Me? Social Media?

I scroll and I scroll and I scroll, I begin to feel like a Caesar, he had a bad touch of the scrolls, as I remember, Carry on Cleo, springs to mind.  Back to the title – I have stopped going on Social Media – three weeks now – I finally reached a point where a picture of your dog, cat, child, children, child/children with husband/wife, your tea (posh people call it dinner) your legs and toes on a sunbed, Boris Johnson/Donald Trump with a funny caption above their head and of course a big fuck off poster that tells me to stay at home! Just didn’t do it for me anymore.

I feel better, the Princess feels much better (no more rants) I also stopped watching the news. I catch up with the daily briefing once a week. I found that listening to a Minister telling me nothing has changed, everyday, was becoming tedious – listening to so called journalists ask completely stupid questions – even more so. Incidentally a friend explained to me that they have even got Social Distancing wrong. It should be physical distancing… hmmm.

Is WordPress, Social Media, though? Some could argue the point. Personally I don’t think it is. It’s a writing platform where people share more than their pets, spouses and legs on a sunbed. Although I did share mine in a bath once.

Instagram? I mean really, how do you get 75,000 followers by posting pictures of your barely covered breasts and ass. Teasing the sex workers was a hoot for a while, but even they lacked imagination. Always a photo of a pretty girl with a beautiful child. She believed in Jesus and is looking for a wonderful man. The private message stated ‘Hi how are you today.’ I worked it out eventually. It’s some overweight ‘Johnny Foreigner’ sitting at his computer with his shabby Y fronts around his ankles. Now there’s an image the next time your chatting. Have a lovely weekend.

About charliecountryboy

Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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58 Responses to Me? Social Media?

  1. ChecheWinnie says:

    Social media can be too much, and stepping out for a while helps.

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  2. Dang Charlie! That could mean that you and I could have been reading each other’s blogs and exchanging pleasantries all this time with people that aren’t really us!

    As in, I guess we could both be not who we seem!

    But nah. I’ll take my chances with you being a cool bloke that I like to read.

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    • Yeah, the feeling is mutual, although no updates for over a week now, how are you Angel? 😉

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      • Doing good here! I was a little scared to re-open, but on the other hand, it was very rewarding to feel needed and appreciated.

        The interesting thing I noticed was that even though I had very clear signs telling people they MUST wash their hands before entering the main room, no one really felt that that applied to them.

        And the ones who know me the best are the ones who rushed around the sign to see me and give me a hug!

        I was like, “Hey, you’re one of my favorite people, but go wash your hands first.”

        I like them and all, but I don’t want to die for them!

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      • Excellent analogy, Angel. No you don’t die for people, you kill for them haha. Something the ‘Master’ drilled into me 😉I really miss the hugs! I’m so glad you are enjoying the re-opening and are safe and well 😀

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  3. Interesting thoughts. Social media is god for e because I have many friends who are not in this country. Social media is bad for me because it is so full of disinformation. Nobody is honest there. Hardly anyone posts to say “I really made a prick of myself today.” Apart from Donald, who uses it to make a prick of himself!

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    • Exactly, Pete, I omitted the false information because otherwise it would have been another ‘rant’ but some stuff that is ‘shared’ just heightens anxiety for some. Pure conjecture, that is the main reason I quit. I see your point of distant friends though, thanks for your contribution 👍

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  4. The Hinoeuma says:

    There are some on WordPress that think this platform is social media. A post on WP can resemble a post on FakeBook. And, there are those that create blogs to get followers, just like Instagram “influencers.” It’s how you use the technology.

    Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their own perspective. Toss in some lies, some obfuscation and hysteria and…you get a mess.

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    • So well put, I am still amazed how many followers I get in a week who have never liked one single post? I guess there is a point to it all? 😀

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      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Yeah. I have other bloggers stop by and follow me. They don’t like anything but, in my case, I don’t track likes. I remember the days before WP started acting like FakeBook. I figure that, if I blog/post about something someone is interested in, they will read. If they “like”, fine. If they “comment”, fine. But, I check my stats and I get hits from all over the planet. I get material downloaded on a daily basis. I’ve got people reading/visiting. I don’t need the likes or even the comments. I know I am noticed.

