Me, Blogs, Stats and You

I read a blog recently by it was called Validate My Parking – and Tell Me I’m Good she was saying how stats can be a little obsessive, you really need to read it, but it made me think.

She commented on the fact that some people just click ‘like’ so you will go to their site and click like. I remember when I was told to read other peoples blogs and click like I would get more hits. That seemed great and it worked, now not only am I obsessing over stats and how many of you lovely people read my stuff I am addicted to reading blogs.

I sometimes think ‘oh! just click like and move on’, but there is always something there that keeps me reading. There again I have always been frightened that I may miss something. The point is, if I follow many more people I will have to give up work 😉

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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36 Responses to Me, Blogs, Stats and You

  1. Writing Jobs says:

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  2. Haha I feel your pain. Blogging is the answer to my insomnia. I spend entirely too much time doing it.


  3. Rita Russell says:

    Yea, I read the same blog…but I still like your post 🙂


  4. Midnight says:

    I’ve got the same issue. After reading some tips about increasing traffic to my site, I started finding other bloggers. Now I’ve got a stalker list of writers that I want to know everything about.


  5. grandmalin says:

    I didn’t read this, I just clicked like. (I’m kidding…..:)) I know what you mean about all the time consuming reading though. Some days it’s hard to keep up.


  6. I know just what you mean. A follow is quite a commitment when you add up all the follows.And I have been turning my thoughts to the fact that I’d like people from outside the blogosphere reading, simply for pleasure, because they choose to. Otherwise this whole thing could get rather incestuous.


  7. Kate says:

    At first it does seem like a great idea to get more traffic, but it turns out to be a hollow readership. I try to keep up on the people who consistently impress me and read a few new people a day. Any more and I just start filing them away in a ‘read later’ folder, which doesn’t work :(. Great post about the practicality of blogging and reading!


  8. Thank you – I’m honored. I, too, have a long list of people I love to read. I can’t possibly read them all – but I love to read and get caught up.


  9. Dear Charlie,
    Lovely post!
    My friend Brigitte did an awesome piece on benevolent blogging. It was one of the first posts I read a few months ago when starting to blog. She basically said…treat others the way you like to be treated. As a blogger. I always follow people back if they follow me..and I never LIKE something as a means to an end. Because I would hate to think someone did that on one of my posts ….ya know? I’m not really after numbers…but I know there are quite a few who are. I’ve got an awesome community of bloggers…I love reading their stuff…..BUT. I’m having to slow down posts…just so I have time to get to them all!! It’s a conundrum *:)


  10. Hi Charlie! It actually works, liking a post and getting more hits. That’s the reason why I’m here, that is, you liked one of my posts and I’m here to give back. But actually as a personal experience, in the long run it doesn’t matter how many likes your posts get. It’s more on the response of the people which you cannot force in the very first place. And I also oblige myself to look back on people’s blogs who visit my page as a form of appreciation and also to read their works and not just click the likes and move on. It’s a matter of being true to yourself.
    Thanks for dropping by! 😀


  11. I only just started blogging four years ago and knew nothing then was in a serious motorcycle accident and my wife higjacked my blog to use it as a way to keep friends informed. With in a couple of weeks she had 15,000 visits. I was laying dieing and providing her with stand up material funnier than my stuff 🙂 i recovered… She stopped… But it has taken 3 years to get over those intimidating numbers. I plan to start again but still know nothing!


  12. Joyful in Christ says:

    As I was reading this post, I found myself thinking, “Should I not be reading this? Will it lead to obsessing? Gee, I haven’t looked at my stats, should I? ” HA!

    Since I just started blogging, thanks for clarifying a few things for me. I will NOT obsess!


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  14. Ralph says:

    Totally agree with your post. Why did i click Like? Because I agree with you (thinks:and he will viisit my blog) Take care Charlie 🙂


  15. I am new to the whole blogging thing and yes it seems those damned stats are downright addictive… I have to talk myself down and refuse to log in sometimes so that I will quit checking my stats… and yes I think I am also becoming addicted to reading blogs… how will I ever become more productive if my entire day is spent reading blog posts (and checking my stats)???


    • I go with the flow and trust in the writers fate (just made that up) I generally post and then read. But I only post one blog a week. The rest of the time I dream and write. When I’m not teaching little darlings carpentry of course 😉


  16. Walter Boomsma says:

    Regarding statistics… my doctor calls me a statistical nihilist after I reported to him that apparently eating mashed potatoes causes alzheimer’s since nearly everyone I know who has alzheimer’s has eaten mashed potatoes. My point was, of course, there is a difference between cause and correlation.

    I confess I’m always a bit intrigue by how people stumble onto my blog and wonder why they liked it. I’d rather not think it’s because they are hoping I will like theirs. I’ve not yet fallen into obsessing over how many people “like” my blog. I just hope at least some of those who do actually like my work.


  17. but it’ll be worth it! (to give up work, I mean). I don’t read my stats much, Too depressing.


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