From DJ to Disco King (We can all do it)

So to carry on from last week, after travelling around Europe I returned to Yorkshire for a bit of Christmas cash to discover my old employers had had enough of the Disco business and offered to sell to me. Now for a man with no money and living in a camper van this idea was not without its obstacles. Cut a long story short: One year later after living in their caravan, working for no wages and running the business for them we (another Mrs CCB) agreed to monthly payments, bought a house from business funds and they were free to retire.

We  bought a house with a swimming pool. Now your confused? OK, I needed somewhere to store the gear. We built a plywood floor over the pool and hey presto an equipment store 😀🍾

So, what was the secret to success? Recession, during the recession of the late 80’s business dropped off. We operated by having contracts with hotels, we supplied the equipment and the DJ, they supplied the work. When work dried up I had read somewhere that in Chinese crisis can be interpreted as opportunity. So I went out and sold our business everywhere, doubling our clientele and building 30 individual Disco rigs. This meant we maintained volume of work but with a lot more customers, then after the recession lifted holy moly (for my American cousins) we were cooking on gas, 328 gigs in December 2000 alone 😀. But, for those five years instead of doing Discos I visited Discos, advising, training and monitoring.

Probably the largest Disco company in Yorkshire? Some said we were, but I’m not sure, we certainly weren’t an agency,  as we owned, installed and collected all the equipment. After five years it was time to move on, I’m a doer not a watcher and DJ’s can be unreliable. One New Years Eve with two DJ’s down Mrs CCB had a crash course in the art and found herself entertaining the public at Headingley Cricket ground complete with playlist and a heart rate of probably 145 BPM 🙂 So where did the Disco King term originate? Well, a few years down the line on my wedding day to a new Mrs CCB I employed a Jazz band for the evening and at the end of the evening the band leader remarked how he thought it was great that the Disco King of Yorkshire chose a live band rather than a Disco for his own wedding 🙂 Is the company still going? Yes it is, founded in 1985 Bruce Bendall took over Night Owls after me and he is still going strong, not bad for the second best DJ in Yorkshire 🙂  So, don’t forget, crisis can mean opportunity you don’t have to sink, just swim twice as fast 🙂

About charliecountryboy

Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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10 Responses to From DJ to Disco King (We can all do it)

  1. ateafan says:

    Good advice 🙂

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  2. Carolyn Page says:

    Wowwee, Charlie, you are one fantastic dude! And so must have been the first Mrs. CCB. She really conquered that gig? Wow, that’s really saying something! 🙂
    So, the carpentry skills were always there? Love your ingenuity.
    Where there’s a will there’s a way; springs to mind… 🙂
    Looking forward to the next instalment…


    • Thank you Carolyn, her gig went well and I was upstairs it’s another room so she wasn’t entirely alone ha, I have to admit though she was Mrs CCB the 3rd not 1st 😜😀

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      • Carolyn Page says:

        Oh, I’m so pleased it was Mrs CCB the 3rd; after all, you’ve been together for such a long time! And, thank goodness she wasn’t ‘completely’ alone, but, wowee that still must have been scary!!! 😀
        Well done to her….

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  3. Wilt says:


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  4. Ah, the canny tyke! Where there’s muck there’s brass. Love this series Pal.

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  5. Mrs CCB, (whatever her number, saved the day). Being a Yorkshire lass, and liking a good ‘do,’ I may have strutted my stuff at one of your discos. 🤗🤸‍♂️

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