Me, People, Agencies and that job thing.

I love people, I love the way they make logic out of nothing. You haven’t seen my CV, obviously. I’ll fill you in quickly. Carpenter/ carpenter teacher, ex mechanic, ex DJ, ex fisherman (under water). Enough of the ‘ex’s or the wives will want a mention. I like to write or do I mean inflict? Well you keep reading this stuff 😉 I like to play guitar. That’s probably enough, identity theft and all that.

Last week I became unemployed (don’t reach for the tissues, happy ending imminent) So, having not been there for ‘yonks’ I rang a few agencies and put the old CV out there, like a well worn maggot on a hook. My unemployment lasted four days, I was back on site today, Friday. But during those four days I was offered quite a lot of work.

Now; back to people and those agencies. They are like Dr’s receptionists but with a kinder manner and not as bright. They have been looking at my CV on something called CV Library. These are some of the jobs I have been offered.

Landscape Gardener: Design and Technology Teacher in a secondary school: Music Technology Lecturer: Wait for it…..Tadaaa;  Defensive Weapons Instructor to the Saudi Navy.

As I say I love people.

About charliecountryboy

Carpenter and Carpentry Lecturer. Writer, 5k and 10k runner, musician. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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