Wind of Change

So here I am after a huge gap in posts, but I have read some of yours so not entirely remiss. There are reasons (really). New job, new house in a new area and all the facilitation that comes with it. I am in Beverley, yes back in God’s own county of East Yorkshire.


Now this brings me onto the subject of change management. If you read my Linkedin profile I have been quantified (wrong word but who cares) for this, so I am apparently very good at it. But not as good as I think.

The first thing I feel you should never do within a changed environment  is to compare. Which I immediately did. I compared my old job with the new one, that was a big mistake as I loved the old job. Then I compared the new staff with my old colleagues, mistake number two, as I loved my old colleagues.

By the way I’m not sharing this onto Linkedin. 🙂

My first few months in said new job were horrendous it appeared everyone was out to get me and coupled with the specter of OFSTED that haunts FE constantly, life was desperate. The only answer was to take a step back and regroup. So now things are great I hear you all say. Well, no, not really but life is easier.  At least I feel I can share the experience. I don’t believe that, it just sounds good. I am one of those people that believe a problem shared is not a problem halved. It’s just a problem that other people now know about. But that is me, loads of people think differently and I respect that. (See how teacher boy got some E&D in there)


But, yay, Beverley is fantastic, ten minutes walk to the theatre, five minutes’ walk to the gym and a huge room of my own to write in. Hence the first post in ages. I promise the next one will be full of fun and enlightenment, well mildly humorous at worst. Happy holidays everyone.

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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  1. Yikes! I start a new job on Wednesday.

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