Strange Thoughts and Yoga

Eyes searching upwards from the laptop capture the blue sky before the sunlight pierces the cornea, forcing me to squint. Now 70’s channel plays The Archies ‘Sugar, Sugar’ and I recall fancying the brunette when an adolescent, so I have to Google her name. Veronica Lodge. It occurs to me I never knew this before – never caught the TV series.

I realise that Veronica is still attractive and as a cartoon character will never age – I am suddenly jealous – this emotion is quickly cast off, replaced by a realisation that I am possibly going mad.

It is now four weeks since I injured my Achilles Tendon, I don’t run anymore – I don’t walk anymore, Sooty has exhausted his talents and my sole source of entertainment (apart from Netflix; other entertainment channels are available) comes from Adriene – a YouTube Yoga teacher. Contrary to the dark side of my mind (I call him Jack) I chose Adriene because:

A. She is extremely talented

B. She has a hugely diverse site.

Jack has other ideas concerning my choice of Yoga teacher!

The rest of my day is spent editing my book (chapter 20 of 42 chapters) and squinting at the sunshine beaming through my window. 

So, why Yoga I hear you scream? Okay you didn’t. I’ve never done Yoga in my life, it always seemed girly. Hang on girls, remember I am losing my mind so allowed to be inappropriate. Of course, I now wish I had…!

If you have ever considered Yoga… Stop considering it and do it. Adriene and I lock ourselves away twice – sometimes three – times a day and after a shaky start I feel so much better. My little legs do things I would never have thought possible. You should really try a Pigeon, that’s a move not a meal. Although if you do eat one, hang it in the barn until its head drops of first. I apologise if you are vegetarian, it was my father’s advice not mine. 

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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40 Responses to Strange Thoughts and Yoga

  1. Entertaining as ever. I hope your Achilles tendon heals soon, Charlie. That lack of running must be driving you crazy!

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  2. Carolyn Page says:

    I’m just a little surprised, Charlie. Did you mention the Achilles tendon injury in a previous post? Did I miss one? Anyway, I’m so sorry.
    I had to stop running too. My right heel began to hurt. I sought help from Mr. Google and came up with planter fasciitis. Walking is fine now, so I’ll stick with that while I’m exercising and massaging it back to health. When/if I return to running I’ll do so a little more gently!
    Yoga is fabulous! I’ve been doing it off and on all my life. I’ll check out Adriene’s channel.
    P.S. Jack has great taste! 😉 😉

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    • No you haven’t missed anything. I was tied up with Sooty, which was probably a diversionary tactic. Ahh, thats how i started with a pain in my heel. It became gradually worse so 4 weeks ago I decided on kill or cure and ran a hard 15 miles. On reflection this was possibly not one of my better ideas haha. Sorry to hear about your PF! And Jack says… naw it’s not repeatable LOL xx

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  3. Ana Daksina says:

    Wait, you’re just realizing NOW that you’re losing your mind? The rest of us have known it for years! 🤣

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  4. Pigeon move is quite fun 🙂
    Get well!! And yoga 🧘‍♀️ is great, not girly thing at all…

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  5. I have not managed to go the yoga route yet!!

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  6. I do 20 minutes stretching before Body combat or Zumba, and another 20 minutes at night.

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  7. The Hinoeuma says:

    “We’re all mad, here.”

    Ah. Ok. Judging by the comments, I didn’t miss the tendon issue. You didn’t mention it. It was Sooty’s game. I’m sorry about that, BTW…

    Yoga. Yes. Good boy. Good, good boy. Been practicing since 2008…on and off. I prefer classes as you can draw off the energy of the class and the voice of the teacher. Yoga, alone, is tough. It takes MUCH discipline. Pigeon Post is a wonderful hip opener which can help adjust the pressure on the knees (tight lats will trouble knees and weaken the joint). The figure four on your back accomplishes the same thing. Can you do a headstand, yet? How is your tree pose? What does Sooty think of Downward Dog?

    That’s terrible about the pigeon. And, I’m not a vegetarian but…my maternal grandmother ran a chicken farm…so…throat cutting is just as bad.

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    • That’s great you must be getting the hang of it now? I think that’s why I like Adriene you kinda feel your not alone. Never do a headstand it’s a throwback to a bullying PE teacher, I posted about him some time ago. Headstands were a thing of his! Yes love the pigeon but I’ve now got mild degeneration of hip joints (just old age I guess 😂) so that’ll help. I really need to keep Sooty away from Downward Dog he’s been separated from Sue too long 😉


  8. One of our players at Nottingham Outlaws played rugby league for years after most sensible people would have retired, and attributed this longevity to yoga, so it’s for girls and RL heroes. Should be good for runners too.

    He actually made a comeback last year and is clearly still as good as ever.

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  9. Invisibly Me says:

    Now I wish I were a cartoon character, fit and healthy and never to age. See, got me jealous now too. Does your new yoga lady look like Veronica? Would you be as interested in locking yourself away to practice some downward dog if the yogi were a bearded older man with a beer belly? Of course you can’t answer that, you’re already in hot water with the yoga-being-girly comment 😂

    I used to do a little yoga, many years ago before being ill. The other year I bought a mat, thinking it would be good to try it again. It’s probably collected a good two inches of dust by now. Your encouragement has made me motivated to at least dust it off, maybe even use it at some point! Seriously though, I hope it helps you feel a little better in any way possible.
    Caz x

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    • Aww, Caz, you are such a sweetheart. It’s good point. I guess she has a look of Veronica, she is a brunette, brunettes and red heads have always been my … ? Downfall or saviours I guess it depends on your point of view 😂 I hope you can find the strength to have a go Adriene is very understanding 😉 Lovely to hear from you, keep safe and keep us updated 😉

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  10. kphoenix1 says:

    I hate to hear your Achilles tendon been injured. I hope you get well soon. And yoga is so relaxing and just does things to the body. Would love to hear more about how yoga is working for you. Take care.

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    • Thank you, I think at the very least Yoga is helping my flexibility, which I didn’t realise had got quite poor. The great thing is that it helps me switch off. Running did that and years ago Spearfishing did it. I need something that demands my full attention so all the other stuff, (facilitation of life) is cast out 😀

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  11. Laleh Chini says:

    How did you like “Climbing over Grit”, Charlie?

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  12. I used to love reading Archie comic books

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  13. Lara/Trace says:

    Charlie, my husband took a yoga class and loved it. I have done yoga on and off for years. The benefits last you a lifetime. Good work!

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  14. erotismoenguardia says:


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  15. Watt says:

    Oooh. Your book sounds fascinating, might have that cycle of journalistic, and critical intimate descriptions that attract me to your blog always, and the closeness and personality of your words. Hope you’re safe.

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