Boadicea; my arse.


I haven’t posted for a while, new job and a family development that has kept me quite busy. It was a lovely comment from that woke the sleeping giant munchkin.

I’m not a journalist, as you can all tell, so maybe I don’t have the right to comment, but really; some of the rubbish that has been written about Thatcher is unbelievable. Number 1 in the Hit Parade has to be “Tories come to praise their Boadicea in Pearls.” This, courtesy of the right wing Telegraph.


Boadicea was a Queen who led a revolt against an invading superpower that had raised crippling taxes, stole land and property and raped the Queen and her daughters.

Thatcher was a politician who raised taxes and gave financiers the freedom to rape a country and bring it to its knees 30 years later. Her fans say she changed Britain this is true, we don’t have a decent apprenticeship scheme, decent council housing, or community spirit anymore.  Far from resisting a superpower she actually jumped into bed with one. Not physically of course, could you imagine the spawn of Thatcher and Reagan? Surely even Ridley Scott would be tempted back for an ‘Alien’ remake of that species.


I’m not celebrating her death, and I’m not getting embroiled in the same arguments all over again, after all the good people of Britain gave her a mandate, did they not. As I warned at the last election, ‘Careful what you wish/vote for’. I just felt that the comparison was wrong. Although, I guess you could call Boadicea the first female euro sceptic which is something they did have in common. As for the true Thatcher spawn; Mark Thatcher is famous for getting lost on a rally, pleading guilty to organising a coup in a foreign country and accused of operating a loan shark company. Still he’s managed to amass a fortune and become a knight of the realm. Apples don’t fall far from the tree 😉

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9 Responses to Boadicea; my arse.

  1. patriciaddrury says:

    Welcome back my friend


  2. Dude… from the title of your post I thought you’d be more angry than ‘reasonable – toned’!!! Welcome back. And whatever people say about Thatchette -YOU’RE absolutely Boadiceaous 🙂


  3. Kind of like when the Devil’s spawn R M Nixon died – he was all of a sudden a ‘good’ guy….. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh


  4. Hi Charlie, good to have you back! And couldn’t agree more about Thatcher. That was a bizarre week, that was.


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