What’s Wrong With Obama? (Tongue in Cheek)

Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

I suppose I had better point out that I am English and not American. But, as we are all related and as a munchkin I watched every Western series and film ever made I feel a kind of kinship.
You see from over here Obama seems like a good guy, apart from the ‘Oil Wars’, but all western leaders are peeing in that pot. To be fair he did inherit them from GW and Blair.
His wife is funny and quite flirty in fact she reminds me of a young Oprah, I do like a bit of Oprah. I am talking The Colour Purple and The Great Debaters here, not the chat show as we don’t get the chat show anymore.
Anyway back to Obama, he seems like a very pleasant chap, but he is always getting a slating in the media.
When ever I see him he’s in a nice white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and having a bit of a laugh. I saw him singing to Al Green and thought that was cool but he even got a slating for that.

He comes from Kenya, which I think is phenomenal that a poor little Kenyan boy can become President of America. He’s written books about his life which I presume are rags to riches stories, I haven’t read them. He wants men on Mars by 2030s that’s not bad is it? Orson Wells did well out of Mars.

Then of course there is his Health Care Plan, isn’t it just great that everyone can access health care. And Barack Obama is the only person I know who got a Nobel Peace Prize for what he could be. Now surely that proves potential if nothing else.
Now you look at Romney and his coven, they make our Conservatives look like Angels of Mercy. If you are interested in more information on that I can suggest you read http://breezespeaks.wordpress.com/. A fantastic outlook on the Republicans.
Personally I really can’t see what is wrong with President Obama. πŸ˜‰

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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25 Responses to What’s Wrong With Obama? (Tongue in Cheek)

  1. twissblog says:

    It’s amazing, watching Mitt Romney–who seems like a decent guy under all that–trying to be as mean as he thinks he needs to be to fire up the Republican base


  2. pjamespat says:

    It is quite a bit more confusing over here!


    • Yeah I was trying to simplify it for you. No, seriously it all seems very confusing here, depending on, as always, which Media you choose to read. Thanks for calling by, your comments as always are gratefully received πŸ˜‰


  3. swellsbennett says:

    Goodness…don’t say he’s from Kenya! LOL Actually, he’s half-American, which makes him a U.S. citizen and eligible to hold the highest office in our country. I personally think he’s one of the smartest politicians we’ve had in the last fifty years…that’s probably why the Republicans don’t like him.


  4. Hey we are peeking over the fence and still have trouble figuring things out! Someone posted that Obama should go on TV and tell America not to eat yellow snow just so we could all watch Fox News scramble to try and explain how wrong he is and how yellow snow is actually good for you. And that sums up the media’s position in the race.


    • Thanks for reading, yes I get nearly all my info from Twitter/WordPress/BBC these days and they can be dubious on occasion. I didn’t see any real contender to President Obama right from the start of primaries πŸ˜‰


  5. pjamespat says:

    How true you are “backroad”. I love watching the media scramble to damn anything the President says, and then split hairs when someone points out it was a right wing idea first. The RWM trying to differentiate between Romneycare and Obamacare is just a joke. I am a music nut, and I recently compared this to The Cure “Disintegration. Its a great record, but the live version is better, my wife says ” whats the difference, its the same songs”. The red states just cover their ears and pretend. But the truth is, Romney is not their candidate, hes just all they have. At least the left actually believes in Obama. I think that means a lot. I think its sad when your choices are Barrack Obama, and anti-Obama. I’d be a little pissed if I was a conservative.
    I agree with you Charlie, he is a hell of a speaker!


  6. patriciaddrury says:

    Love your work and nominated you for One Lovely Blog award, I totally understand if you don’t want to β€˜do’ all the stuff involved. I just wanted to let you know! πŸ™‚


  7. pjamespat says:

    Congrats Charlie!


  8. Ginger Ray says:

    I am American and I don’t see anything wrong with Obama!! He did inherit a lot from GW, but some of the country want to forget that part. The republican and democratic leaders fight everything tooth and nail and don’t want to agree on anything it seems. It leaves us wondering “Why can’t we compromise and work out issues and be Americans – not just republican and democrat”. My two cents. :0)


    • pjamespat says:

      Nice point Ginger, Ill go a step further, we are so much more than Repubs or Dems, Christians or Muslims, Black or White. We as race are dead if we dont evolve beyond name calling! We Americans need to get along a little better too! A little hand holding from the right would be a good start instead of blatant division! I guess we can start with that before we build the Earth Starship bound for the stars! LOL!


    • It’s exactly the same here. One side says black so the other side says white without even thinking about it. Children.. ha. Thanks for calling by πŸ˜‰


      • pjamespat says:

        “One side says black so the other side says white without even thinking about it. Children..”
        Wow Charlie, was the Elbow reference intentional on that one?
        “The leaders of the free world are just little boys throwing stones”


      • Now I could make out that I am really clever and phylisophical here and say, of course. Or I could tell the truth and say no Elbow reference meant. πŸ˜‰


  9. pjamespat says:

    LOL, Enjoy your day my friend.


  10. President Obama is a good man who is trying to do the right thing for all American citizens. We need him to protect us from the party who would bust up unions to keep little people in their place, ruin the environment, and destroy our social safety net, rather than paying even the amount of taxes we were paying before George Bush took the budget surplus Bill Clinton hammered out, and handed most of it over to the rich, rather than buying down our gross national debt. (They also want to set women’s rights back a hundred years.) I hope the folks on the other side of the pond know that half of America respects and supports the president.


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