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Sandra & Stuart Wander the World

IMG_7274We left our hotel to catch the bus to Mandalay in a full on rain storm. We were picked up in a little pick up, crammed in the back with our backpacks and a load of other people. We drove for a good half an hour I think but we had a good chat and laugh as there was a strange flying insect in there too.

The overnight bus was a bit of a nightmare, I had a man behind who didn’t want me to recline my chair so a battle of wills continued all night until he knocked me on my head with his hand or foot, I’m not sure, as at time he had his feet up on the window or my seat. Stuart demanded to know what he thought he was doing!  It was okay though after that.

We arrived at the bus station, yes, an actual…

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  1. Adnama72 - blogger says:

    My Blog is a Personal Not for Profit blog.

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  2. Adnama72 - blogger says:

    I Originally set it up to morslly support my Father-in-law. Who has supported me.

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  3. Adnama72 - blogger says:

    Morally sorry.


  4. Adnama72 - blogger says:

    Malcolm Marsh – Author Orville wrong. Who writes some really good stories. Is retired.

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  5. marisselee says:

    When you ask for a taxi in Mandalay, you expect to get a cab. But of course a taxi means a pick-up and passengers ride at the back; slumped on the mat-covered floor. Lol!

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