Why Hate Chris Moyles, or Anyone?

So Chris Moyles‘ last Radio show this morning, sadly there will people who are very happy about that. I say sadly because I find it disappointing that in 2012 we still have people in this country ( the world even) with such a great capacity to hate. Now if you are not from Great Britain you may be thinking oh my lord who’eth be this Christopher Moyles? Forsooth he has not been heralded in our own fair land?

He is a radio presenter/ DJ from the north of England who has worked on the Radio 1 Breakfast show since 2004 with an audience of around eight million. I am not going to list all his achievements, but the show has raised over ten million pounds for Children in Need, culminating in Chris going up Mount Kilimanjaro two years ago for the same charity. You could say, ‘So what?’

My point is; some people hate him, my concern and disappointment is; why hate him? Why in this country are there so many people who love to see a decent person who has a talent, fail? Yes, I am including you, the hate inducing news papers of this once fair land. Well I say ‘fair’ but I’m not sure when that was? I was told once that King Richard the Lionheart slaughtered more Jews per capita than Hitler when he crossed Europe to go to the Crusades? Any historians out there verify that?Anyway I digress, When the Spice Girls were at the height of their career they were
the biggest export this country had, people hated them. Why? They were five
young girls making money and having a laugh.

I don’t like One Direction, not my taste, so I don’t listen to them. I respect them though, they are a talented bunch of kids, enjoying themselves making music and money.

In America they seem to applaud success they treat successful people with the respect they deserve. It’s time we learned respect in this country and realised it’s called Great Britain. Ok, I know the Great bit comes from going around the world kicking the s*** out of everything that got in our way, but it’s time to move on. I was hoping after the Olympics we would see some change but the slatings I have seen Chris Moyles getting today on his last day is quite disgusting. Rant Over, I thankyou, XXX

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20 Responses to Why Hate Chris Moyles, or Anyone?

  1. It’s like here in Australia – the public and media like someone for a little while, but as soon as they either make a mistake or are getting ‘too famous’ then they get torn down. America seems to enjoy their famous people for their entire careers so long as they remain nice, happy people.


    • Hi Jessica thanks for that,must be the Brit genes? How awful. Was going to nominate you for that Lovely Blog thingy but WordPress said you didn’t exist anymore; all day? To think we only exist as long as WordPress allows. Now that could be a creepy post for you.LOL


      • Oh wow thank you for that! How strange. It was playing up all the last couple of days until a sign came up on my screen saying it was going through ‘maintenance’ so it was either wordpress doing normal upgrades or someone has decided that they want to hack my blog haha, it’s been okay ever since.
        Someone who I’ve been trying to click on says that they don’t exist either, that they’ve deleted their blog. Hopefully wordpress fixes itself soon.

        It must be the British genes – you guys passed us your hate for the successful! I’m sure by accident 🙂


  2. pjamespat says:

    Hey Charlie, as an American,I can assure you we have our share of hate. We might love our celebrities, but we hate each other! Just look at the poison we spew about each other over political preference. Its sad that we love the fake and the plastic (famous people), and hate the real and the tangible (our neighbors)…. I do not confide this in too many people, but I secretly loved the spice girls back then.
    Leave you with a quote from Morrissey: “We hate it when our friends become successful, and if they are gorgeous, that makes it even worse”


    • God love Morrisey…..you sure you’re an American, never thought of the Smiths in America, but there again I suppose you have Leonard Cohen ha. Thanks for the input 😉


      • pjamespat says:

        I grew up on British Music. Other than REM,(whom I love) all of my faves were from across the pond. The Smiths, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, New Order, Joy Division, James, The Clash, Stone Roses, and the list goes on and on and on…. I am a music nut! In my high school/college band, we pretended we were a British band! hahaha.
        Hendrix was American though! Even though he was based out of London.


      • I can’t argue with any of those, only add a few but then so could you I guess 😉 Saw REM in Huddersfield 1995 probably best musical experience I ever had 🙂


  3. pjamespat says:

    REM, 1988, William and Mary hall, My first concert as a teenager. Nothing has topped the experience for me yet, Bowie came close in 93′ but then again it was Bowie. Also U2 at the Superdome many years ago, that came close too. On a side note, I saw Morissey in Atlanta in 2000, it was pretty good, but he thinks he is better than everyone, go figure, its Morissey. Shame I never had the chance to see the Smiths. We have much more in common than I originally thought, God bless the internet, bringing folks together.


  4. grandmalin says:

    I think when we have a strong opinion about something we also feel the need to back it up with like opinions from others – so we go a bit overboard trying to convince everyone we’re right. With extreme words like “hate” and “love”. Except for Canadians – we tend to be more smug and quiet with our opinions generally. We like to blame everything on the Americans, but mostly behind their backs. (Don’t you HATE that?) lol Awesome post. 🙂


    • Thankyou and you make a good point, I guess love is used as much as hate, I’ll do a real grump of a post on the overuse of love.. ha. Yes I worked with a Canadian for 11 years on site, he was really cool, Mousse, we called him. Used to crack me up with his sayings. It’s easy to blame the Americans because it’s their government that’s getting involved trying to help and if they didn’t; the world would be saying why don’t the Americans help? Damn if ya do and damn if ya don’t 😉


  5. pjamespat says:

    Nice chatting about the good ole days. Have a good weekend my friend.


  6. Seems like chris Moyles is on the side of Good, why hate him! Or, as you say, anyone – though I might make an exception for Rush Limbaugh. On the other hand, I have too much living to do to bother spending time hating people, even him.


  7. My son would say, “Haters gotta hate.”
    I think he’s trying to say that hate is all some have to offer. I say jealousy is an ugly emotion. Unless you are hating on Limbaugh. That’s just rational cognitive response. 🙂


  8. It’s low self esteem that does it, and Twitter that disseminates it…hard, really. I think people forget when someone is famous they they’re still a person.


    • Yes, I think your right the amount of hate aimed at the Tories on Twitter is phenomenal and from so called intellectuals. They’re not my favourite party ha to say the least but it doen’t set a good example. Thanks for the input Kate 😉


  9. Denise Hisey says:

    Speaking from America here, I can vouch we have our share of hate going around, too! There doesn’t seem to be any logic of who to love and who to hate with the media. (although good looks usually count for some extra points)


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