Dance While the Music is Playing

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On the Way to the Barre

When the music is playing in ballet class and dancers are waiting on the sidelines and don’t step forward to do the combination, it wastes everyone’s time. I know sometimes it stems from dancers not being sure of the steps or feeling afraid, and I can totally relate. When I am teaching, they laugh when I remind them – “dancers don’t let dancers dance alone.” I kid, but I’m serious too. If you don’t dance when the music is playing, you miss the opportunity, and the moment will be gone.

My dad died when he was 65. He was a huge part of ballet for me because he drove me to class and picked me up afterwards – sitting in a corner of the studio, his head bent over the book he was reading. I was grateful that he never criticized or made comments like other parents made. I liked…

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5 Responses to Dance While the Music is Playing

  1. Carolyn Page says:

    Thank You, Charlie. Sarah’s post was indeed wonderful…

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  2. This reminded me of days when we used to go for social functions and used to dance away till night. And my father had only one request that the first and the last dance of the evening should be with him. I still miss those days

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