Will You Always Be What You Set Out to Be?

The smell of oil, I do love that smell. It portrays a man who mends things and we all love a man who mends things don’t we? Of course today it could be a woman but I love them too so I’ll be forgiven for my lack of Diversity because I’m talking memories here and until Kylie (Charlene)appeared as a mechanic in Neighbours there weren’t any women mechanics, well apart from the War, but the Princess said I wasn’t to mention that! πŸ˜‚

When I was four years old I chose to be a different tradesman everyday. I could be an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter whatever took my fancy. There was a system on the farm, I would knock at the door and my mother would answer it. She must have been quite adaptable because she never knew what disaster had befallen her until I announced which particular tradesman I was that day. Then she would take me to the electric or gas meter or show me a door that needed repairing and explain the aforementioned ‘disaster.’Β I had a clip board (made from cardboard) and forms for her to sign (cut from the Grattan catalogue) and upon completion of my task she had to pay me, this was always pretend money, I suspect the same money Dad paid into the bank, as poor farmers money was a commodity in very short supply.

I sometimes wonder why I write a Blog. I always digress and now I can’t remember what the original theme was. Oh! yes…. Isn’t it wonderful how we rarely ‘be’ what we set out to ‘be’. I always wanted to be a Motor Mechanic; of course this was after I had fused the electrics, flooded the farm and blown up the house fixing the non-existent gas leak. (metaphorically speaking) I was only a mechanic for about five years but that smell is still so comforting. I’d gamble not many of you are still doing the job you set out to do but there is a smell or sound from a previous life that makes you feel all yummy. Just a thought. 😘

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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27 Responses to Will You Always Be What You Set Out to Be?

  1. Gun oil.

    My father was an outdoorsman and hunting deer was necessary to protect the crops.

    He taught me from before I can even remember starting to do it, how to clean his guns.

    We did it together of course, and he hand me prices to wipe down, or let me attach the cloth to the end of the rod.

    So yes. Gun oil. πŸ™‚

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  2. zendogsits says:

    The smell of linseed oil. Rubbing it into a finely sanded piece of wood and watching the beauty of the grain shine. Also, the mineral smell of the rock as you pull yourself up a sheer wall of stone.
    I am one of those who never set out to be anything. I have shoveled manure, sold diamonds and pearls, been an innkeeper, worked with special needs adults, and sat with the dying at hospice. Jack of many trades, master of none. I do not see this as a bad thing. I have always managed to pay the bills while refusing to stay employed at something I did not enjoy. Along the way, I learned many things, mostly just to keep on keepin on!

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  3. Ellen says:

    You have such a great memory, Charlie. I love reading your stories. And the pictures of your childhood are super adorable as well. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

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  4. They are memories of a childhood full of dreams and that we love to relive in memoryπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ€—β€

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  5. Carolyn says:

    Counsellor – A strange ambition for a child. I was a magnet, Charlie, for all the little ones who needed comforting! Guess I’ve not outgrown that one!

    Absolutely loved reading about your childhood, Charlie; so idillic. What a treasure was your mum! 😍

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    • Haha yes that is strange, even to know what one is lol. But I guess we are destined to be and for some it takes time to find it 😘


      • Carolyn Page says:

        I was using my phone above to comment, Charlie, and… well… !!!
        I did have another ambition – to be an entertainer! I sang at a few talent quests and absolutely loved being on stage; particularly with live bands; what a thrill that was.
        It would seem that you and I knew where our talents were, Charlie. It was just a matter of time…

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  6. sheqoz.com says:

    Beautiful memories and pictures ❀

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  7. I particularly like it when you talk of your childhood memories, Charlie. Interesting that it is smells that come back to you. I got into other senses in my blog about the “Sounds of Silence”, because I think they are generally under-rated and the sense of sight seems over-dominant. (https://wheatypetes.world/2016/08/15/the-sounds-of-silence/)

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  8. patriciaddrury says:

    We used to pretend as children too Charlie, your mom sounds so loving of her little guy…

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  9. Invisibly Me says:

    Top right – Kylie Minogue?
    I love that you tested our your dream jobs with your mum on hand to play customer. I always thought those early days dreams we had when we were kids were rarely taken up as adults, so I’d be interested how many found a passion at a really young age and made it into a career. Gone are the days of the β€˜job for life’ kind of thing you got into as a teen/in your early 20s.

    When I was teeny tiny I liked the idea of a vet like countless other kids do at that age (until I learned animals could die, then it was a no no), then a bit older I wanted to be a lawyer (until my English teacher said β€œmy husband was a lawyer. And an asshole. That’s why we’re divorced. Do you want to be an asshole?”).

    Since 15 or so I developed a much bigger interest in mental health and later in college psychology; my realistic dream job has firmly been clinical psychologist. I got the first class degree and was working my way through work and life experience to take the post-graduate but then my health went down the pan. Now I’m just a wannabe Psychologist. A bit like I was a wannabe pop star age 5 (I forgot that one). The unrealistic dream job? The one I’ve had since I first watched a horror thriller at age 6 and thereafter watched and read all things killers? An FBI agent with a criminal psych degree who works with serial killers!!! Go figure.

    I can see why certain smells and images in your head give you that warm fuzzy feeling and a little electricity.

    Caz x


    • Haha, yes Kylie as Charlene. Very good points and also half the jobs advertised today? I don’t even know what they mean lol. There was a really good drama on Netflix recently you would love, except I can’t remember what it was called β€˜Mind’ something lol, FBI agents studying serial killers in the early days, thanks for your input Caz x


  10. nitinsingh says:

    Lovely post thnx to share

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  11. Thrilling childhood memories.

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  12. imsparky2020 says:

    Truly, mother supports us the most. You have created a wonderful childhood because of your mother, charlie.

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  13. as always a great post! I really enjoy the way you describe your past memories.

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