Change, Change, Change Hmmm?

I received my ballot papers recently from the Labour Party and they enclosed a pamphlet from Ed. This information crammed document informs me that ‘Britain needs real change now more than ever’.
I started thinking; how much difference is there between ‘change’ and ‘real change’? I mean is Ed telling me that we have had change before but that was some kind if hypothetical change and he is offering some kind of special change?
Let’s face it every politician in opposition tells us we need change. You would think that with all the different parties who have run this country since God knows when, we would be settled by now. Apparently not, they all got it wrong so now we have to vote for yet another party to change it all.
What if Ed and co treated Britain like a woman? Forgive me if this sounds sexist it’s not meant to. When I was eighteen years old a much older man gave me some advice upon the subject of women. He said that when I found a woman I loved and wanted to keep I must give her three things. Security, continuity, and loyalty. So why don’t you politicians try that?
Let’s face it, when they change something you can guarantee that in twenty years or so someone will change it back and everyone will say what a brilliant idea.
How many times do we hear of relationships breaking up because one partner wanted to change the other?
Just a lighthearted look from a different angle. 😉

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Part-time Carpentry Assessor. writer, runner, guitarist. Curious about life and all those wonderful people in it.
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1 Response to Change, Change, Change Hmmm?

  1. hardrock45 says:

    Ahh, politicians are the same all over the world. Thanks for the like on my blog Mydaddysez. Hope to see you again.


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