Me, Jack and Hugh (Yin and Yang?)

And you thought there was just ‘lil, ol’ me.’ It’s funny but I only became aware of these guys about 20 years ago. You see, Hugh is the nice guy, (sunny side) he was a nice kid and when we were growing up on the farm he had total control.

Then, when I was 10 years-old we moved to Bradford and having  had the s*** kicked out of us for the first three months someone else had to take control, enter Jack (shady side). He’s not evil, but he didn’t believe in forever or that everyone has a good side or that disputes can be settled calmly and without confrontation. In fact he would provoke confrontation and then fight his way out of it, because he believed that his way was the only way and if you didn’t agree then you must be an asshole.

Trust me he takes a lot of controlling and when he gets out of control we are lost and Hugh and I have been lost many times.  Hugh is in a constant struggle with Jack because he looks for the good in everyone, as a peacemaker he doesn’t believe in confrontation. Hugh falls in love and Jack will try and destroy it. Hugh got a good job and Jack would quit for some hair brained scheme. Hugh wants to be happy and settled. Jack wanted chaos, crisis and adventure, he thrives on it. Hugh enjoys a glass of wine or a beer, Jack wants the whole bottle or the whole pack and whereas Hugh likes an early night Jack never sleeps.

Then seventeen years ago something unexpected occurred  Jack fell in love with, who is now deemed as, the ‘Princess.’ Hugh thought that we were being a little too spontaneous. Hugh had chosen the three previous Mrs CCB’s and he blamed Jack for their downfall. Hugh was also suspicious, this one wasn’t really a ‘Jack’ type. She was sensible and lovely and Jack liked dangerous and provocative.

2018-05-13 144642_4

Regardless of Hugh, the relationship blossomed in Spain for a while. Hugh constantly stated his reservations, he didn’t think Jack was good enough, so Jack buried Hugh in the sand and that’s where we left him. He eventually made his way home and now cautiously feels that Jack has settled down and he can take a rest. I feel they have both matured and seem to amble along quite well these days, but in all honesty I believe they are a little afraid of the ‘Princess’

P.S Thank you all for your best wishes for today’s Beverley 10k, but the guy who promised to transfer his place over to me (I missed the original deadline) failed to do it. Jack wanted to find him and kick the s***  out of him, but Hugh explained that there will always be other races. Hmmmmmm!!

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31 Responses to Me, Jack and Hugh (Yin and Yang?)

  1. I too am one of three brothers, but would be hard pushed to write as insightfully as this to sum them up. What a charming read, full of warmth.

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  2. Hahaha! Love walks in the door and all bets are off!!

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  3. Carolyn Page says:

    Well done to ‘the Princess’ for taming a ‘normal’ guy! You see, Charlie, I think all blokes suffer from the ‘good guy/bad guy’ thing… It takes a good woman, and some fear inducing behaviour to make a man realise that life, with the right one, could be a pretty nice place to be!
    I loved your narrative; in fact, Charlie, I am still smiling from ear to ear!

    Bad luck about Beverley; shame… I understand Jack’s feelings; he was ready to kick *** at Beverley! There’ll be another, I’m sure.. 🙂 🙂

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  4. Sounds like me and Gabby. And then there is Frieda. I’ll share her on some future post. LOL

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  5. harotianessentials says:

    I love it when you share your past. You look like someone out of a James Bond movie LOL.

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  6. What a story 😻💙💙 Gemini all the way

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  7. Laleh Chini says:

    Gemini people, you’re cool. I’m a Libra.😊

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  8. chattykerry says:

    Families are so interesting…😁

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  9. chungwipff says:

    What a great narrative! Your bride is gorgeous.

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  10. Love the conflicting man has them too, he calls his alter ego drifter.

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