Me, America and all that TV stuff.

Something I did 6 years ago, I thought it was still relevant and I kinda liked it 🙂

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I remember many years ago, 1963 to be exact, I loved America. The Lucy Show, Cheyenne, Rawhide, Flicka and Rin Tin Tin.

The Kennedy’s were politically irrelevant to a child growing up in the 60’s, but I knew something was going on. The truth is that JFK was a much more enigmatic, exciting figure than Harold Wilson.

Even the places sounded magical, Arizona, Colorado, Tucson, the Rockies and Texas. Frank Sinatra sang to me, James Stewart made me want to be good, Steve McQueen made me want to be bad and Bob Hope made me laugh.

People say things are different now but are they? Will kids today feel the same way about TV programmes, films and actors when they are old and grumpy as I do?  Will the memory of Friends mean the same to them, as the memory of The Lucy Show does to me? Is George Clooney…

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Me, Jack and Hugh (Yin and Yang?)

And you thought there was just ‘lil, ol’ me.’ It’s funny but I only became aware of these guys about 20 years ago. You see, Hugh is the nice guy, (sunny side) he was a nice kid and when we were growing up on the farm he had total control.

Then, when I was 10 years-old we moved to Bradford and having  had the s*** kicked out of us for the first three months someone else had to take control, enter Jack (shady side). He’s not evil, but he didn’t believe in forever or that everyone has a good side or that disputes can be settled calmly and without confrontation. In fact he would provoke confrontation and then fight his way out of it, because he believed that his way was the only way and if you didn’t agree then you must be an asshole.

Trust me he takes a lot of controlling and when he gets out of control we are lost and Hugh and I have been lost many times.  Hugh is in a constant struggle with Jack because he looks for the good in everyone, as a peacemaker he doesn’t believe in confrontation. Hugh falls in love and Jack will try and destroy it. Hugh got a good job and Jack would quit for some hair brained scheme. Hugh wants to be happy and settled. Jack wanted chaos, crisis and adventure, he thrives on it. Hugh enjoys a glass of wine or a beer, Jack wants the whole bottle or the whole pack and whereas Hugh likes an early night Jack never sleeps.

Then seventeen years ago something unexpected occurred  Jack fell in love with, who is now deemed as, the ‘Princess.’ Hugh thought that we were being a little too spontaneous. Hugh had chosen the three previous Mrs CCB’s and he blamed Jack for their downfall. Hugh was also suspicious, this one wasn’t really a ‘Jack’ type. She was sensible and lovely and Jack liked dangerous and provocative.

2018-05-13 144642_4

Regardless of Hugh, the relationship blossomed in Spain for a while. Hugh constantly stated his reservations, he didn’t think Jack was good enough, so Jack buried Hugh in the sand and that’s where we left him. He eventually made his way home and now cautiously feels that Jack has settled down and he can take a rest. I feel they have both matured and seem to amble along quite well these days, but in all honesty I believe they are a little afraid of the ‘Princess’

P.S Thank you all for your best wishes for today’s Beverley 10k, but the guy who promised to transfer his place over to me (I missed the original deadline) failed to do it. Jack wanted to find him and kick the s***  out of him, but Hugh explained that there will always be other races. Hmmmmmm!!

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Why I Run

This is a good question and I’m answering it on the hoof, so to speak. I started running because I needed to improve my lung capacity, if you remember this was mentioned in the ‘I Left Home’ series and it was many moons ago, in fact I was 18 so I’ve been running for nearly half a century 😀

Now I could explain how running reduces cancer risk, memory loss and helps your blood pressure, strengthens your heart and makes you a happier person except that I only discovered this 4 mins ago when I googled ‘Is Running Good for You’ You see, I continued running after I stopped diving to counteract the smoking, drinking and generally ‘naughtiness’ and it’s kept me slim.

