Sooty’s Finale

So here we are. Sooty has kept us laughing (albeit unknowingly) for a while. I managed to persuade him to do one final video before things (hopefully) return to normal.

Bless him if only he knew what he was saying. Once again my friends, probably not one for the kids. And if you’re a sensitive soul, probably not for you 😝

Keep safe, we’re nearly out the other side and June 21st is a good time to fire up the Bar-B-Que 😘

About charliecountryboy

Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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14 Responses to Sooty’s Finale

  1. Please do not furlough the bear, Charlie!

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  2. Vous m’avez bien faire rire tous les deux, j’ai pas tout compris (je ne parle pas couramment anglais ni américain !) mais j’ai à peu près compris !!!! 🙂 très bon week-end

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  3. Excellent. I watched with subtitles so was enthralled by the adventures of city and sweet. It will be a shame to see him go, but I will still have thoughts of you being electrocuted to cheer me up.


  4. I would also be running into the garden if those were the prospects.. 😉

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  5. chattykerry says:

    Oh, you are awful! Good luck sneaking a hoe past your wife…😄

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