Malayan Spout Hotel

The princess said oooh! lets go on the North Yorkshire Moors for half term. This hotel is doing Bed Breakfast and two course evening meal for two at £99. I agreed because…… well its easier isn’t it and I like a good old hike, but frankly I wasn’t expecting a lot at £50 each. We arrived early, left our bags at reception and set off for a little walk. First impression of the hotel was, ‘Hmm Hm (sort of Laurel and Hardyesque)

The little walk turned into 20km as neither of us are very good with sticking to paths and rules and so it was we found ourselves in the woods with a setting sun. I realised that half hour from now we would be lost to the world, reduced to mere statistics. “Two hikers found torn to pieces after three day search.” The princess reminded me that there were no wolves, witches or demons on the moors and suggested we go back the way we came. I reluctantly agreed, there’s no fun in going back

This where I can safely say that if you are visiting the North Yorkshire Moors go to a place called Goathland and stay at the Mallyan Spout Hotel. The setting and ambiance was  fabulous 🙂

The staff were so lovely and welcoming that after the walk we sat and relaxed in the bar, after 20k I needed a couple of pints of liquid refreshment 😉 But you can’t sit in the bar all night, or so I was told, so eventually we headed up to the room to get ready for dinner and what a room and what views!

Heading out for dinner once again I was surprised not only by the beautifully set out dining room, but the menu and then the food, well I had Pigeon to start and then Pan Seared Venison Loin. Yes, I know I’ve probably upset the vegans and the Disney fans by eating Bambi’s mum, but there’s no point in lying is there?

Dry January was long gone so the £99 deal was a little more than that, with the wine….oh and the beer and of course the princess was right, we weren’t torn apart by wolves, witches or demons 😉 Have a great weekend folks xx

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55 Responses to Malayan Spout Hotel

  1. I enjoyed reading about your escape with the Princess to Malayan Spout Hotel. Your walk sounded adventurous. Nice photos of the walk and hotel. I have never tasted pigeon , I think I need to get a life. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  2. beautiful..

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  3. Ana Daksina says:


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  4. One of my favourite parts of the country. Sounds fab. Goathland is lovely. Glad you survived this “hairy” adventure; looks like you’re still too young to die!

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  5. A long walk. A great meal. Good accommodations. All for a bargain price. You lucked out!

    Neil Scheinin

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  6. Wow! This was an amazing trip. I feel like I was there with you by you sharing all the photos, Gorgeous!!! So happy you enjoyed all the surroundings. Good for you! 😊

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  7. That’s sounds wonderfully delightful and very well-priced!

    But I can’t be the only person reading this who instantly flashed back to the “Stay off the moors” scene in American Werewolf in London!”

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  8. Invisibly Me says:

    Oooo not a bad price when food is thrown in, too. 20km is certainly the biggest ‘little walk’ I’ve heard of, so liquid refreshment at the bar afterwards was a definite requirement 😉 Sounds like a great exploration, and you’ve got fab photos. I really like the inside of the hotel, very warm and welcoming and cosy. It makes a big difference to have lovely staff, too. xx

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  9. harotianessentials says:

    How beautiful 🙂

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  10. No wolves, witches or demons in North Yorkshire? Can’t sit in the bar all night? That sound you hear is my illusions shattering…

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  11. Rakkelle says:

    The room is gorgeous.

    Pictures from the hike are gorgeous.

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  12. What a gem of a place.. 😉

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  13. etiliyle says:


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  14. Ellen says:

    I absolutely love your storytelling! Each of your posts are so unique and captivating! 😊💛
    (I’ve been meaning to tell you this since a long time, but I had refrained from commenting since I started my blog.)

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  15. Carolyn Page says:

    On the way back from Whitby we stopped off at Goathland, Charlie; mainly due to its Harry Potter link, of course. We didn’t walk up as far as the Mallyan Spout Hotel (I checked the map) but had a cool drink in the local hotel closer to the station! Once again you’ve reminded me of that fabulous holiday! Ahhhhhh.
    Great pics; fab hotel: “3-star Whitby Hotel in Goathland with Free Breakfast. Free Parking and WiFi.”
    Maybe next time! 🙂

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  16. Misha Bagga says:

    Such a grand place. Loved all the pictures. Great post. Keep Glittering, from TGA by Misha. 👍😊😍

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  17. etiliyle says:


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  18. Laleh Chini says:

    This is beautiful Charlie dear.<3

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  19. Mahika says:

    Wow !! You have a splendid blog !! Do read my new post Run of the mill @ and follow my blog if you like

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  20. Looks so nice and not too far for us, will definitely check it out online, bet it’s gorgeous in the summer!

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  21. Peter Adewumi says:

    Beautiful scenery!

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  22. says:

    Beautiful place! The food looks delicious ❤

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  23. SovernessOverSeas says:

    Looks lovely! Like how you call your lady princess. 😁

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