Time and Age, Where Does It Go?

Everyone says time passes a lot faster as you get older, but does it?

I can’t remember how quickly time passed when I was a kid. If it passed slower back then, was it because I was less busy? I always seemed busy. Time does seem to pass rather quickly today if I am busy or not, so maybe they are right. But, why?

I heard this bloke on the radio some time back who had a theory. Basically, he was saying that time passed much more slowly when you were a child because you lived in the moment. Whereas as an adult will plan days, weeks, months and often years ahead and so ‘the moment’ is shorter, I suppose that this makes sense.

When I am on holiday the days go slow but the whole holiday seems to pass quickly. Television has to be part of the problem, surely? When I was a kid on the farm I played outside all day. This usually ended up with me rescuing an imaginary girlfriend from the Indians, they always tied her to the same tree so I didn’t need Poirot to find her. Freud would love that one wouldn’t he?

The ideas for these games all came from books, in my family you read every night or you were read to. On the day the television arrived I was called in to watch, after about five minutes the novelty wore off and I was back outside. Skip six years and I was hooked, Man From Uncle, Laramie, The Last of the Mohicans, Champion the Wonder horse, Flicka and the list goes on. Your day became less of a day and more of a space in time you had to get through until your favourite TV programme came on.

I just hope it all slows down again when I retire, maybe I’ll buy a tricycle and tie Mrs Countryboy to a tree 😉


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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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40 Responses to Time and Age, Where Does It Go?

  1. jessmittens says:

    I heard a theory from a science guy that it’s because when you’re a kid you have more milestones, more reasons to make memories, whereas now we’re older a lot of our days are the same and we don’t have nearly so many milestones – we can already talk, read, ride bikes, make friends, know our old ones, see things for the first time etc etc.

    Either way, time passes so quickly for me these days.
    Television certainly does speed up the day.

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  2. buddyhell says:

    I remember distances being much greater when I was a kid. The walk from my grandparents place to the bus stop on Muirhead Avenue (Liverpool) took ages when I was 6. I walked it when I was in my 30s and was surprised how short it was.

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  3. pjamespat says:

    Yes those adult requirements sure speed up the months. The utility bill, the house note, insurance all seem to make the mailbox a sort of clock of monthly time. Just as fast as you pay it, an new envelope arrives.

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  4. Bunk Strutts says:

    The passing of time is perceived differently depending on age. One year for a 10 year old = 1/10th of his life (or 1/8th if you ignore the first two years of development). One year for a 50 year old = 1/50th of his lifetime, so the perception of a year is compressed as one ages. At least that’s my take on it.

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  5. Doesn’t make sense to me. As children we spend lots of time sleeping and being compelled to nap after seemingly every meal and spurt of exertion. I would have thought time went faster then, because there’d simply be so much to absorb when we were NOT asleep! As blurry-eyed, insomniac, caffeine-veined, blaze, bored, beentheredonethat adults, on the other hand, time should go much slower and stretch on endlessly… And yet it’s not the case!

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  6. Just don’t leave it till you have Alzheimers and forget which tree you tied her to. I just lay on my mum’s back porch today and looked at the sky and smelled the blossoms…I remembered what I liked about life, just then.

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  7. pjamespat says:

    Hey Charlie, congrats on your nomination! You rock dude.


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  8. Ralph says:

    Hey Charlie. Thanks for your visit. Now I am asking for advanced tickets to your post of when you “buy a tricycle and tie Mrs Countryboy to a tree”. This one I have got to see ! Have a great weekend Charlie. Ralph

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  9. decadetoys says:

    Tie the wife to a tree? This conversation took an odd twist. Have a good weekend Charlie

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  10. This one made me laugh, Charlie. Time seems to go impossibly fast for us. I wonder when it will slow down….

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  11. I think the idea that children live in the moment is so true. I wonder if any adult can possibly just live in the moment. I’m a time management freak so every hour and minute has to count – crazy!

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  12. to a one year old a month is one twelfth of a lifetime and to a fifty year old a month is one 600th of a lifetime so a fifty year old may very well perceive time differently than a one year old

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  13. patriciaddrury says:

    Love your writing Charlie! Read a few tales and I will be back. That tree… I remember that tree! We played hide and seek with that tree, and it was always a great hiding place, even though it was in the middle of the neighborhood.

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  14. It just seems a few weeks ago that I was complaining about all the Xmassy music, and now they’re playing it again…. Damn, that was a quick one!


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  15. 1EarthUnited says:

    Regarding the phenomenon we’ve all experienced, Einstein said it best: “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours — that’s relativity.”

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  16. marisselee says:

    Tricycle is a common mode of transportation in the Philippines…in other countries, you can find its cousins but called in different names. I do not like tricycle – I think it was not designed for comfort. But there are new designs coming out now that look more like Tuk-Tuk.

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  17. Cherryl says:

    I think the trendy term ‘mindfulness’ is all about living in the moment, soaking up the sounds and feelings of the present ( I went on a related workshop a couple of years back); it made a lot of sense to me because when you stop to appreciate small things (like the sound of the birds, warmth of the sun on your skin or the smile on someone’s face when you cheer them up), you get a lot more joy out of your day and create more memories to reflect back on – so time doesn’t seem to go as quickly 🔆

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