Life, What If ?


It’s been a while since I posted, I won’t bother with an excuse because at times, we all suffer from it; ‘the facilitation of life’. I love that saying as it sums up committment. But surely writing is a committment? It is, but for me writing is a committment that I enjoy so, as always, the things I enjoy get put on the back-burner for things I feel I must do so that I can do the things I enjoy. I do all the things I feel I have to do to make time for the things I want to do. Then I don’t have time to do the things I want to do.

This is why when I was younger I travelled a lot. When you are travelling (or bumming around as I am told it really is) you don’t have any committment. You don’t plan to sit in bar until 3am speaking really bad French to some equally inebriated Frenchmen, nor do you plan to sit on the beach all day playing a guitar. You don’t plan to have tantric sex for three days with a woman 10 years older than yourself.You don’t plan to sit on a beach all night with an Australian kid while he points out just about every constellation in the sky and discuss the origins of the planet, the Mayans, the Incas and Van Daniken.

Beach GuitarYou have your palm read by a strange American guy who tells you stuff even you had forgotten about yourself and disappears one night just as mysteriously as he appeared. All these things just happen. Well, apart from the Tantric sex thing, that’s just wishful thinking of a hormonal eighteen year old.

I wonder if the world would be a different place if all youngsters were sent off travelling by their guardians. Imagine if Richard the Lionheart had been backpacking and had got smashed with Saladin in a grotty little bar. There was twenty years difference in their ages but Dicky might have seen Sal as a mentor rather than an enemy. Or even better, if President Barack Obama had sat under the stars drinking Bud with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when they ‘lads’. Imagine the craick they would have in the UN these days. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?Dicky and SalObama and Mousch








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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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20 Responses to Life, What If ?

  1. I wish I had done the same, Chas….Now I must wait to do these things until the children have gone off to college…


  2. I’ve often thought that too, that if people got together in some informal way for a chat and a drink, lots of problems could be resolved. Though I had in mind more of a ‘locked in a dungeon together’ approach. Pity about the tantric sex though.


  3. Always envied Sting ha. I think it’s just us mere mortals that don’t want wars, trouble is we are the ones that have to fight them, thanks 😉


  4. Excellent ~ Saladin and Richard, eh? I love it – I was not a Richard fan until I read “Lionheart” by Sharon K Penman…but I’ve always been fond of Salah-ah-Din… and his numerous name variations…


  5. workhardplayhard1 says:

    I must say CharlieBoy it made me smile.


  6. Nothing like getting out on your own to get a feel for your real self.


  7. afirestone1377 says:

    Funny! And very true. Traveling should be one of the things you “have” to do! 😉


  8. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking a couple of quips. I appreciate your support. Did plenty of traveling when I was young too, compliments of the U.S. Navy.


  9. H. Stern says:

    Too poor to do it as a kid, myself. Might do a bit of it WITH the kids and the husband… still, there’s a romance to doing things like that when you’re young and stupid enough to think that it’s safe to sleep on the beach, and you’re just lucky enough to live to tell the tale!


    • Maybe it was safer back then, esp in Spain as the Guardia used to patrol all night, although they were more interested in ensuring we were awake and off the beach before the tourists arrived ha 😉


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