Godfather celebrating

I know vanity is a sin but I have so many other failings/vices that Jesus probably has me marked as ‘dubious, but not lost’ anyway. I run because there is only me, its my ‘thang’ there is no stress, my entire being is focused on my run, so it’s probably good for depression too. For the past 10 years or so I have had injuries that have meant my running has not been as prolific as I wanted, but when we moved to Beverley the ‘princess’ found a physiotherapist who has seemingly ‘cured’ me after one visit and a whole load of exercises. So, I’m back racing, I started with the local Park Runs (5k) and next week is my first 10k for about two years. Although I appear to be stuck in 2nd place in my age group (yes I now have a nemesis) so maybe the old ciggies will finally have to go😀 We’ll see what the Beverley 10k says next week. 🙂

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Three Peaks in 36 hours


I used to attend a Gym in Yorkshire, this was 1997/98 when one day the owner said. ‘Hey Charlie how do you fancy doing the Three Peaks with me?’ Now at the time I was busy being a Disco King, so it wasn’t high on my agenda. He looked so desolate though, you know that look. ‘Please acquiesce to my plea for if not, I will surely die!’ Kind of a male version of Scarlet O’Hara, if you know what I mean. 🙂 So I said yes. This meant that from January to April I spent many painful Sundays training on the North Yorkshire Moors until the day arrived when aforementioned Gym owner said he’d pick me up in a van and off we’d go to Scotland as the first peak was Ben Nevis. Imagine my surprise when a van turns up with 3 complete strangers in it all asking the same question. Where’s our favourite Gym owner? ‘Ah, he couldn’t make,’ the van driver informs us. Hmm… Next stop Scotland where we slept in a hostel and set off up Ben Nevis at 6am the next day. It was a beautiful May morning, but apparently when you get to a certain height the weather can change.

Needless to say we did ‘Ben’ in 6 hours, I know it sounds deviant, and by twelve thirty we were heading for Scafell Pike in the Lake District. Oh! My Gym owner friend seemed to have forgotten to mention it was a 36 hour challenge and I’m using the term friend loosely here 😜. So we climbed Scafell at dusk and came back down at night hmmm.

We get a bit of kip and then off we go to Wales and Mount Snowdon. By this time the three strangers and myself were more like the three Musketeers, I always liked the idea of being d’Artagnan, but I’m not sure if he was rebellious, I am! The guides kept telling us to slow down and wait for the others, now I’m a caring person, but I can be a bit competitive and after we had slowed down three times I suggested that maybe the others could speed up a bit, which didn’t happen, so with the 36 hours falling away rapidly we decided to march on 😜. I don’t know if you’ve been up Snowdon, yes I know my posts can be a little like a Carry On film but I do mean the mountain, it gets a tad busy, because it’s not really a mountain (sorry Wales) it’s more like a steep hill. We fought and pushed our way to the top though and had the celebratory photo and a chocolate bar at the top.

There we are congratulating ourselves when yours truly asks. “What time is it?” The reply is, ‘just after four.’ Now Maths was never my strong point but even my students would know that thirty six hours after 6am is going to be 6pm. There is a path down Snowdon, but as it took us over three hours to walk up it, getting down in an hour and a half was going to be a challenge. The only way down was to kind of shimmy across the paths, through what I presume was shale, a bit like skiing without the snow. We then ‘jogged in.’ I do not recommend ‘jogging in’ after climbing the three peaks as my knee couldn’t run for a year afterwards 😢 But hey! We got back at five forty five. Yay 😎😂 The ones we left behind? Were we heartless, cold and uncaring? Of course not, remember, we weren’t the SAS or Navy Seals (leave no one behind) We had a collection in the pub and when the rest eventually came in, stood up, applauded and bought them a drink. After all they completed and it’s the taking part that counts. (For some 😜😜)



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From DJ to Disco King (We can all do it)

So to carry on from last week, after travelling around Europe I returned to Yorkshire for a bit of Christmas cash to discover my old employers had had enough of the Disco business and offered to sell to me. Now for a man with no money and living in a camper van this idea was not without its obstacles. Cut a long story short: One year later after living in their caravan, working for no wages and running the business for them we (another Mrs CCB) agreed to monthly payments, bought a house from business funds and they were free to retire.

We  bought a house with a swimming pool. Now your confused? OK, I needed somewhere to store the gear. We built a plywood floor over the pool and hey presto an equipment store 😀🍾

So, what was the secret to success? Recession, during the recession of the late 80’s business dropped off. We operated by having contracts with hotels, we supplied the equipment and the DJ, they supplied the work. When work dried up I had read somewhere that in Chinese crisis can be interpreted as opportunity. So I went out and sold our business everywhere, doubling our clientele and building 30 individual Disco rigs. This meant we maintained volume of work but with a lot more customers, then after the recession lifted holy moly (for my American cousins) we were cooking on gas, 328 gigs in December 2000 alone 😀. But, for those five years instead of doing Discos I visited Discos, advising, training and monitoring.

