My First Valentine

I had considered a brooch but I wasn’t my Grandad and this was 1972. A brooch was hardly Rock’n’Roll. Gazing around the jewelers I was confounded by the amount glittering  remuneration a boy could extend to a girl and decided to count my money yet again. I had counted said money in F.Hinds and again in H. Samuel, now I was in Ratners. The young girl in the queue ahead of me curiously pondered a board of gold crosses.

“No,” she exclaimed. ” I want one with the little man on!”

“You mean Jesus,” said the sales assistant.

“Ohhh!” uttered the frustrated shopper in a tone that is reserved for teenagers and left.

The sales assistant picked up the board but I had been inspired. Choosing what I considered to be a ‘brama’ gold cross without a little man and within my budget I paid and left. ‘Brama’ was a 1972 equivalent to today’s adolescent word, ‘sick.’ At least we made words up!

Flick forward four nights to the school Boxing Club. You see I was convinced, as much as a fourteen year-old can be that, Susan ********* came to the boxing club every Wednesday evening to watch me. I mean she spoke to me and I’d shown her my prized Hells’s Angel photo. That’s me on a Chopper. So it made sense that she fancied me rotten? Didn’t it? The conversation was very short.

“Sue, will you out with me,” asked a little sweaty me (it was a boxing club!) and proffering the aforementioned cross. She took the cross. Heart thumping, hands sweating, I eagerly awaited the sound of angels singing and that first kiss.

“No! she said and walked away. “Thanks for the cross, though.”

Thanks for the cross? That was three months paperboy money!

Valentines Day? Huh!

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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32 Responses to My First Valentine

  1. What! I’m retroactively mad at Sue for you!

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  2. The Hinoeuma says:

    Ouch. What a brat of a girl. Have you seen her as an adult after that rudeness?

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  3. She had a bit of spirit.. 😉

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  4. Carolyn Page says:

    Ouch….. Oh dear, Charlie; what a rotten thing to have happened. Bet you were more cautious from that moment forward. 🙂
    I wonder if her uterus dropped out?
    I think I’m confused….. 😉 😉

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  5. K E Garland says:

    Man. Sue should’ve left the cross, though lol

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  6. I hope she reads your post Charlie… and comments, then you can ask for the cross back. Funny, I fell for a girl called Susan at Primary school in the seventies too. Must have been a very “common” name back then! Didn’t lose a cross or weeks’ wages to her though, just a bit of my self-esteem. Ah love. That St. V.’s got a lot to answer for if you ask me. Another great post with that undercurrent of self-deprecating CCB humour. This is one of the things that keep us reading.

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  7. And that is why I’m happy being old and grey. Being young was just a bit too complex and painful for me to want my youth back.

    Though I would like my 1970s knees back…

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  8. Invisibly Me says:

    Brama, that was a word? Never come across it. So like that’s totally rad (yeah, I still say that), that’s sick, that’s cool, that’s Brama..? Very cool Chopper pic. I don’t know why that didn’t seal the deal. I would have asked first, then handed over the cross. Rookie error. Maybe you should have got the one with the little man on (I can’t believe someone seriously said that!)

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  9. erotismoenguardia says:


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  10. Jay says:


    And yet you’ve made a full recovery. And where’s Sue? Probably miserable.

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  11. Brockelman says:

    Wow. This brought back a very similar memory. I think I’ll write about it and link back to you as my inspiration.

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  12. I could never imagine such a beautiful romantic gesture. The fruition went to a secret place where blessings supernaturally grow. 💕

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  13. kerbey says:

    The nerve! That’s not what Jesus would have wanted…

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  14. hahahaha I enjoyed reading it. very refreshing

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