Live to Dance: Emily’s Story

If you’ve read Live to dance, Dance to Live then you will know that this is the third installment of four little girls who became dancers. I met them in Paphos, Cyprus. This is Emily King.


Emily was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and twenty years ago her Mum took her to ballet classes. at the Rythm and Dreams Dance Centre  Her Mum thought it would be a fun way of socialising, little did they know what a huge part of Emily’s life dance would become. Emily attended classes three nights a week and Saturday mornings studying dance, ballet, tap & jazz technique through I.D.T.A (International Dance Teachers Association) entering Dance Competitions every year. By 2011 Emily had achieved a Distinction in BTEC National Diploma in Contemporary and Street Dance and eventually went on to study dance & performing arts and a BA Hons Dance Degree at Leeds Metropolitan University.


Emily’s goal was to join an entertainment company where she could share her passion and her skills to entertain audiences. As mere mortals we may forget how much hard work, sweat and tears are invested into a performance whilst being entertained. Although Emily is doing something she loves, as with all four girls, there has been a certain amount of sacrifice. Leaving family and friends and venturing out into the wide blue yonder in pursuit of your dreams can be daunting and takes courage, determination and commitment.


After appearing in local productions including  Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, Emily got her first opportunity to dance abroad at the Louis Imperial Beach Hotel in 2013 where she performed in shows that included  Grease, Mama Mia, Irish Lord of the Dance, 50s&60s Rock Around the Clock before taking the lead role in Chicago as Velma Kelly. For seven gruelling months she performed nightly, but considers herself lucky to share the stage with her close friend, Kizzy, who you all get to meet next week. I find it amazing that with all four girls this is a recurring theme. Throughout all the studying, hard long hours of training, rehearsals and performance  they are so happy and consider themselves ‘lucky.’


In 2014 Emily was performing six nights week with Agency Funtastic. touring hotels and bars in two shows, the International and the Diva shows. 2015 saw Emily on board the Wave Dancer 1 performing in Strictly Spectacular and One Night Only. These shows had versatile routines from, Jazz, Showgirl, Tap and lyrical. Then in 2016 she achieved Chief Dancer of Entertainment at the Louis Creta Princess Hotel in Crete where not only did she perform but handled everything from the paperwork to hosting the evening performance. The training and hard work was paying off, but as Emily says. ” I’ve been through lows and highs but you have to never give up and show the world what you have learned about dancing over the years and achieve your dreams and goals no matter how long it takes you.” As for the future, Emily would like to  share her passion of choreography and help other young dancers to enjoy, perform and progress. In November of this year Emily had completed 382 Dance Shows in six months, quite an achievement, I think Emily has a long and wonderful career ahead of her 🙂


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Daily Prompt: Omniscient eye

Englepip's World


Your eye catches mine

And in an instant I am drawn

To your unblinking stare

Which digs deep into

My soul.

That eye drills

Into my very being

And holds me

To account.

Who could surmise

That such innocence

Was so omniscient.

I was travelling by bus when this child – no more than 18 months and sitting on its mother’s knee in front me, captured my attention, staring unblinking into my own eye. Seemingly the toddler could see my very thoughts. It was an eerie experience which I have remembered for years. I had to look away to break the spell. The title in the daily prompts brought it all back to me, now.

Photo and poem copyright Englepip ©

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Please Believe Them

Poetry on Saturdays? Why not see what’s going on here 🙂

Things I have seen: blogging about real life

It took her all to do it.

Her very last shred of soul

Withered from the nightly act

Of betrayal.

But she finally told.

She didn’t want to bring her mother pain

Destroy her family

Cause his demise

As accused by her kin.

And the shame

And blame was

Heaped upon her

Like burning rain from heaven.

She didn’t mean

For any of that to happen

She just wanted it

To stop.

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Squirrels Going to a Party

Want to smile on Saturday morning? Pop over and see Wilt 🙂

Struts and Frets


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More To Do

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Journey of Reflections

If my pencil could permanently erase the stress,

in children and adults with no food in their guts,

no money for their needs,


by folks not hearing their pleads,

living in environment unsafe,

hindering life to succeed,

Using all the erasers in the World quickly, it would be erase

and replaced,

back on to the

Too privileged to feel obligated


witnessing the less fortunate struggling,

seeing small children faces starving,

to walk by distasteful clutching wallets,

sending money overseas to hide their accounts in greed,

living for themselves guard and gated, no vision to fix what is obviously inflated.

Yes, the red ink will dry for those folks in Karma.

In the meantime, while imagination escapes to wish a better fate, for the minority hoods and the kind people, who work long hours for good in the communities,

ASK yourself, are you doing what you should, If you…

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Funny Fridays

Pay a visit if you can she’s a delightful young lady 🙂

Harotian Essentials

Good day readers

Each Friday, I would like to share with you a funny joke, story, or something I just find super hilarious and I hope you find it hilarious as well. This is another goal that I’m adding to my list. Please check out my previous blog post, Blogging With Depression about how if you’re struggling with an illness or depression/anxiety, how you should take it slow especially when adding goals. Right now I feel pretty good about accomplishing the goals that I have set thus far, so I have decided to add another one. Dedicating one day to one specific kind of content is definitely a goal that I want to accomplish. So let’s see how this goes.

 “Helicopter Ride”

 Walter took his wife Ethel to the state fair every year, and every time he would say to her, “Ethel, you know that I’d love to go…

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Solitude and stealth (It’s not for everyone.)

