Nasty Followers, “like hobbits is”

I never post twice a week except this week I’m on holiday and planned a whole week of running and gym and writing and all things nice 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🧘‍♂️📇💃🕺🏻Instead, as you know I got a cold 😈👿🤮Anyway managed a 5k this morning complete with nose bleed? (No idea). After cold bath followed by hot shower, breakfast of Bran Flakes/banana/yoghurt/toast and a fruitless search for chocolate while cursing Princess for acquiescing to my request, not to buy any said chocolate, I decided to catch up on my latest WordPress followers.

This subject has been bothering me for a while. People that follow you without liking any of your posts. How does that work? I mean I’m not going to follow you back ‘you knob little monkey’ But why did you follow me? I can only guess it’s to get lots of followers themselves. If I read something I like and find their site interesting, I follow them. I don’t wander around WordPress aimlessly following people, just the same as I don’t wander the streets following strangers home. Then there are the ones that don’t exist FFS!

Or even better it says they have deleted the account. So today I am having a clear out. As for Instagram? Well, that is a joke. Have you any idea how many beautiful young nubile girls want to have sex with me? I generally block them, but sometimes I start a conversation and play along, with shouts from the Princess. “Stop teasing the sex workers” It usually goes along these lines:

SexygirlfromCA – “Hi, baby, have you been in my Cam Room?

OldCharliefromT’North – “Why? Did I leave my socks?

SexygirlfromCA – “Conversation ended” 😂😂

About charliecountryboy

Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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104 Responses to Nasty Followers, “like hobbits is”

  1. Ana Linden says:

    When I first started blogging, I noticed this one guy kept “following” my blog again and again. In one of his posts he was actually explaining how that was part of his strategy to get more followers. He even had a target – follow I don’t know how many blogs a day 😀 .

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  2. “Did I leave my socks?” Brilliant 👏🤣😂 Thank you for making me laugh today. I have the same issue on Instagram, although it’s generally older gentlemen who seem to think it’s some sort of international dating site 🤔

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  3. What you have posted has also been on my mind. Those ‘followers’ whose domain is ABC Financial’ or ‘Debt Disposal, Inc.’ or ‘Crash My Site, LTD’. And then we have the “likers” who don’t read any of my stuff, just throw a like on my post hoping to get me to visit their site. And the 23 year old sexpots who want to friend me on FB, give me a break.😁

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  4. I might have to borrow your line about the socks. It’s a classic.

    Neil S.

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  5. “Clear out” is necessary time to time 🙂 on WP as well 😀🧐😉

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  6. Carolyn Page says:

    Yes, Charlie, same here! They follow without even a ‘like’ let alone a comment…
    And then there are those who read (I use that term loosely) six, seven or eight posts in a row – all within one minute – must be speed readers… hahahah… 😂😂😂

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  7. Ah, glad I was able to catch a ccb post today mate. The tactics of some in poetry blogland have me in stitches. ‘You’re so wonderful, any tips oh master’, ‘ Yes, write good stuff’, they usually leave a link cheeky lil’ scamps. On insta, I played along as you did, she quickly pulled the plug but when I went on her page she’d ‘followed’ 15 Nigels one after the other! Either a Nige fetish or looking for her real dad! Suffice to say I didn’t enquire if her mother lived in York in the 80’s

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  8. Ralph says:

    I love this post Charlie as I can totally relate to what you have to say. Other commenters beat me to it, so I had to agree with them. BTW, Did I leave a pair of old socks, odd with holes in them during my last visit ? ;).This is going viral.

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  9. velmadunkin says:

    I love your blog!! I would hope everyone follows you. Your stories, your life, your adventures are so relatable and interesting.

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  10. Are you following me? 😉

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  11. Keep me Charlie! I always read your weekly posts.

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  12. ChecheWinnie says:

    😂😂😂🤣🤣 Charlie, I thought we agreed you will be nice🤣. You made my made awesome 😘👌

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  13. hahahahaha happy holidays and sex talks.. ;-).. The following thing could be that someone has spent a lot of time commentating and liking and never getting any responses.. eventually you might stop visiting but forget to unfollow.. 😉

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  14. Lyn Douglas says:

    I started noticing this behaviour about a year ago. Sadly. Yes, I think it is about the numbers. I always look at anyone who likes me, and check out all new followers. If I like their topics and they are genuine followers I will follow them. I will continue to enjoy this blogging world as I have met so many terrific people and learnt so much.  Keep on smiling Charlie and posting.

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  15. S_MW says:

    Yes! I’ve written this blog too (or in similar vein) after an influx of followers on various sites. It’s all to do with tags really. I sometimes use tags on here, but not always, because I’m not necessarily looking for followers here – i.e. I’m happier with quality over quantity. I don’t engage with any follower who is not genuine, and you can tell those a mile off. Unfortunately, WordPress is not completely on the ball with regards to blocking and privacy yet, whereas Instagram is. I never follow links, but periodically write about the asshats because it AMUSES me to do so. 😁

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  16. SovernessOverSeas says:

    Hope you found your socks. Haha

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  17. Tim Willow says:

    Is there an other option instead of like? Like seems to represent a lot commitment…. 🙂

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  18. K E Garland says:

    LOL and yes I’ve gotten that message too. I don’t understand it.

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  19. Congrats on your sexual prowess on Instagram! 😁🤦🏻‍♀️. As for the people that do not exist, I agree!! What’s up with that??

    Excellent share!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  20. Gunjan Arora says:

    This post is classic! Laughed throughout reading it… Haha😂 !!!
    Enjoy the leftover days of your Holiday!

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  21. Laleh Chini says:

    LOL, one bad day won’t change Charlie. LOL

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  22. As always thanks for the laugh 😀 You’ve kept up with your running even with a bad cold? I’m truly inspired by your determination!

