Not the best journey, Banos to Quito

This a fascinating insight into bus travel 🙂

Sandra & Stuart Wander the World

IMG_2244Well, I’m not going to lie.  Since my last blog we have spent a few days in Quito, then we went to the beach, and have returned to Quito.  Before leaving for the beach, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say about Quito but have realised that some of it was probably due to an incident on our bus from Banos to Quito which left us feeling a bit dispondent about what the city was going to hold.

We decided to do a day bus journey, they are said to be safer here than a night bus due to theft.  Our journey started of fine and we were happy to be heading towards a city again.  The bus was okay, they don’t really seem to have the touristy ones here (or not that we have seen) like in Peru.  So we headed off with us, a Chinese girl…

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