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Have you noticed how many Parenting books, articles, columns, blogs there are today? Type Parenting Guides into Google and there are 11,100,000 results. Do parents have time to do any parenting after they have read all the articles on how to be a good parent? What is a good parent? Do the parents who read all these actually need them? I have this thing I have to do called work, which involves spending a lot of time with 16 – 20 year-olds. Some people call it teaching. On parents evening I never see the parents of my more challenging students (other names are available) so I guess their parents haven’t read the books? Then of course a lot of reading material is contradictory, so if you thought you were an inadequate parent before you started studying you probably will when you’re through.

When my first child was born the midwife told us to wrap him tight in his blanket at bedtime with his arms pinned and lay him on his side. The idea was that without flailing arms he would sleep, which he did. That was the only advice we were given. I remember that we put him in a basket and sat and watched him, I think we were expecting some kind of development. Like a speeded up nature film where the plant grows three months in ten seconds. Needless to say nothing happened and over a period of time we payed less and less attention to him until we realised one day he had left home. I’m joking of course. We muddled through and probably made mistakes and although I was not always around and in reality not what you could call a good  father he turned out to be wonderful person.


Of course if you have a troublesome child then you may need advice, but the problem is 11,100,000 results may just contradict each other from time to time causing confusion. Years ago there was always someone on the street who you could go to. I know on our council estate there was a lady who was particularly good at helping to deliver babies and another who could save your sewing disasters and yet another who could help sort out your kids. Now we seem to have swopped communities for authors.  So don’t worry too much if you haven’t studied to degree level when your child is born if you think you need to read a book on how to be a better parent then you are probably already there. Or you could ask your Mum 🙂

The 50 most asked questions one of them is ‘My ten year old is watching porn online how do I stop him.’ Really, I mean really. Here’s a question for you. Have you heard of the Parental Control button?

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Does The Media Annoy You Too?

Are London 2017 World Championships the end of an era for athletics in Britain?

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Anyone seeing this title who really knows me will probably be aghast. But in my defence I will say ‘practice makes perfect.’  If anyone is considering buying a book, reading an article or seeking therapy I can recommend it from the standpoint that practice can make perfect, but do you want to spend sixty years practicing?

There are  133,000,000 results on Google for relationship tips. So I selected some at random but quite near the top of the list. The main theme is how to keep your girlfriend/wife happy and how to keep your boyfriend/husband happy. There are a few variants but the following ways to keep your partner was underlying:

Boyfriend: 1. Compliment him. 2. Appreciate him. 3. Make time for him in the bedroom. Husband:  1. Show him respect. 2. Be honest. 3. Have sex.

Girlfriend: 1. Listen to her. 2. Buy her presents. 3. Be nice to her friends.                           Wife:            1. Listen to her 2. Compliment her.   3. Look after your appearance.

I love number 1. To keep your Boyfriend/husband happy compliment him and show him respect. Whereas to keep your girlfriend/wife happy you must listen to her. Hmmm do you see a theme here?

Number 2 is interesting, boys you must but her presents and girls you must appreciate him. That’s clever because by the time they get to husband and wife the presents have been switched to compliments and wives are encouraged to be honest.

Number 3 is my favourite. Girls, make time for us in the bedroom and we’ll be nice to your friends? Really? This kinda makes me wonder if you don’t make time for us in the bedroom will we be even nicer to your friends. I was going to put a cheeky winky face in there but you might get the wrong idea. By the time this poor couple have matured into man and wife she is still getting sex and he’s down the gym looking after his appearance.

Alone in bed                                               Alone in Gym                                                             

My advice? Be nice to each other 🙂 x

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Meet and Greet: 7/29/17

It all adds to the fun 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the bimonthly Meet and Greet everyone!! Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!

Ok so here are the rules:

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  5. Share this post on social media. Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

See ya on Monday!!

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Me, Chickens, Women and Pheromones  

I was raised on a farm and I guess that never leaves you. I’ve always had a little farming Gollum on my shoulder whispering in my ear and telling me that I should be a farmer.

On The Straw

One of the obstacles I encountered was that all the women I have known were not really farming gals. Ooops there goes the blame gene in me. Of course it wasn’t their fault I’ve never had that ‘Farmer’ pheromone about me. In the seventies and eighties I preferred Paco Rabanne, in the nineties Calvin Klein’s Obsession, now I prefer Dior’s Sauvage to the smell of Cow dung. Coupled with a certain lifestyle I wasn’t exactly attracting potential farmers wives. Any-a-ways back to farming. I always wanted chickens and I nearly bought some a few years ago. I was told by the princess bride.’ If you want chickens buy some.’ This was a first; all the other princess’ gave me that look, you know the one.Michelle not happy



So the search was on for chickens. While I was researching the difference between a Leghorn and a Marsh Daisy I unfortunately visited a friends house who had chickens. Apparently they have to be moved around as they are not good for the lawn.

Chickens  Helen Lynne Wright Holmes@Pinterest

Now this changed things slightly, you are probably starting to realise the farming ‘Force’ was not ‘Strong’ in me. And so, in typical Charlie style the chicken pheromone seemed to dissipate much to the relief of said bride. Then a few weeks ago it was ignited with a present, not to me but to aforementioned bride. Yay it was a chicken.

Solar-Garden-Hen-with-Head-Up-AWe loved this so much that we decided on a herd? Is that right? Maybe its a flock, so with the help of my farming wife and Aldi Stores I now have my chickens, I have retained that Dior Sauvage pheromone and Animal Rights can rest assured they are not ‘battery’ hens. They are Solar 🙂

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Oh, Look What I did

Untidy Room   Wolfgang Danspeckgruber

I am trying to be organised and I see so many people have a Facebook page. Just like the little boy standing on his own in the playground I wanted to join in. But, there are two reasons for this quick little post.

Number 1:  I wanted to let people know that I have a Facebook page (Yay)


Number 2: If I ‘Like’ your page from your WordPress it goes to my personal profile which looks like Wolfgang Danspeckgruber’ space these days. So if you would kindly leave a link to your FB page in the comment box I can ‘Like’ it from FB. Oh, and if you want to like my page here’s the link. Thank you 🙂


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Hanging Baskets, Me?

If your a regular reader you’ll know I’m not a Hanging Basket type of geezer. But, a dear friend Lesley (surname withheld to prevent unwarranted attention 😜) Bought ‘her indoors’ some hanging baskets for her birthday and I can’t believe how beautifully they have grown, so I thought I’d share. Thank you Lesley xxx and Happy Summer everyone 😀


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