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  23. Invisibly Me says:

    Why don’t I get any sexy messages on Instagram? I’m feeling very neglected right now.
    The mysterious WordPress followers… Actually, when I had an issue with my account, someone spamming the hell out of it and my host provider closed my site for a few hours while trying to sort it all out, they discovered a bunch of spam followers & got rid of them for me. What do they gain from doing it? Hell if I know.
    How are you feeling now? Hopefully you’re doing better than you were.. And why aren’t we having any chocolate? x

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    • Hi baby, whatcha wearing? How’s that? See it sounds creepy when we do it 😂 as for the spam followers I can only presume that it’s a way of trying to hack into your computer? I’m a lot better thank you xx Are we connected on Instagram? (I’m not clever 😂) Hope you’re having a good day x


  24. chattykerry says:

    I have had so many ‘interesting’ followers. Nkedwhiteguy was real and married, looking for a little bit on the side. The ones that worry me the most are those with extreme political viewpoints or really religious folks. Have a Good Friday!

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    • Nkedwhiteguy was looking for a bit on the side? Why on earth would anyone think that 😉 Yes I made the mistake of following back even though they hadn’t liked anything. Have got 5 hours of unfollowing in today 😩 I’m just sticking to interesting people and forget the stats. Thank you for all your input Kerry x

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  25. Svelte says:

    Hah! This irks me about WP – I wish there would have been an option to allow who follows me. I have my theories too; while most are in it for the numbers, I think some of them (with inactive blogs) are prob bona-fide writers, busy ‘plagiarizing’, gathering ideas (not inspiration) from our posts! (Seriously! Haha.)
    I follow a reasonable number of blogs, and fave another set. I also have a strict monthly cleanse of idle blogs.:/
    What about the comment sharks, ready with that insightful, ‘nice’ or some silly emoji which clearly does not correspond with what’s been posted? Haha.

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    • It’s curious that you should say that, the same thing crossed my mind earlier today haha As I recall someone found one of their posts on another site some time ago. I need to do the monthly cleanse from now on too. As far as comments are concerned is that why you don’t have the facility on your blog? So now I have the chance to say how I love your stuff 👻👺🤠 haha

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  26. You’re hilarious and spot on! Thanks for a good laugh tonight!

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  27. Lara/Trace says:

    I taught social media at one time and realize now there are those who do follow blogs so they will be followed back – it’s a ploy, of course. Instagram (owned by Facebook) actually says it owns your photos which made me so angry I got off. Your post is spot on… and funny!

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  28. Danny says:

    Did I leave my socks? Epic reply 😂😂.. Why follow someone when you don’t even hit like or comment on their posts?

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  29. BossMama says:

    I blame marketing analysts … guess I’ve been dumbing down prostitutes lol …Great article, very funny!

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  30. The Hinoeuma says:

    A long time ago, WP didn’t have a ‘like’ ability. That is a recent thing, following in the footsteps of FB…both are programmed in PHP. And, the only way you could ‘follow’ was to get emails or…go read. My how things have changed in 12 years.

    I’ve followed a blog that started in 2005 on Blogger. Her site still doesn’t have a ‘like’ feature or a follow feature. Blogger is programmed in Python and, if you want to communicate your presence, you comment. That is it.

    Sometimes I read & totally forget to ‘like’ a post just because I have been blogging for so many years and ‘like’ hasn’t always been around.

    There are many blogs that the likes & comments are turned off. If they have good material, I read, anyway.

    Don’t get mad at your followers. You never know who you are reaching with your material. Whatever their motivation, blog on.

    There is one blogger I had the misfortune of dealing with. She got nasty with people in other bloggers’ comment sections just because she wasn’t getting enough attention from them. She would go from blog to blog and whine to them “why aren’t you reading my posts”. I blog because I like it & I am sharing to more than just other WP bloggers. Unless you have shut it off, all of our blogs are viewable via search engines. Some folks may be reading but, don’t have a WP account.

    I didn’t like it when WP decided to act like FB. I liked the early days, better.


    • I quite agree, but since I wrote that post I have had 25 new followers and not one of them has liked a post, they are content writers skipping around following bloggers: when they get the follow back they then unfollow 😂😂


      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Seriously? SMDH. That is completely ridiculous.

        Right now, I have 196 followers. If they ‘followed’ me to get a follow back, too bad. I don’t work that way. I read what l like. I follow what I like. The rest is a waste of my time.

        I follow one blogger that, when I started reading his posts, he had around 700 followers. He is pushing 2,000, now, and it grows, daily. When you gain that many followers, you simply will not have the time to return reading favors 2,000 times each day and live a life.

        Too many folks are treating blogging like FB & it annoys the hell outta me.

        Well, I like your posts and I visit when I can. ❤

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  31. Charlene says:

    Im sure you were being completely serious but the “why did I leave my sock” was so hilarious!

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  32. Victoria says:

    The very reason I do not accept Blogger Awards is that you then have to nominate others and on and on it goes, until you wise up and realize that very few actually read your posts. Just this week I received notice that a blogger ‘liked’ 4 of my posts, all within the same minute and is now ‘following’ my blog! Hilarious!! No, I am not even intrigued, in the least, about their little blog. I do not succumb to the popularity contest when I am not actually ‘ liked’! Not long ago I received 12 likes from the same blogger, within one minute! I didn’t know that speed reading was still a thing! I have always said that if only one person genuinely ‘likes’ my post or got something from my share, I am satisfied. I get a lot from writing my blog. It brings out some creativity that someitimes is put aside in the midst of chaos. It is a healing place for me even if it isn’t the most popular blog on the block! I appreciate your post and your humor! 🙂

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