Probably the largest Disco company in Yorkshire? Some said we were, but I’m not sure, we certainly weren’t an agency,  as we owned, installed and collected all the equipment. After five years it was time to move on, I’m a doer not a watcher and DJ’s can be unreliable. One New Years Eve with two DJ’s down Mrs CCB had a crash course in the art and found herself entertaining the public at Headingley Cricket ground complete with playlist and a heart rate of probably 145 BPM 🙂 So where did the Disco King term originate? Well, a few years down the line on my wedding day to a new Mrs CCB I employed a Jazz band for the evening and at the end of the evening the band leader remarked how he thought it was great that the Disco King of Yorkshire chose a live band rather than a Disco for his own wedding 🙂 Is the company still going? Yes it is, founded in 1985 Bruce Bendall took over Night Owls after me and he is still going strong, not bad for the second best DJ in Yorkshire 🙂  So, don’t forget, crisis can mean opportunity you don’t have to sink, just swim twice as fast 🙂

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When I was a DJ (we had the ‘Birdy Song’)

Now you may ask how did a scruffy little Yorkshireman end up as the ‘Disco King of Yorkshire’


Ok, so we have to go back a ways, do you remember SILH (8) A Desperate Finale ? Well, after that little escapade I returned to Jersey and met a guy who was the D.J. at the Deep Discotheque in St Helier. I commenced this illustrious career by standing in the DJ box talking to girls who came for a request. Anyone who knows me will understand that this wasn’t a task I was adverse to 🙂 From there I began to put the needle on the record and shortly afterwards I was covering Monday nights. Not wanting to bore you with a blow by blow, let’s just say this was a hobby for the next ten years. Eventually I returned to Yorkshire to lick my wounds (another story) and ended up working for a couple who ran a Mobile Disco company. Now this is where I perfected the ‘all round DJ.’ with Birthdays, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, 60’s and 70’s nights and  Tea Dances


Oh yes, with Waltzes, Quicksteps, Foxtrots and not lets forget the Rhumba, Cha Cha, Jive and Tango, a little tedious as all I did was announce the dances, but the Hotel tours, now they were different. Tee hee, holiday makers. Yup I’m the guy who pounced out onto the dance floor, dragged you from your seat and taught you how to do the Birdy Song backwards, embroiled you in a Barn Dance and then just when you got the hang of it, I made it ‘progressive,’ (you swop partners after the clap) no it’s a hand clap this was a Hotel tour not a hedonistic under 30’s). Then of course there was the Bingo afternoons at Christmas (well someone had to entertain them) The Bingo machine we had was similar to the one, below courtesy of Roof Top Antiques                                              maxresdefault.jpg

Oh, what fun I had at the start, having carefully slid the wire retainer from the top of the machine I informed everyone that I had never done this before. Consequently when I switched it on; well my balls went everywhere, so to speak. Of course there wasn’t just the Birdy Song, I had Agadoo, Superman, YMCA too 🙂


On a more serious note, OK stop laughing, I know I wasn’t saving lives here 🙂 There was the Injured Jockeys Club dinner dances always attended by the Emmerdale Farm crowd and of course the ‘posh’ 21st Birthday parties that usually went on until around 5am 🙂 Then I went travelling aha! that just had to raise its head again 🙂 Next week I’ll explain how I became the disco king of Yorkshire 🙂

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Education is the Absolute Cure for Poverty Love this woman and her attitude, go and take a look😀


Education is the table on which the rich dine with the poor.

