Roasted Yorkshireman

Makes a difference to Roasted Beef I guess. I love roasting in the sun and I know all about skin cancers etc, but you know me by now? Totally irresponsible when it comes to that stuff. What I do love about this break though is the Cyprus cool (ish) mornings, well at 06:30 at any rate😂

Thunderstorms have been forecast but unlike England where it’s going to piss down all day the Cypriot Gods only allow them at night. This leaves beautiful fresh mornings for running and blistering days for roasting, (thigh? or breast? 😉) Although this morning was a trifle precarious and stilted 😂

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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33 Responses to Roasted Yorkshireman

  1. S_MW says:

    Looks fab. Never been to Cyprus but have always fancied it. Don’t be irresponsible…wear the highest factor (you still tan but you are just protecting your skin more). Had a friend who used baby oil…totally mad. Haha. Have a great holiday.

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  2. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy roasting in the sun. 🥵

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  3. That video was awesome! So nice to hear your voice and get a peek at all that beauty!

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  4. Roast well, Charlie. Lucky you to find some sun at this grizzly time of year.

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    • Aww thanks Pete, need it after the last 2 months, but hey! Resignation on 31st and that’s me and FE saying goodbye after a Grade 3 observation and starting a grievance next Monday but that’s education for you 😂


  5. Invisibly Me says:

    Oooo lovely. But why wasn’t I invited? I’m only 5’3″, I could have fit in your suitcase. Maybe next time? 😉
    Yep, we’ve had torrential downpour here. Half the country will be washed off the map by the time you get back. How long are you there for? Enjoy it as much as you can, roast away!
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz, at 5’ 3” could have got you in my hand baggage 😂 Sorry it was remiss of me 😉 Here for a week and so far weather has been good. Hope you’re recovering well from the surgery, it must be over a month ago? 😘

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      • Invisibly Me says:

        Yep, around 7 weeks now I think. Been quite a difficult one considering it was a ‘simple’ exploratory op (small easy procedure my arse!) I bet I just needed some sunshine to make the recovery more bearable, but alas, a certain someone didn’t pack me in their luggage 😂
        Glad the weather’s nice enough over there for off-season. I asked Mr Google and he’s saying an average of 22-24 degrees, so I imagine there’s still a chill to it, especially the early mornings and evenings. Any plans while you’re there to do anything touristy or is a relax & recuperation week for you? x

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      • Oh! Now I feel bad 😔, but hope you’re recovering well, yeah I always mistrust a Dr when he says this may be a little uncomfortable! Just running and relaxing as it’s only a week, quite warm at 06:30 for running and roasting until 3pm so all good 😀

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  6. Invisibly Me says:

    PS. Thank you very much for asking how I am, that’s very kind of you!
    Now, get back to enjoying that holiday of yours 😊 x

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  7. That video is terrifying. I run, as well, and I am often in a state of oblivion to my surroundings. I would have plummeted off that cliff for sure, had I been running there – which I would have NOT.

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  8. kerbey says:

    Yikes! That trail is terrifying!

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  9. Marjorie says:

    Loved the video! 😍

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  10. Wammyspeaks says:

    I really need to get out of the US…I’m so ready to travel and experience new things ….Its killing me. BTW I’m a runner too that trail looks like heaven

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