Has Teaching Changed?

No, goodbye. OK I can expand. When I was a kid at school there were good teachers who were intent on expanding my mind, challenging me and generally making my educational experience a great one. Well to be honest there was two; Jenny Dewhurst, English teacher. She had a passion for literature and a talent for infecting you (sorry Miss Dewhurst not a great verb) Mr Little, Music teacher. He introduced me to classical music and the guitar (still playing the guitar Mr Little but not really your taste 😉 Again that man was passionate about the subject.
The rest of them went through the
motions good old talk and chalk. I need to make two points here. 1. I think people forget that teachers are human. Some are passionate about their job and some just do it. Some are lazy and some are hard working and some are just ordinary people trying to make a living the best way that they can. 2. Mr Gove wants ordinary schools to aspire to Public schools. That’s great, but first of all Mr Gove give us £6000 plus, per student per term and a society where a mother doesn’t have to get up at 5am to go and work in Asda (other brands are available) for minimum wage because she is the only parent. The father isn’t an alcoholic, in prison, dead or just plain absent, because there is a restraining order on him. Give us an education system that doesn’t change every time we get a new government and we’ll see what we can do.


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8 Responses to Has Teaching Changed?

  1. Society has been slowly screwed by successive governments, what we have is the result, unpleasant.



  2. Ralph says:

    Hello Charlie 😀 Off topic but I just had to pop in and say hello. Somehow we lost touch, but due to your visit and Like I just had to come here. I hope you are enjoying blogging as much as I am. Have a lovely Easter. Ralph 😀


  3. Carolyn Page says:

    Your point regarding teachers being human is so valid – some enjoy their work, and some don’t.
    I too remember 2 great teachers. One an English teacher (she was so passionate about her work she was infectious). The other was a primary grade teacher – grade 4. She not only was a great teacher, she was a great human being.


  4. Last year I studied to be a teacher aide. I haven’t pursued the profession mainly because its hard to get enough hours to survive on the pay. I did the course because I had a bee in my bonnet abt children slipping through the ever expanding cracks in the system. My observation was that some teacher plan months ahead, other 2 minutes ahead of a class. Some came to school everyday saying they didn’t feel like being there and I would think to myself well maybe you shouldn’t be here then! Children need enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring teachers. How do you lift staff morale? When I went to school the children with special needs went to special schools. Now these children are put into mainstream schools. The Govt of course tells everyone that it’s better for the child. But in reality it cost less because instead of having two staff to 4 children, there is one teacher and, if you’re lucky, 1 teacher aide to 25 children. The teacher is expected to be an expert in teaching children with ADHD, autism, intellectual disabilities as well as coping with children with problem due to broken homes. Then they’re required to follow a curriculum that is too fast paced and leaves many children behind. No time for revision or special attention to those that need it. Now we have a Liberal govt that’s closing schools and cutting funding. Of course the private schools don’t get their funding cut. Why can’t govts world wide see that there is value in spending money on education. it leads to stronger economies and hopefully happier societies. As for my own education, I had some great teachers who showed an interest in me. I also had some shockers who would call students stupid among other things. Teachers play an enormous part in moulding a child’s personality and confidence. The ones without children’s interested at heart need to be weeded out.


    • Some great points there, ones I didn’t cover. Even in FE where the majority of my students are Level 3 (18-19) I still have students with ADHD and general learning disabilities. 16 in one class with no teaching assistant or technician. My only way around it is to tell them be the best they can be and its not a competition. We muster through, but you are so right in what you say. Thanks for commenting Pandora. Oh and teaching assistants are so under paid and under valued, another problem with our society. Very similar to Care Workers.


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