– Juliet Urevbu

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A Dangerous Walk, a Fitbit and 26,000 Steps

Goathland near Whitby on the North Yorkshire moors is probably best known for an old T.V. series called Heartbeat as the series was filmed there. I know it best for walks and as I hiked in the footsteps of my ancestors I thought I heard them calling through the ages of time. Then I realised it was the ‘Princess’ telling me that it wasn’t a route march and to slow down, well it wasn’t a Lama 🙂


During our intrepid journey we had already diced with death as Sheep appeared to hurl themselves at the car and my angel suggested I shouldn’t be taking pictures of the M.O.D missile warning station, I mean really, it’s hardly concealed, but I did keep an eye out for Navy Seals or even the SAS just in case 🙂


There used to be eighty foot Golf Balls here but they were replaced by an Aztec Temple which has something to do with missiles and nothing to do with sacrificing virgins which was a great relief to the local population. Anyway I digress, having survived the journey and slowed my pace we settled into a rhythm and followed the river Esk along with the steam railway through Beck Hole and passing the church into Grosmont.


On our way back there were a lot of plants and someone suggested they may be wild garlic, never one to miss the chance of food I scrunched some up had a smell and a lick, it smelled like Garlic, but didn’t taste so good. Then someone googled it and said,  ‘it’s poisonous.’ I didn’t take much notice as I heard a train coming.


I survived nature’s attempt at ending my days and as we had already covered about 15 kilometres I was glad to know we were on the final leg. The bridge over the river reminded me of the Rickety Bridge Song from Tingha and Tucker (sadly I could only find the classic ‘Boomerang Song’).


Ahhh! I forgot the Fitbit (this is why no one will employ me as a content writer). One of us has a Fitbit and apparently we did 26,000 steps, 11.6 miles and climbed 66 flights. I said that was truly amazing and was then told that I was sarcastic, me? 🙂 So I survived, the sheep, the MOD and the poisonous plants not to mention the bridge. If you ever visit the North Yorkshire Moors the walk is worth the effort, seriously (for once 😘)

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Am I Under Attack from Mr Putin?

I know your all shocked! After all I only post once a week, but I wondered if anyone else is witnessing a cyber attack (thought I’d join in the Media hysteria) There are certain people and my research points to Russian websites, who keep liking comments I’ve made. These are on other peoples websites not my own. Now, as I love the Russian people, I presume its my old mate Vladimir bored with wrestling and winding up the rest of the world he’s decided to tease me.

But, Vladdy, baby, they are all ‘sexy’ which is a tidgy bit wasted on me (just in case you’re reading this) I don’t surf or work on this thing with my trousers around my ankles (huge sigh of relief from all my female followers) I’m rather fond of having intimate moments with live humans, so if you are reading this little hacker boy, go away, I’m too old to get hot and bothered over the word ‘sexy.’ I’m not thirteen anymore. Anyone else getting these? By the way I see sexy rebosso has come up as a link please don’t click on it 🙂

http://www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху – www.sеху –

Oh! far be it from me to advise techno criminals, but the ‘ru’ at the end gives it away just a little 🙂

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Jersey (Back Again)

It was April 14th 1976 when I first landed in Jersey, Channel Islands and if you’ve read my previous post ‘So I left Home’ and ‘So, I left Home (2)‘ you’ll know where that ended up. You may have realised that I am now a little older, I only say ‘may’ because some of my students have led me to believe that the human brain doesn’t do Maths on Mondays.

I have returned a few times to the ‘Rock’ but this time there were a few old memories stirred, particularly ocean going ones. I did spend rather a long time in it 🙂

The fact that I stayed in the Savoy Hotel was another contributing factor as the Master and I could often be found on Paul Gay’s boat and as the owner of said hotel many years ago, he was happy to buy all our Scallops from us at 50p each. We would take it in turns to strap on a bottle and swim up and down the seabed dropping Scallops into old net shopping bags and then tying them off to a float to be collected later when back on board the boat. The floats were old 5 litre plastic pop containers. We never bought anything we didn’t have to 🙂

But this wasn’t just a visit to see the family it was Dave ‘The Legends’                                  retirement party attended by a former Mrs Countryboy. It didn’t feel strange chatting away to a former Mrs CCB, in fact we got on well. Obviously we didn’t carry on where we had left off 30 odd years ago as there was a cover charge for breakages at the venue. Anyway the party went off well and I got to see a bit more of an Island that had 9 years of my youth. Of course they suffered when they were cut off for so many years under Nazi rule and there is a lovely memorial in Liberation Square opposite the marina.

Next week we’re going D.J. ing Hmmm 🙂

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