Here’s a really interesting chap, who I know some of you will enjoy 🙂


Location: Somewhere near Mt.Gretna

Time: 10:40 pm

Temp: 23°

Condition: Cozy

The one thing I kept from my 1977 bus was the rear window curtain that a friend’s mother sewed for me from this crazy floral fabric. It suits Zenbug just fine! I cut some cardboard to fit in the side windows and covered them with fabric – keeps out prying eyes. Add a string of battery powered lights and things are nice and cozy!

Anyone who has slept in a vehicle knows that ventilation is key. In cold weather – below freezing temps, unless you open your windows a bit, you will wake up to a frost covered interior. Then when the sun comes up and that frost melts, you and all your stuff will be a wet mess. Not a great way to start a new day. It is amazing how much moisture we exhale! So, if you’re…

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Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!

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Dream Big, Dream Often

As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

The basic rules are simple: leave me a link to your page.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want and I’ll cycle this post from day-to-day so more people can jump on board.  The link post I’ll create will publish on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Live to Dance: Laura’s Story

If you’ve read Live to dance, Dance to Live then you will know that this is the second installment of four little girls who became dancers. I met them in Paphos, Cyprus. So, meet Laura Walker


Laura grew up in Rolleston, New Zealand, when she was eight years old she attended a ‘bring-a friend day’ at a local Jazz class The Ballet Academy run by Melissa Jarman  who became,not only a great inspiration to Laura but a mentor and lifelong friend. I had the pleasure of communicating with Melissa recently and I quote. “It has been my absolute pleasure to have taught Laura all these years. As you have seen she is an incredible person who has always had a complete dedication to her dancing and I am very proud of her.” Fine words indeed 🙂 The bottom left hand picture, taken from Melissa’s website, features Laura (top right). Laura loved the classes and over a period of seventeen years expanded her repertoire to ballet, hip hop and musical theatre even teaching classes to the little ones.

At eighteen Laura had a difficult decision to make. A career in dance or to enrol at university. Fortunately she possessed more than one talent and decided on both. She spent  three years studying hard at University while attending dance classes everyday, which was no mean feat, but her hard work and dedication was justly rewarded when she achieved her Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems. Now it was time to dance! Full time dance schools are rare in New Zealand so Laura applied to schools in Australia securing a place at Ettingshausens in Sydney, where she began her journey that would see her travelling thousands of miles to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer.

Laura says that the Dance Industry is super competitive and aware that work in Australia and New Zealand was limited she travelled to Europe working on various dance contracts in Rhodes, Greece. In 2017 Laura travelled once more, this time to London where she lived with a cousin for two months and auditioned for everything. Once again her tenacity paid off, auditioning at the famous Pineapple Dance Studio she gained employment in Paphos, Cyprus with Top Dog Entertainment  who specialise in providing First Class Entertainment to a variety of venues and hold regular auditions at Pineapple Dance Studio  in London. It was in Paphos that I saw Laura dancing as part of a foursome which inspired my original Live to Dance post.

Laura says. “I am very lucky that I have a career that allows me to see the world, and my next goal would be to get on a cruise ship, so that I can continue to explore! Also in a few years, I would like to combine my dance experience with my university work, and develop IT systems to help the dance industry, for example a system that makes it easier for dance schools to manage enrolments, or for companies to manage auditions more efficiently.” But for the present with her dedication and indomitable spirit I think Laura will continue to flourish on dance stages around the world  🙂


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Live to Dance: Lisa’s Story

If you’ve read Live to dance, Dance to Live then you will know that this is the first installment of four little girls who became dancers. I met them in Paphos, Cyprus. This is Lisa Greenwood.

Lisa was raised in Lincoln and  when, at eight years old she played the Baker in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ she was hooked on performing. She then attended the Lyndsey Ellis School of Dance and the Lincoln Academy of Theatre Arts  where singing and dancing became everything to her. Throughout secondary school Lisa was bullied due to her auburn hair, but singing and dancing sustained her through a difficult time offering her an emotional release. Dancing every night after school and rehearsing at weekends she performed in, Les Miserables, RENT, Sweeney Todd and Miss Saigon with DTC Productions.

Attaining high GCSE results Lisa’s parents would have liked her to follow an academic route but Lisa followed her heart, studying a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts at Lincoln College  she achieved a triple Distinction. Blessed with a scholarship she studied  jazz, ballet, tap, commercial, lyrical, contemporary, anatomy, acting, musical theatre, singing, audition technique and how to work in the industry at  Masters Performing Arts College in Essex.

During her second year disaster hit, a stress fracture in her spine meant that she would never dance again. Devastated, Lisa moved back to her family home spending three painful months in bed. But, as in Pandora’s Box, hiding deep within the despair there was hope. Lisa had tests and more tests and refused to give up until one day a Physical Therapist  gave her the news she had hoped for. With determination and faith she may dance again. So, after months of hard work, coupled with her faith and the support of  her parents, therapist, personal trainer, Lisa was walking and dancing again.

That was seven years ago, since then Lisa has been working in the UK and abroad as a dancer, dance captain and has had opportunities to teach, choreograph and produce shows. Having had an incredible experience, Lisa would recommend anyone considering a career in dance to take up the challenge but, she says it is a tough industry. You are effectively selling your talent and your body where rejection can be common, but not personal.  She has been told many times to lose weight for a job and for many years she hated the skin she was in, but now she is comfortable with who she is and says that we are not all meant to look the same and looks don’t determine your talent as a performer.

In the future Lisa would like to concentrate on singing, composing and as a Christian she would like to bring more dance into Churches and worship teams. She feels blessed for her talent and her strength and is thankful everyday for the loving support of her parents. Lisa loves everyday of her life. 🙂

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