Religion and Politics Hmmmm

Why is it that people say, “No politics and no religion”. The most interesting, controversial topics in the universe and they don’t want to talk about them. This comment is usually followed by, “They’re boring.”

I used to find golf on TV boring then I learned to play a little, learned the rules and now find it quite interesting. So is it because they don’t understand the subjects or is it because they know that we will probably end up fighting over the dinner table?

Some of the same people want religion taken out of school. Now I am strictly a non-believer, but what are they going to replace it with? There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids that murder and theft are wrong. The Jesus stories I was told when I was a nipper were really good, I didn’t become an extremist because of it.

What’s wrong with teaching small children all the nice things within religion, then when they get older they can choose if they carry on with it. After all, the only schools that will have their religious education removed are Protestant, you try to take it away from the Catholics, Muslims and Jews and see what happens.

Isn’t the Church of England supposed to be England’s national faith?

As for politics, the people who say they find politics boring, have no interest and don’t vote, make me laugh. Don’t they realise that by not voting they are voting with the majority?

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24 Responses to Religion and Politics Hmmmm

  1. I tend to only talk about those topics with my boyfriend and friends – people who I know are open minded, not embarrassed to admit if we’re wrong and not likely to get super worked up and angry, thus ruining any chance for a good, proper discussion. I think that’s a problem, the conversation always turns into an argument and so people just don’t bother.
    And I agree with religion in schools, I’m not religious but I think those classes could be used for teaching kids about various religions around the world so they’re not ignorant as well as some sort of spiritual classes etc instead of ditching them altogether.
    Of course, it will be a while before that happens!


  2. I belong to my own new religion called dogma I which read backwards as all good things are spells I am god! If you want to be a member just ask.

    I really agree with Jessica

    Watch for my new book on both subjects out early in the new year called “Dont drink the Kool Aid”
    Keep up the good work!


  3. pjamespat says:

    I do not find those subjects boring at all. But the area of the US that I live in thinks far differently than I do. I try not to talk politics or religion with my peers. I agree with learning positive religious stories as a youth as long as far right fundamentalism doesn’t creep in.
    As a liberal non believer I have to watch what I say in south Mississippi, but that’s ok, its my belief and i generally don’t share it. I don’t want to be converted and I don’t want to convert anyone else either. Down here everyone wants to convert you, so I keep my mouth shut.


  4. I believe people are their politics and have learned that is why disagreements can become so heated and personal. As to religion in schools, presenting the world’s religions as a lens for understanding diversity and tolerance is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is the people, not the practice, that tend to become dogmatic. But, I liked the Children’s Lives of the Saints which is actually pretty gruesome. Hmmmm….


  5. buddyhell says:

    I can remember a time when you could walk into a pub find a sign that said “No politics. No religion”. The thing is, you won’t get this sort of attitude on the continent. If you walk into a bar in France or Germany, you will always find people talking about politics and religion (mainly politics). But then, politics in Britain was once the sole preserve of the aristocracy and landed gentry and for that reason, many people feel alienated from the political system. Then there’s the aftermath of Culloden, when it was forbidden to sing Jacobite songs (there were English Jacobites too). Politics is never boring. The feminists of the 1970s coined a very useful phrase, ” The personal is political”.


  6. Bob says:

    Good article. I believe the admonition to not talk religion or politics is based on some obvious facts. First of all, if you don’t agree with someone, there is no way you can be convinced by them. Secondly, by trumpeting your beliefs all over town, a prospective employer or benefactor may not agree with you. It is hard to come up with positive results of arguments.

    As a Christian, I don’t want prayer in schools or other public places. It’s ok when the local demographics are on my religious side, but I shudder to think that a Muslim or person of some other faith would be teaching my kids how to pray. That’s my job.

    I empathize with the pjamspat.. My folks are from Mississippi, and I have learned to keep my mouth shut at times. Just be happy, and enjoy the good southern cooking.


  7. Gobetween says:

    I do not discuss religion because I do not want anyone to try and convert me to their religion. I have my beliefs. Politics are boring, a bunch of childish people with big egos. Vote why? All elections are rigged. Pay off the right people and any fool can win an election.


    • I respect your point of view, but when I say discuss religion I don’t mean argue or convert, just discuss. Like some people I know say they don’t believe Jesus existed. So we look at the evidence etc.


  8. Well said. I love a good argument about politics and religion. And sex. Anything controversial really, it’s like a good workout at the gym.


  9. I COMPLETELY agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having religion in school. In fact, it may help parents deal with the monsters better, since they will at least learn to be conscious of their behaviour, and the repercussions thereof. (Says Ciggie hopefully, knowing instinctively that if she ever has children, they’ll come out crazy, just like their mother.) Politics in Africa is a complete joke, and is somehow as popular a subject as it is a joke. Though I don’t vote (absolutely not worth either my time or trouble, in light of the laughable candidates that come up) I love a healthy debate -on ANYTHING! I’m now having a great five minutes thinking of you as a nipper. πŸ™‚ PS: Babe… Golf IS boring. There’s no debating THAT!


    • Great comment thanks , (laid by pool on last day of holiday watching Animation team set up for pool volleyball, no sleep for an hour ) You could have point about the golf, I only played for six months and haven’t watched it for about six years ha πŸ˜‰


  10. eideard says:

    Worthy of an ancient history segment… πŸ™‚


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