Live to Dance: Laura’s Story

If you’ve read Live to dance, Dance to Live then you will know that this is the second installment of four little girls who became dancers. I met them in Paphos, Cyprus. So, meet Laura Walker


Laura grew up in Rolleston, New Zealand, when she was eight years old she attended a ‘bring-a friend day’ at a local Jazz class The Ballet Academy run by Melissa Jarman  who became,not only a great inspiration to Laura but a mentor and lifelong friend. I had the pleasure of communicating with Melissa recently and I quote. “It has been my absolute pleasure to have taught Laura all these years. As you have seen she is an incredible person who has always had a complete dedication to her dancing and I am very proud of her.” Fine words indeed 🙂 The bottom left hand picture, taken from Melissa’s website, features Laura (top right). Laura loved the classes and over a period of seventeen years expanded her repertoire to ballet, hip hop and musical theatre even teaching classes to the little ones.


At eighteen Laura had a difficult decision to make. A career in dance or to enrol at university. Fortunately she possessed more than one talent and decided on both. She spent  three years studying hard at University while attending dance classes everyday, which was no mean feat, but her hard work and dedication was justly rewarded when she achieved her Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems. Now it was time to dance! Full time dance schools are rare in New Zealand so Laura applied to schools in Australia securing a place at Ettingshausens in Sydney, where she began her journey that would see her travelling thousands of miles to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer.


Laura says that the Dance Industry is super competitive and aware that work in Australia and New Zealand was limited she travelled to Europe working on various dance contracts in Rhodes, Greece. In 2017 Laura travelled once more, this time to London where she lived with a cousin for two months and auditioned for everything. Once again her tenacity paid off, auditioning at the famous Pineapple Dance Studio she gained employment in Paphos, Cyprus with Top Dog Entertainment  who specialise in providing First Class Entertainment to a variety of venues and hold regular auditions at Pineapple Dance Studio  in London. It was in Paphos that I saw Laura dancing as part of a foursome which inspired my original Live to Dance post.


Laura says. “I am very lucky that I have a career that allows me to see the world, and my next goal would be to get on a cruise ship, so that I can continue to explore! Also in a few years, I would like to combine my dance experience with my university work, and develop IT systems to help the dance industry, for example a system that makes it easier for dance schools to manage enrolments, or for companies to manage auditions more efficiently.” But for the present with her dedication and indomitable spirit I think Laura will continue to flourish on dance stages around the world  🙂


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14 Responses to Live to Dance: Laura’s Story

  1. reemasandhu says:

    Amazing, happy to see them 😄

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  2. I can understand your interest in theses four dancers Charlie, both so far, and I suspect the other two as well, have such joie de vivre, such tenacity and there is always ‘something’ about folk who are so passionate about their calling.

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  3. Carolyn Page says:

    I’ve met many dancers throughout the past decade, Charlie. Those who are passionate cannot be held down; so to speak. They think dance every moment of their day; everything seems to be geared around this; dedication certainly applies to these indomitable individuals. And I understand why they need this spirit. Dance is something that requires practice and more practice to remain at the highest level. Without passion, skill cannot be maintained.
    My hat goes off to these great girls. Well done to Laura. Wishing her all her dreams! 🙂

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  4. sk8sandhu says:

    Good morning dear sir,

    Laura very beautiful🌺,
    I myself like watching ballet dance.

    Thank you so much sharing nice pictures.

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  5. itsmylife126 says:

    Hi ! I have nominated you for bloggers recognition award.
    Now you post same on your site and write my name in nominated by “Yatindra or paste the site address” and answer the questions :
    1.Why I blog ?
    2.2 tips for new bloggers
    And nominate 4 new bloggers including me.

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  6. Now, that is how you go after your dreams! Well done, Laura and thank you Charlie for sharing such an uplifting story @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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