Hang That Wallpaper

I’m told DIY is a British thing, but I think that is probably a throwback to the Empire. That we do everything better than good old ‘Johnny Foreigner’. Thankfully that culture is fading (ignoring Brexit of course). A few weeks ago I had to hang wallpaper. Notice the words ‘had to.’ This was by royal command of her that shall not be disobeyed, yup, Princess bride wife. I realised after all these years that I spend a lot of time setting up. Consequently I had a brain wave. I would set everything up the night before. You are probably thinking, gee, (or golly gum drops if you are still in the British Empire) this guy has taken over forty years to work that out? I need to point out that in my long life I have occasionally been called ‘cute’ but never clever 🙂

Today I thought I would share a few tips for the uninitiated on getting that wallpaper on that wall with easiest possible effort. The set up.


I had it all ready to go. Pasting board, cheap, as you can see, but it has lasted fifteen years (this gives you a clue to how much wallpaper I have hung). You then need scissors which can also be used for dressmaking? (I’m trying to save you money here). A sponge, this one I borrowed from the bathroom (she’ll never know). A pasting brush, now they were expensive so I bought a fence brush, it looked the same, but it was half the price. As a carpenter I had a six foot level but you could use a plumb bob (it’s a piece of string with a weight on it). A bucket and stirrer, a tape and a pencil. I even prepared the wallpaper.


If you have never hung wallpaper before you may wonder at all the wonderful tools above. So here is a small explanation. Long scissors make it easier to cut and great for dressmaking afterwards. A six foot level is terribly important as it is going to give you a line to work to when you hang the first sheet. I believe that the tape and bucket you can guess, but if you are as cute as me then you’ve probably got no idea, so the bucket is for the wallpaper paste. Although my Dad swore by flour and water. We Yorkshire folk have a reputation of being frugal (that’s tight in an other culture). The tape? well actually you don’t really need one I put it there for effect.

Now don’t be frightened of pasting more than one sheet at a time, it’s quicker to paste a sheet, fold it with the pasted sides together and then do another. That way you aren’t stood around waiting for the paste to seep into the paper. Put plenty of paste on, it really helps you to position the paper once it’s on the wall. I managed both rooms in about four hours and was a hero for about…. half a day. Princess, bride wife is a hard please. Good luck.

Oh! The beds are from IKEA, but I’m doing interior design next week 😉



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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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5 Responses to Hang That Wallpaper

  1. psiberite says:

    Interesting write up on a very trivial topic. You bring out the essence of it so well. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  2. -Eugenia says:

    Well done and thank you for the follow.

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  3. Ben Bennetts says:

    Now, here’s a tip. Just after my wife and I married way back in 1964, my wife decided to brighten up our place with some wallpaper. At the time I was preoccupied with something else and was not too keen on acquiring home decorating skills so I screwed up wallpapering (and later, house painting). There were bubbles behind the wallpaper and, later, runs in the paint. As a result, I have never been allowed to perform either task for over fifty years. I’m happy with that!

    Similarly, when we acquired a small garden, I made sure I never differentiated between a weed and a non-weed. Consequently, I’m not allowed to do any gardening duties other than empty the bag of garden waste. I’m happy with that, too!

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