Fun in Zakynthos, That’d be Greece :-)

Did I mention I was off to Greece? Well it is half term and you wouldn’t teach if it wasn’t for the holidays. The last time I went on holiday I met the girls; do you remember the lovely dancers in Cyprus, Lisa, Laura, Emily and Kizzy?

Well, so far no dancers, but as you would expect the people, the weather and the food are wonderful. The first few days were extremely quiet as the hotel had opened the day we arrived for the season. Somewhat like ‘The Shining’ except the staff weren’t dead and there was no blood running down the walls 🙂

I love the Greek philosophy, the layback style. I was sitting on my balcony when I heard the cock crow, it was 7pm 🙂 On the second day I toddle down to reception where I receive a huge smile from the young lady. “Kalimera,” she says.

“Hello,” I say. “My shower only spurts forward and last night I lost an eye.” (It was a posh shower with jets everywhere) ” Maybe it is supposed to be like that?”

She smiles again. ” Maybe it is; this is Greece anything is possible.”

There were sheep or goats (yup  charlie-countryboy should know the difference) outside my balcony, a Mini Golf outside the hotel with a Statue of Liberty? and some stairs the Health and Safety Executive would possibly frown upon.

The early mornings were fantastic with deserted streets, but there is always a cat, a scooter and a wheelie bin in Greece 🙂 and beaches.

C’mon, you know I’m not a travel blog. I just write tosh most of the time 🙂 There is always the Greek dancing which a lot of people enjoyed and there was Karaoke, now I am a music lover as you well know, so I will spare you the rant, but if I ever get to meet the person that invented Karaoke I would not be responsible for my actions grrrr.

So all in all a good break and ready for the final four weeks of term before I wave some of my students off into the world of work, haha they’ve no idea what’s in store for  them during the next fifty years.  But I can survive on the early morning memories until then 🙂

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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29 Responses to Fun in Zakynthos, That’d be Greece :-)

  1. Carolyn Page says:

    That was lovely, Charlie. Sitting here in my cozy little winter’s nest I felt almost like Springtime or Summer had crept in!
    Yes, I remember the ‘girls’; all fabulous with great stories to tell. Here’s hoping you find more ‘stories’ like these. And yep; those stairs wouldn’t pass the test in Oz. Ouch!!!
    “But I can survive on the early morning memories until then 🙂”
    Okay, okay; that’s enough rubbing, Charlie. You’ll have me turning green…. 🙂

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    • Hope you’ve got plenty of straw in that nest 😜 I can’t imagine Oz having a winter lol. Yes I was hoping for some stories in Zante, but never mind. Have the British Athletic Championships at the end of June so maybe there’ll be some tales to tell 😀 As always love your comments 😀

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Hahaaaa… Yes, Charlie, we do have ‘winter’ of a sort here in Oz.. It was 4 degrees last night… Brrrrrr….. that’s cold for us. Mind you, it was a balmy 19 degrees today..
        Ah well; that’s life in Oz.. Wonderful one day; perfect the next.. 😉 😉

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  2. Great story, and I love the pics! I’ll have to peruse your site for more of these adventures. P.S. So glad the hotel wasn’t exactly like The Shining. 😀

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  3. We don’t agree that you write tosh, but we DOOOO agree on karaoke!

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  4. Peter Adewumi says:

    You’re nominated for Awesome Blogger Award:
    Best wishes!

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  5. ateafan says:

    There would be a national inquiry into those stairs in NZ! Hope you have a great term break. A friend of mine chose teaching because it fitted his surfing lifestyle …

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  6. harotianessentials says:

    Love it!

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  7. Looks like a lot of fun, too bad no dancers 😛

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  8. Hahaha! Certainly a lasting memory.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  9. Lush ☺Well jel, as they say.

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  10. simplytrizah says:

    I love your articles! Do you have a book,I’d sure love to read it!

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  11. Greece is always a wonderful place to visit.

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  12. You are a good teacher

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  13. wake9779 says:

    Reblogged this on The Silver Pen and commented:
    Sounds like my kind of place, awesome.

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