Me, Life and the Universe

I like to keep my blogs short so this is going to be fun. It was three thirty am and so, of course you lie there thinking about life and the universe and I thought what a fitting way to end the ‘Me’ theme for now. I went through a stage of wanting to be an astronaut but I soon realised my own insignificance.  Something that has been bothering me for a while is mankind’s self importance. This planet was born fifty five billion years ago and we want to save it. I wonder, does the planet know this? Is it grateful? And, as it has another fifty five billion years left to live why are we saving it?

We’re saving it for ourselves, which is quite funny when you think that we are the ones also killing it. But this is what we do best; build, destroy,  save and kill.

We humans live on average 80 years. This is not impressive in the scale of the universe. In fact Tortoises live longer than we do and you don’t see them running around saving the Earth.To be fair they can’t run and I think eating leaves takes precedence over most things.

Sharks haven’t evolved for a million years because they are perfect so they are content swimming around eating seals and divers.

We are still evolving at least I hope we are. I just had a terrible thought; what if we have fully evolved and this is it?

Of course there is another side to this evolutionary coin. God. If you are a God fearing person ( which I’m not but I see your point) then you won’t be too concerned about the environment. God made Earth and as such still owns it, so it’s probably in safe hands.

What makes us think we have to fix it? Do we really believe that we are the most important part of planet Earth?

Don’t make me laugh.   😉Earth





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20 Responses to Me, Life and the Universe

  1. Brilliant post. My feelings exactly.

  2. Like you said, we are fixing our ability to continue to live on the Earth…and since we’re F’in it up (for overselves and the creatures/plants that cannnot survive what we’ve already ‘accomplished’) we should at least try something.

  3. Errr… YEAH!!! I DO believe that we’re the most important part of Earth! What could be more important? We weren’t created literal ‘top dogs’ for nothing! We may SUCK, but we’re the best there is. I’m with you though -I hope there’s more evolution in out future (mentally, at least) because if this is the best we can be, ours is the saddest story and plan EVER dreamed up by God.

  4. pjamespat says:

    Our life span being so tiny against the backdrop of the universe is quite humbling. I like the fact that the mighty tortoise is the unofficial overseer of time on earth, and Im jealous that they dont need anti-depressants. haha

  5. George Carlin’s video about ‘Saving the Planet’ says exactly the same thing, but he uses the ‘F’ word… a lot.


  6. Love the blog, added a link on my Genes blog.


    • Thankyou so much, I keep wanting link to other sites but haven’t worked it out yet 😉

      • Dashboard – links – add new, try that


      • Thankyou I have studied WordPress help and it was never that easy 😉

      • Ralph says:

        You cannot link your blog on another. The owner of the other can only link your blog to theirs.
        Okay. I have a google taskbar with favourites. Go into the blog you like and click the google favourite star. A little square is added to the line. Right click on the square, a box with blue writing appears, rest your cursor on the blue, right click/copy. Go back to your own dashboard/widgets and move BlogRoll to your sidebar (RHS). Back to Dashboard/Links Add New. Paste http of the blog into URL box. Write blog title in another box, description in another and press blue “update”(RHS)(I think it says that. I am in your blog at the moment so I can’t see). View your own blog and on your sidebar should be BlogRoll with the blog you have just entered. A test click will take you to their site. Comment in their site that you have linked and they should reciprocate with a $10 backhander. Hope this helps Charlie
        Hope this helps. Ralph

      • I didn’t mention that you have to have the widget ‘Links’ activated (click and drag into place) – dashboard – appearance – widgets. When you add links, you can add categories as well. Typically, the default is Blog Roll, but you might want to add say, ‘Funny Blogs’ or some such; and that gives you two lists.


      • Thanks Ralph, I will have a play around

      • Thanks AV and Ralph, if you never hear from me again it’s all gone wrong and i’ve deleted myself 😉

      • I love that, ‘I have deleted myself,’ I’m going to quote that sometime. 🙂


  7. Yeah, I sort of agree. The planet’s not going to crash because of us human beans. But I feel sorry for the little furry critters all the same (yes, I know they weren’t there a billion years ago and life moves on, but still…). Love your arguments involving sharks and tortoises. Cockatoos live for ages too apparently – we’re really quite short lived in the scheme of things.

    • Thankyou so much, I wasn’t aware of Cockatoos living long. We were constructing a roof in Windsor and there were hundreds of them flying around, noisy little beggars, so I guess people will have to put up with them for some time yet. 😉

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