Innovative Town Tour

Having recently moved to Beverley I decided to explore a little. Beverley Tourist Information supply a map complete with four walks. I should point out here Beverley is not London or Edinburgh, but is a delightful town with it’s own history and even a Minster so with an Indiana Jones attitude off we trudged. There were four walks and we chose number two Page 10 of the link. This seemed the shortest and I had to allow for an homemade ice cream stop for princess bride.  What a delightful surprise because not only was it a historical walk but a treasure hunt of sorts. Some innovative people have placed various art forms or just simple artefacts for you to spot. The first location was where the medieval butchers traded, can you spot the Ox carcass? Shortly afterwards comes Walkergate where the ‘Waulkers’ walked on the cloth to shrink and thicken it and you have to find the footprints1280px-Waulking_18th_century_engraving


Further along Walkergate you’ll come to the Cordwainers (leather shoe makers to the likes of us) and it’s here that you’ll find shoe patterns that you can take a rubbing of. 


After the Spinners, near Swaby’s yard, Spinners need no introduction and no they’re not story tellers or an Irish Folk group 🙂 We moved onto Dyer Lane and the Dyers who used plants for dyes and the little treasure hunt was back on we had to find the plants and a spinning sculpture. Hmmm?


I came out of the Saturday Market onto Toll Gavel and I’m looking for thimbles, six of them. Ok, so I had to nip into the Tourist Office and seek advice for the last three, I really needed a child with me 🙂 Were talking Tailors here and if you’ve heard of Wuthering Heights you’ll know we needed some serious tailors in Yorkshire all those years ago.



Whilst on Toll Gavel I’m looking at Apothecaries and four plants they used for healing. Yay!


Apparently medieval Barbers  had a snake as a symbol and they were also surgeons, so I’m looking for a snake. Now we’re all up in the air.


Ice Cream has already been devoured by the Princess Bride and as I see an Ale House in the distance I am relenting on the decision to not bring a child 🙂  But first the challenge must be completed. Moving swiftly to Cross Street and Well Lane (originally Fishmarketmoorgate) you can see why they would change it? I’m looking for Merchants and Fishmongers. The explorer’s thirst is upon me so thankfully this is simple. Merchants Hall is right in front of me and then I see the eels on the kerb woohoo 🙂


There you are a bit of medieval Beverley. I thought this was quite an innovative way to explore a town, particularly if you have children and of course if you still want to visit the Ale House I presume you can tie the children up outside as I noticed most Alehouses had dishes of water outside. I mean what else could they be for? 😉


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10 Responses to Innovative Town Tour

  1. Ah children, of course ! I always assumed it was for dragon-in-laws . Great write Tyke !

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  2. Philip Kamau says:

    Great post.

    In the ancient times the snake was used as a symbol of wisdom, and with wisdom cones the compassion for all humans.

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  3. Carolyn Page says:

    Loved the tour, Charlie; and I do miss Yorkshire and surrounds. Beverley looks welcoming, and the walks a lot of fun. We certainly could do with a bit more of UK’s warmth, in these matters, here in Oz. I certainly felt that comradery, particularly once out of London and into the country areas.
    A great write-up! 🙂

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  4. Suze says:

    Loved that tour! I dream of a time whereby I can visit the UK.

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  5. Adnama72 - blogger says:

    Great photographs.

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