Me, Chickens, Women and Pheromones  

I was raised on a farm and I guess that never leaves you. I’ve always had a little farming Gollum on my shoulder whispering in my ear and telling me that I should be a farmer.

On The Straw

One of the obstacles I encountered was that all the women I have known were not really farming gals. Ooops there goes the blame gene in me. Of course it wasn’t their fault I’ve never had that ‘Farmer’ pheromone about me. In the seventies and eighties I preferred Paco Rabanne, in the nineties Calvin Klein’s Obsession, now I prefer Dior’s Sauvage to the smell of Cow dung. Coupled with a certain lifestyle I wasn’t exactly attracting potential farmers wives. Any-a-ways back to farming. I always wanted chickens and I nearly bought some a few years ago. I was told by the princess bride.’ If you want chickens buy some.’ This was a first; all the other princess’ gave me that look, you know the one.Michelle not happy



So the search was on for chickens. While I was researching the difference between a Leghorn and a Marsh Daisy I unfortunately visited a friends house who had chickens. Apparently they have to be moved around as they are not good for the lawn.

Chickens  Helen Lynne Wright Holmes@Pinterest

Now this changed things slightly, you are probably starting to realise the farming ‘Force’ was not ‘Strong’ in me. And so, in typical Charlie style the chicken pheromone seemed to dissipate much to the relief of said bride. Then a few weeks ago it was ignited with a present, not to me but to aforementioned bride. Yay it was a chicken.

Solar-Garden-Hen-with-Head-Up-AWe loved this so much that we decided on a herd? Is that right? Maybe its a flock, so with the help of my farming wife and Aldi Stores I now have my chickens, I have retained that Dior Sauvage pheromone and Animal Rights can rest assured they are not ‘battery’ hens. They are Solar 🙂

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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15 Responses to Me, Chickens, Women and Pheromones  

  1. superwifeandmummy says:

    The farming force was not strong! 😂 fantastic

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  2. Carolyn Page says:

    Giggle, giggle! Smiling a lot with this, Charlie. I wasn’t raised on a farm; but, had farming Grandparents. The best times of my youth were on that farm watching the chooks (Aussie for chickens) and the cows. My parents had chooks, too. I loved them!
    As for your chooks; what a great compromise. And, they even light up the night. Great… 🙂

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  3. That last line about “battery hens” and “solar hens” had me cracking up. That’s frankly the story of our lives today. I found this interesting.

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  4. Now that’s a funny story!! I have friends that own farms here in Arkansas and they complain about the women here too. He tried Farmers and said it was a nightmare. I guess the great looking women are laying on the beaches somewhere… LOL!!

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  6. Ellen Hawley says:

    Those eggs must be hard to eat.

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  7. The easy sort of chicken..I like it! Now for little model kids you can dot around your back yard!

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