Are Any of Us Where We Set Out to Be?

Do you find it amusing that some of us end our working lives in a completely different career to the one we originally chose? I’m not sure if I ever really wanted to be a teacher. From the age of about four I often played at being a tradesman, usually a different one every day. Each morning my mum had a four-year-old electrician, plumber or carpenter knocking on the door. As I recall she would then supply me with a household fault and tools accordingly. I must have been very good because I never had a call back or a complaint. During this very busy period I pursued other avenues in my spare time, Cowboy, Astronaut, Superhero and footballer were amongst them.


As I got older further occupations seduced me and I recently found evidence of my days as an artist, and a racing car driver. My days as a tradesman served me in good stead as I built my own state of the art F1 racing car.

I soon realised that I couldn’t paint, but I remember that particular day well. My older sister’s bedroom was directly above my alfresco studio and her favourite song at the time was Running Bear. Not sure why, as it was seven years old by then? She put the song on  her Dansette and left the arm up (as in the picture) this allowed it to play over and over. She then fell asleep.


During the following hour or so I learnt every word to that song  🙂                                                                                                            Not long after that Jim Clark my favourite driver was killed in Germany and this dampened my racing ambition permanently. I remember one particular day completing an application for the British Army. They wrote back to me explaining that they would be only too pleased to accept me but I would have to reapply in another six years. I began training in earnest.



By the time I left school at fifteen I was fresh out of ideas so they stuck me into an Engineering factory. That didn’t last long, by the time I was eighteen I had left home and was travelling, but that’s a whole different story. I wonder how many people are still doing the job they set out to do as a teenager? 🙂

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We left our hotel to catch the bus to Mandalay in a full on rain storm. We were picked up in a little pick up, crammed in the back with our…

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Remembering 9-11 9-11-17


Remembering 9/11

Dear Friends ~ In the wake of so much prejudice, violence and hatred, we must once again search our hearts for seeds of love and compassion. Why is it so hard to cultivate human kindness and respect? How is it that we can invent incredibly complex technology, push the limits of physical endeavor, and hone our intellects and yet be unable to transform the human heart? When will moral development and ethical evolution even catch up to, let alone surpass, our capacity for animosity and contempt and havoc? Who will be the teachers

Great compassion is the root of all forms of worship.

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Mommin’ VS Daddin’

Motherhood Unfolded

Everyone’s parenting life is probably a lot different. Well I guess everyone’s parenting life is different.

When it comes to my other half and I as parents, the Daddin’ life is awesome.

I mom everyday by waking up, changing diapers, feeding child, keeping them occupied all day and making sure they’re fed all day. I cook dinner, and clean all day then ever ending mess. Whether it’s toys, or stuff that everyone leaves out. It’s great? But then I have the disciplining part of it all. Telling them no, smacking the hand, and counting to three when they’re doing something they know they’re not suppose to do. And for the dad, this all seems like easy work. Apparently it’s easy having a toddler get an attitude when you say no, or when they drop to the ground when you’re trying to hold their hand to walk them out of an…

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Innovative Town Tour

Having recently moved to Beverley I decided to explore a little. Beverley Tourist Information supply a map complete with four walks. I should point out here Beverley is not London or Edinburgh, but is a delightful town with it’s own history and even a Minster so with an Indiana Jones attitude off we trudged. There were four walks and we chose number two Page 10 of the link. This seemed the shortest and I had to allow for an homemade ice cream stop for princess bride.  What a delightful surprise because not only was it a historical walk but a treasure hunt of sorts. Some innovative people have placed various art forms or just simple artefacts for you to spot. The first location was where the medieval butchers traded, can you spot the Ox carcass? Shortly afterwards comes Walkergate where the ‘Waulkers’ walked on the cloth to shrink and thicken it and you have to find the footprints1280px-Waulking_18th_century_engraving


Further along Walkergate you’ll come to the Cordwainers (leather shoe makers to the likes of us) and it’s here that you’ll find shoe patterns that you can take a rubbing of. 


After the Spinners, near Swaby’s yard, Spinners need no introduction and no they’re not story tellers or an Irish Folk group 🙂 We moved onto Dyer Lane and the Dyers who used plants for dyes and the little treasure hunt was back on we had to find the plants and a spinning sculpture. Hmmm?


I came out of the Saturday Market onto Toll Gavel and I’m looking for thimbles, six of them. Ok, so I had to nip into the Tourist Office and seek advice for the last three, I really needed a child with me 🙂 Were talking Tailors here and if you’ve heard of Wuthering Heights you’ll know we needed some serious tailors in Yorkshire all those years ago.



Whilst on Toll Gavel I’m looking at Apothecaries and four plants they used for healing. Yay!


Apparently medieval Barbers  had a snake as a symbol and they were also surgeons, so I’m looking for a snake. Now we’re all up in the air.


Ice Cream has already been devoured by the Princess Bride and as I see an Ale House in the distance I am relenting on the decision to not bring a child 🙂  But first the challenge must be completed. Moving swiftly to Cross Street and Well Lane (originally Fishmarketmoorgate) you can see why they would change it? I’m looking for Merchants and Fishmongers. The explorer’s thirst is upon me so thankfully this is simple. Merchants Hall is right in front of me and then I see the eels on the kerb woohoo 🙂


There you are a bit of medieval Beverley. I thought this was quite an innovative way to explore a town, particularly if you have children and of course if you still want to visit the Ale House I presume you can tie the children up outside as I noticed most Alehouses had dishes of water outside. I mean what else could they be for? 😉


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Meet and Greet: 9/2/17

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s Meet and Greet time everyone!! Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!

Ok so here are the rules:

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  5. Share this post on social media. Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

See ya on Monday!!

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Fashion and Window Dressing

Have you noticed how boring provincial shop displays are today? Every day I walk through town and I pass all these shops.  Debenhams – New Look – River Island –  Miss SelfridgeBurtonTopShop – Topman These are their frontages in Beverley. This to me says. ‘Come in if you want, but quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.’ See what I did there, hooking in the film buffs as well. 🙂

Now this is a Shop frontage from Selfridges Image source Elemental Design

Window dressing is an art form that requires imagination and possibly some bravery because as in any art form there will people that don’t like what you have done. But really people? There is minimalism and there is sticking some mannequins in a shop window. Here’s another class act from Harrods. Image source Windowswear Photography.


I see this and I think that if I was wearing that dress I could be mysterious, I could be enigmatic, I could be seductive. I want that dress and I haven’t set foot in the store yet, phew! The big plus factor here is that I’m a bloke and not even a cross dresser so what emotions could it stir in a woman. Realistically we can’t expect provincial department stores to conjure up something like this every week, but I think they could make a bit more effort. I walked further into town on Saturday  and spotted Lakeland


As you can tell my photography is not great, but try taking a picture of a shop front on a Saturday afternoon with no pedestrians in it 🙂  You can see that they have made an effort with just a few parasols they have created a scene, it catches your eye and at the very worse it’s pleasant to look at. So I went in and bought a leather jacket. During the transaction I asked a member of staff who dressed their windows? She informed me that it is all done in store by their own staff. So come on the rest of you can we see a bit of imagination, a bit of glamour and a bit of pizzazz after all you want our money, don’t you?



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