Fashion and Window Dressing

Have you noticed how boring provincial shop displays are today? Every day I walk through town and I pass all these shops.  Debenhams – New Look – River Island –  Miss SelfridgeBurtonTopShop – Topman These are their frontages in Beverley. This to me says. ‘Come in if you want, but quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.’ See what I did there, hooking in the film buffs as well. 🙂

Now this is a Shop frontage from Selfridges Image source Elemental Design

Window dressing is an art form that requires imagination and possibly some bravery because as in any art form there will people that don’t like what you have done. But really people? There is minimalism and there is sticking some mannequins in a shop window. Here’s another class act from Harrods. Image source Windowswear Photography.


I see this and I think that if I was wearing that dress I could be mysterious, I could be enigmatic, I could be seductive. I want that dress and I haven’t set foot in the store yet, phew! The big plus factor here is that I’m a bloke and not even a cross dresser so what emotions could it stir in a woman. Realistically we can’t expect provincial department stores to conjure up something like this every week, but I think they could make a bit more effort. I walked further into town on Saturday  and spotted Lakeland


As you can tell my photography is not great, but try taking a picture of a shop front on a Saturday afternoon with no pedestrians in it 🙂  You can see that they have made an effort with just a few parasols they have created a scene, it catches your eye and at the very worse it’s pleasant to look at. So I went in and bought a leather jacket. During the transaction I asked a member of staff who dressed their windows? She informed me that it is all done in store by their own staff. So come on the rest of you can we see a bit of imagination, a bit of glamour and a bit of pizzazz after all you want our money, don’t you?



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6 Responses to Fashion and Window Dressing

  1. I like this a lot Charlie, witty and incisive. Couldn’t agree more, you didn’t happen to get the price of that dress did you ?

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  2. Ananya says:

    I find your blogs really interesting. Congratulations!

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  3. Ananya says:

    Haha I m glad if it did:)

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