        I blog for myself and, if others enjoy what I do…yay.

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      • Yeah, same here – probably not as much traffic as you lol. But I don’t write for a market or profit. I write whatever’s in my head. I find it strange though, you would want to follow someone when you haven’t read what they post? Could just be me haha

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      • The Hinoeuma says:

        That is all training/conditioning. FakeBook started all that. Like this. Follow that. Nevermind that, there is SO MUCH information and/or garbage out there, how would they keep up?

        You’ve got a hell of a lot more followers than I do. I haven’t cracked 325 registered followers, yet but, I’m getting hits.

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      • Haha, that shows how much attention I pay! As you say the amount of followers and likes are irrelevant if you are posting for yourself. Far too much conjecture for me, which is where Fakebook excels 😉

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  5. S. says:

    Buona domenica 🙂

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  6. selviafei says:

    Well, we all get sick of physical distancing 🤦‍♂️social media really helpfull but if too much making headache too 😅

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  7. erotismoenguardia says:


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  8. Completely agree. I stopped watching the news several years ago. As I started watching it every day for a coronavirus briefing my sanity began to suffer. (For the sake of this mess age let’s assumer that I am as sane as the next man.)

    Actually, I’ve just thought that one through.If the “next man” is you then I’m in real trouble.

    As soon as you said “legs” that picture came back to me.

    I’m still not sure they were human…

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  9. S_MW says:

    It’s late and I should be in bed but here I am on a platform I consider one of the few social media platforms I can bear. I think WP IS social media but agree with you too (if that makes sense?). In disagreement with you though, I love Instagram, BUT I’m a photographer… of everything bar tits and arse(s). HATE FB as I recently wrote about and have still not downloaded it on to the phone I’m using (due to the washing machine debacle).

    Re. the social distancing v physical distancing thang, I do agree but the use of the word SOCIAL is so prevalent in our SOCIETY that introducing the word physical could just confuse the poor buggers that ARE trying to be responsible. The other ones…well, you already know what I think of them! They are resistant to all of the above but can be found on FB in their unsociably distant droves! X

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  10. K E Garland says:

    I’m currently on a 30-day FB break. It’s all the same and all too much nonsense sometimes.

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  11. Lara/Trace says:

    I quit Facebook Charlie and never looked back. Twitter may have to go next. I am proud of you!

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  12. I tried to stop using social media, and I realized that I can’t get memes anymore 😂 so social media to me now is trying to find the best comedy!

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  13. anonfort says:

    Liked this blog with the candidly acerbic observations.
    here is a short you might like

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  14. hahahaha yes ignore all that start with Hi how are you today.. 😉

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  15. says:

    Hi Charlie, a little time away from social media is healthy. I’ve been away for a while. I missed the writing community though. Stay safe❤️

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  16. Caroline says:

    Totally agree with this!

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  17. mahimajalan says:

    So true, well written 💯Shared some new blogs on numerous topics I thought about during this lockdown, would be glad if you check them out and share your feedback ✨

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  18. This post was such a fun… 😂👌 well, I think you are right but keeping life simple & without soc media distractions. I don’t have Facebook (only page for author, but I never visit it lol). I never visit FB in general, so maybe I should shut down the page. I have Twitter page (I never read) – all my blog posts sends automatically there. And I have INSTA – I use… don’t know why yet. Maybe bcz it’s just a picture snap. Easy & don’t need to write 🙂
    Wp is the best so far of everything I ever had 🙂

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  19. I loved your content,its amazing. How you put forth it so easy to understand. Beautifully written.
    Keep writing and inspiring us.
    By the way i write too.
    Check me out.

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  20. jvtopsales says:

    Since social media get so big today, they keep feeding your timeline with suggestion and too much information for you. and i easily getting tired because of this. Deeactivate your account for a while is better now

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  21. Ryan Pettey says:

    Social media was/is an amazing invention. It needs to evolve though. I’m not sure I see wordpress as social media even though the more I read posts about social media, it does seem like a lot of people do.

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