Beverley Folk Festival


The day could not have been better and the venue was perfect, BeverleyRacecourse on the Westwood Pastures is never better than when it is basking in the sunshine. It was a slow start early in the morning but even the small crowds were appreciative.
IMG_3615When I set out yesterday morning for The Beverley Folk Festival I had earmarked three acts to see, little did I know what wonders awaited me. I think I should explain here that I am not a Folk Music aficionado, but I had checked out some bands from the Beverley Folk Festival website and was looking forward to seeing them. As you can see from the picture above I was very early and although not a ‘Folky’ I am ‘Foody’ so imagine my delight when I saw:   (Let’s not tell Mr Trump) IMG_3618

I don’t have space here to list all the food venues, but there were three very charming Scottish chaps selling Risotto, lots of Crepes, Greek delicacies, Spanish Pulled Pork and bearing in mind this was East Yorkshire good old Fish and Chips. Local cafe people supplied tea and cake and there was the Beer. Lots of interesting stalls for a family day out but this one caught my eye:


This guy makes flutes from Bamboo and in conjunction with a Saxophone mouth piece you can create the sound of a real Saxophone, it’s pity he was such a miserable sod or I could have told you even more.

On to the music, there were a multitude of great bands there, but I am going to pick out my three favorites. I can recommend the Beverley Festival web site where you can check out the other acts on there, you won’t regret it.

The first act I really wanted to see was Kelly Oliver a Yorkshire lass with a huge talent.

IMG_3622Sorry, Kelly my iPod doesn’t take great pictures. Bob Harris has described her as, ‘a vital voice in British Folk music.’ You had to be driving around 1980’s Britain in the early hours to know who Bob Harris is, or be a fan of the Old Grey Whistle Test. Kelly is a wonderful singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonicist and performed a great set.

The next act I hadn’t earmarked to watch. I was heading off to see another band when they started setting up. When I see someone bring five or so guitars on stage for one man you get my attention. Jonas and Jane


They are top notch especially if you love guitars as much as I do. As Americans from Guildford their Bluegrass influence on folk is brilliant, their voices complement each other and Charlie’s finger-picking is wonderful.

My final band was the last act I saw. I had picked Underhill Rose out as my real treat some months ago.


First of all buy the Live album, you will not be disappointed, even better go and see them before the go home. Yes more Americans from North and South Carolina, their combination of Folk, Country and Bluegrass is amazing. Now that’s twice I mentioned Bluegrass, so that must be the attraction. To all the other bands I saw, the organizers and volunteers; thank you for a memorable day and see you next year. X


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  1. This is great 👍.

    My paternal grandfather was born near Beverley so this is like getting in touch with my roots. 🙂

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