No Wonder They Don’t Vote


Dear Government
Why is this government so childish? This is not the Common Room at Eton, nor, is it a Banana Republic. This is Great Britain, the clue is in the name. Start treating its people with respect.
When David Cameron became Conservative Leader he said that he wanted an end to ‘Punch and Judy’ politics. Well, that didn’t last very long did it? Since then he has gained a reputation as a chauvinist, an ageist, and a childish prig.
But to be fair there are many MPs that act in unbelievable ways, when in the house and out of it come to that. They all sit there waving their bits of white paper shouting and being generally rude to one other. Surely the female MPs must think that their male colleagues are a complete bunch of tossers? Is this why we have so few female ministers?
Why don’t you tell the truth?
Why do you lie when you get found out?
Why don’t you listen?
Why don’t you learn from your mistakes?
How do you expect people to vote for you when you behave like schoolboys?
Answers on a postcard or in my comments box please 😉

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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7 Responses to No Wonder They Don’t Vote

  1. Look back five hundred years and their forebears were doing the same. Parliament and politics has always been like this, the honourable men few and far between.

    I wish one of those would come along now.


  2. Why would they act differently than all their colleagues and those that came before them? Oh wait – Kateshewsday said the same thing…


  3. PalomaSharma says:

    Ah, I see MPs are pretty much the same world over. Sigh. I wish they’d behave.

    But, the good news is that you just got nominated for the You Make My Day Award! 😀

    You can find the nomination here:


  4. Schoolboys are sweet? No really, in Australia we HAVE to vote. So we do. And ours are more like thugs than schoolboys.


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