Does The Media Annoy You Too?

Are London 2017 World Championships the end of an era for athletics in Britain?

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12 Responses to Does The Media Annoy You Too?

  1. superwifeandmummy says:

    Before I even finished reading the post – YES!


  2. Ross Kelly says:

    Sadly these type of headlines are indicative of the British press; Perpetual pessimism and any chance to moan.

    Agreed however, in Scotland particularly it’s even worse. No ambition or desire to talk up Scottish sport or the country in general. All grievance mongering from top to bottom.

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    • Thank you for your comment, I am surprised that Scotland is like that as they seem far ahead of England on most everything else. As a fan of Andy Murray I think he has had the worst press generally. But yes it is a sad fact that British press love to pull people down.

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  3. Yes, we mentioned it more than once. However, we also noted that the British athletes seemed to have been coached in what to say in interviews. Maybe a more professional attitude to PR will eventually bring better coverage. Getting rid of Paula Radcliffe would also improve the quality of coverage.


  4. marisselee says:

    They do and that is why I hardly watch or read news lol…I do not know why they think people will read the story more if they present it in a negative manner. I do not understand why they always have to sensationalize everything.

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