Return to the Rock

So here I was again back on the ‘Rock’ as it is sometimes referred to. The island of Jersey in the English Channel. Ninety miles from England and twenty miles from France.
Yes, I know, another bit of land we stole, c’mon you have to admit we were pretty good at pinching land and countries. Digressing slightly, it’s always amazed me how we ‘discovered’ Africa, as though the Africans weren’t already aware of its existence? Where did they think they were living? Anyway back to the tale. When I first came here in 1976 I was ‘on me Todd,’ as we say. Now I come to visit my two sons, their partners and three beautiful granddaughters.
But sometimes I still have a deep foreboding. A marriage breakup can be traumatic and as my first marriage ended here then I guess that was the most traumatic of all my relationship endings ( I wonder if that makes sense?) So I can be toddling along merrily with not a care in the world and I will see a building, beach, or someone will mention a name and I’m right back there reliving the pain and sorrow I felt when I left over thirty years ago. Funny old life isn’t it? How one small occurrence can trigger a whole series of emotions. Oh dear this is a bit dreary 😀 So did I have fun? Yeah, of course I’m still CCB 😂 Sons looked after me and granddaughters are an absolute delight, but I think I need to arrive a little earlier on Saturday so I can do the Park Run


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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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31 Responses to Return to the Rock

  1. Carolyn Page says:

    Looking good, Charlie; I, especially, love the pic with your son. 🙂
    So, it looks like you’ve still got some ‘scars’ from your marriage break-up. Yep, places and people sure can bring those unresolved energies skyrocketing to the surface! But, I wouldn’t call it a “one small occurrence”. Crikey man; I’m sure you didn’t marry with the thought of ending it… so sure, you’re gonna have some regrets and not so good memories.. But hey; I’m getting too serious! Why not write about it; like a post or two or three. Nothing like writing to get to the nitty gritty; as they say… You know we all love your ‘series’ type of posts… Just saying! 🙂
    Oh yes. Great post, Charlie. Jersey sounds like a great place to call home…

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    • Thank you Carolyn, i just re-read the ‘one small occurence’ and I can see the mix up 🙂 I meant the beach, building or person was the small occurrence not the marriage lol. Yes I’ve been looking for a series, but that may be too brave for even me, on the other hand baring my soul and standing naked, may be good for me, that’d be revealed, not actually naked 🙂

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  2. rdpublish says:

    Glad you shared this. Memories have a way of coming at us like that. Pain diminishes but we never forget. It’s just a part of our human story.

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  3. Yeah, just like Columbus discovered America. Gee, I wonder what the natives thought about that bit of history having been here for tens of thousands of years.😊

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  4. Haha, yes the discovered word, it’s something I’ve wondered about for years, I understand ‘lost cities’ etc but inhabited places hmmmmm? Thanks for the comment Larry 🙂


  5. I hope you enjoyed this trip, Charlie. Landscapes are a lot more timeless than our ephemeral human memories, that’s what I think, so yes, I trust pleasure was forthcoming from this lovely part of our bloody, imperialist, land-and-resource-grabbing, racist, arrogant, glorious, colonial past. Oops, I may be being a bit lefty here… on second thoughts: apologies. TOO PARTISAN… Never mind… So just: “I hope you enjoyed your trip.” I read your latest blog with great pleasure as usual. Got me thinking.

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  6. Thanks Charlie for writing this. I smile at that piece about discovering Africa. Hahaha! Thank God the world has people like you who are helping to reshape thinking for a better world.

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  7. iScriblr says:

    Lovely! 🙏❤️

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  8. Rakkelle says:

    I like the pictures. 😃

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  9. Rakkelle says:

    I know, right?! I get it.

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  10. Rakkelle says:

    You’re right! I wouldn’t have been offended though but instead would have taken the words “I like your picture/s” as a compliment instead, bu you wouldn’t know that because you don’t me.

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  11. If people didn’t want us to steal their countries they shouldn’t have left them lying around. 🙂

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  12. I smiled to myself reading it although I don’t exactly know why. It’s certainly the way you tell it. I saw you now, eh?

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