second jab of Astra Zeneca to 6 weeks after the first jab instead of 12 weeks. They are now worried about the Delta strain, which has just come into the country and is proving highly infectious. Sydney is now locked down because of Delta. Looks like it may be a couple more weeks, at least.

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      • Wow, we don’t get that sort of news 🤔🤔 Just remembered I don’t listen to the news 😂
        I had Astra Zeneca I had headaches for a long time afterwards but I’m sure it dehydrates you and that’s why, okay now. It sounds like you’re government is moving faster on it now, which is good xx

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Yes, Charlie, Astra Zeneca for me too. My arm ached for almost one month. Both K and I had a really bad headache for one day.
        I’m hoping our next jab is kinder…

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  6. chattykerry says:

    No naked Twister? Jeez Louise, you are no fun…😍 I haven’t adapted to our new life although things are much better in Texas. Saying that, we are keeping an eye on the Delta variant. I have written a synopsis of a romance novel and that’s it. Nothing is inspiring me. Keep well and good luck with the writing!

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