You don’t get much more grass roots than this, politicians 😉

Maxine-Laurie Marshall

As September rolls around again I feel the urge to buy myself some new stationery and prepare for a year of lessons and homework despite the fact I finished my education three years ago at the University of Westminster. This year’s university freshers are facing disgustingly high tuition fees of £9000 a year and a comment on the ‘letters’ page of the i newspaper made me think about how much university is really worth.

Jane Scott Paul, chief executive of the Association of Accounting Technicians wrote in and said “Other routes into professions must be highlighted for school-leavers. In many cases, a non-graduate who obtains a high quality work-based qualification can be better off than a graduate.”

As a graduate with a 2:1 in journalism, I agree. I have over £20,000 worth of debt and I can honestly say, all of my career-based skills have come from my time on work…

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  1. pjamespat says:

    My degree is worthless, for me. History,and now I am a project manager in marine construction. Charlie I see we have a few things in common. I also am a musician and carpenter. Although I must admit, my woodworking days have turned into profit/loss spreadsheets, and my guitar playing nights have turned into looking at my classic guitars hanging on the wall in my study. Life is slower but I still love History, too bad I could not eat with that education.


    • I’m just about to get out of carpentry, sort of, start as carpentry lecturer after vacation. Thought of teaching yourself? Could run a small history class in evenings 😉


      • pjamespat says:

        Actually, I have learned in my many years, that I am not a good teacher. Its what I wanted to do when I was young, but I do not have the skills to keep the attention of youngsters. My grandfather was a woodworker, so I always had it in me to do carpentry, and I have a great career these days. Almost all of my projects are marine projects so I spend plenty of time on the water when Im not behind a desk, and thats just as good. I am still ravenous about history, it is a great hobby!


  2. Ralph says:

    Hey Charlie I have just visited/commented in Maxine’s blog. Thanks for the link. Ralph


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