A Filipino Nurse

General Photos - Philippineshttps://www.adb.org                                                 Here’s a tale for you. This is Lucy, there’s no photo and Lucy isn’t her real name, because I don’t want her to get sacked. Lucy was born in the Philippines, having graduated from University in 1987 she then trained and worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Singapore, eventually returning to Saudi Arabia she left in 2001. Working back in the Philippines as a private nurse she answered a job advert for nurses in the UK in 2003. There were over one thousand applicants and after stringent tests and exams twenty six were accepted, Lucy was one of them.

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Lucy was told that she would have to complete six months work in a Care Home and then she would be able to get a PIN number that would allow her to register and eventually work as a nurse in the UK (basically topping up her qualifications) After twelve months and several inquiries she was eventually told that the company had no money to put her through the qualification. She was contracted to thirty two hours, but as she lived in there were constant requests to ‘help out.’ In actual fact she often worked twelve hours a day. The fridge was chained and padlocked and she wasn’t allowed out. The only food her and her friends were able to eat was the food not locked in the fridge. This was 2003/4 dark days for residents of Private Health Care Homes, but as I have discovered contrary to Media reports they were dark days for the employees too.

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The manager told the Filipino girls on several occasions that she hadn’t asked for Filipino staff and didn’t know why they were there, she came across as a racist. The deputy manager told Lucy never to allow herself to be in the office alone with the manager. A male nurse from Pakistan who had been singled out because of his ethnicity was interviewed alone. After the meeting the manager scratched her own arm and accused the chap of attacking her which resulted in his dismissal. Lucy realised that she could take walks in the park that the residents used and by discreetly questioning visiting family members she discovered which bus took her into town. In this way she managed to get to the Citizens Advice Bureau, with help from them and sheer determination she eventually secured a transfer to Scotland where she has lived and worked as a live in carer for the past eight years. She is currently caring for my wife’s mother and this is how I heard her story. It appears to me that agencies that advertise abroad and offer dubious contracts (to say the least) are actually committing a form of people trafficking.

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7 Responses to A Filipino Nurse

  1. superwifeandmummy says:

    Things like this happen constantly on Cyprus. There’s an enormous population of Philipino carers and they’re treated terribly. It’s very sad. I’m glad she’s happy with your mother in law now.


  2. superwifeandmummy says:

    *in Cyprus

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  3. Apart from mother-law is a cantankerous 92 year-old she seems happy 😀.
    I spent a couple of days chatting with her the post was only half of it, but long blogs kind of get lost in the universe of WordPress. Thanks for reading and commenting 😀


  4. That is shocking Charlie, it humbles me how much inner strength people like this nurse have and I’m ashamed that I’m a citizen of a country in which people are treated so appallingly.

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  5. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


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