Supporting the 25% ‘ers

25% er

The last few weeks in FE can be, dare I say, a little stressful. Although that can depend on your attitude towards the less capable of your students and the poor attendees. We are now at that stage where we are running out of time with the above students and so 1-1’s and extra lessons are paramount to their success and indeed our success. Personally I like to concentrate on their success, in industry I always maintained that you didn’t need a monetary plan for success. If you did a good job, looked after your customers interests and had some integrity you would succeed and hence make money. I apply the same thesis to teaching, let them know that you are there for them and it is their success that is important.

Goodbye Mr Chips

Last week one of my less capable students had an exam. The appointment stated he had a reader and 25% extra time. This gave me cause for reflection. If a student requires 25% extra time to complete an exam why doesn’t same student have 25% extra time in practical/theory lessons? You could say that compensation week is just that, but it’s not. Compensation week is a week tagged on at the end whereas 25% of all practical/theory lessons is 81 hours. You could say that it is the students responsibility to do extra studying in their own time to compensate. You could say that; if you had never had any contact with these students. In reality it can be a challenging task to get them to study during class time. You could say that it is the teachers responsibility to identify extra needs and then instigate extra teaching time. But, there are only so many teaching hours in a day and even the best FS maths teacher hasn’t found a way to fit a pint into a half pint glass.

What I am suggesting here would be difficult but, there could be ways around it. We have found ways to include directed study/enrichment/tutorials and employability, which are responsible for 144 hours or 25% of my entire course.

So, my question is: If we give students that struggle with the subject matter 25% extra time to complete an exam why don’t we give them 25% extra time to learn the subject matter in the first place?

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9 Responses to Supporting the 25% ‘ers

  1. myfethoughts says:

    Great post! Such a valid point Charlie and on that needs seriously looking into.

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  2. myfethoughts says:

    Sorry missed the ‘e’. I meant ‘one.


  3. thefeatheredsleep says:

    The USA lags behind other countries in student performance for two reasons; Students are now ‘ customers’ to be kept happy and professors have no real power, over paid administrative departments run University like a business and High School is Daycare without penalty for inertia, cheating etc. Secondly, we don’t ask students to think, we ask them to learn by rote. There is no depth to what they learn, they do not want to learn they want a 4.4 GPA and a free pass. Accountability, critical thinking, and less free passes. Of and get rid of the business model and bring back quality teachers not over paid admin.

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  4. Thank you for your input, I think we too hide a business behind the learning banner at times, because of government cuts no-one is turned away and everyone gets to pass because each student is worth £4000. Some students know this and so use the system.


  5. lbeth1950 says:

    We are not all the same. Anything about reading was easy for me was easy, but language and math gave me struggle.

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    • Yes a lot of my lads struggle with the maths, but as far as English is concerned most of them just don’t want to do it, but once they are engaged they do try. I guess that’s all we can do is keep trying. Thank you so much for commenting.


  6. I think that’s a great idea, and I think they do it in some countries too – FInland, SIngapore. In private schools, if a rich kid is falling behind, they assign a tutor to make sure the kid makes the grade – otherwise the parents are pissed off. So if rich kids, why not poor kids or in fact all kids?

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