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Medical Misadventures

A dagger stabbed right

In my chest

Would have caused lesser pain

I ponder

With my hands wound around

A mug of hot coffee

My legs crossed demurely

Of fear?

Thinking about it

Makes my wounds bleed

Dreams splinter

And an image shattered

My image

I feel desolate

In a world, mad and greedy

Where insanity triumphs

And silence never subsists

The dark shadows gain power

And finally overwhelm me

As my ears

Cease to hear

The rumors, the gossip

Mindless noise

Edged lies

Scary whispers

That ruin my reputation

Take away my friends

Friends? I guess they never were

The coffee is cold

The chilling wind sends

A shiver down my spine

As it brings with it

Voices that never stopped

Never stopped talking

And I wait here

To be free of those frightening thoughts

I wait

For a pretentious redemption?

His need to conquer

The bloody lust in…

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  1. Great piece of work

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